Gogo Gal Costume

Spend your night under the sparkle of the disco ball in this Womens Gogo Gal Costume! This exclusive Gogo Dancer Costume is bright and colorful and will have you getting groovy all night long!


Elevated EnergyIn the sixties, rock-and-roll was roaring full throttle onto the dance club scene. If we want to speak in understated terms, there was a lot of energy knocking around during the British invasion. There were so many people heading out to the club to dance to these brand new beats that there was hardly any space for the disc jockey. In fact, one club owner solved this problem by building a plastic elevated platform for the female DJ to sling beats in peace. When she started dancing to her own records one night, the crowd went even more wild than usual. The club owner realized he needed more dancers to amp up the crowd and built more “cages’. Thus that iconic image of the elevated go-go dancer was born! Details & DesignOur designers love the mod, bright styles of the late sixties! That’s why you’re sure to notice a unique quality in our Made by Us Gogo Gal costume. The sleek racerback zips up the back to make this ensemble structured and fitted. It’s super easy to dance the night away in the A-line skirt. With bright colors and wild rings accenting the waist, you’re going to look right at home shimmying in a 1960’s discotheque!Living Up To the HypeWant to amp up the party people around you? Then you’ll have to head out in complete gogo girl style! Perfect for sixties and disco-themed parties as well as a fun Halloween costume, this dress will always stand out from the masses. Finish this look off with tall, white go-go boots, big sixties style hair, and an attitude that begs the DJ to keep spinning those tunes until the sun comes up! Because if there’s one thing that makes a gogo girl good at what she does, it’s the ability to keep that energy amped all night long!

Disco Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN0367AD

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Women’s Silver Gogo Boots

Give your costume or outfit a shiny, futuristic vibe with this pair of pretty Women’s Silver Gogo Boots.


Gogo going GoneThe above title is misleading. We’re just being honest. Because while go-go dancing has been going on for a long time, it’s never left the scene. Really, it’s just morphed. When go-go dancing first popped up in clubs, the wild dancing didn’t take long to catch on. After only a few years of people flooding to the live music events, television caught on. While go-go dancing on TV was far less risque, the dancers that were broadcasted nationally mainstreamed their streamlined style. We still see their fantastic style to this day. Short skirts, high-waisted shorts, and shift dresses worn with these boots will all bring the dance-ready style to life!Product DetailsWant to be ready shimmy into character? These boots will bring all sorts of costumes to life. From aliens costumes to disco looks, the three-inch heel will elevate your ensemble. The high calf zips along the side for a fast fit. Dancing with the StarsDisco dancing will always be more fun with metallic sparkle and shine. Find all sorts of other go-go accessories in our 70’s catalog. Bright costumes, modern bobs, and laid-back sunnies all go with these fantastic mod boots. What better look to inspire awesome moves on the dancefloor?

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Material: Vinyl

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Plus Size Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume

Wear this Plus Size Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume and enjoy a funky 70s vibe all night. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.


The Love Train needs a sassy new chick to lead it to Funkytown, but it’s going to take a real dancing queen to keep up that kind of energy. Sporting the right threads definitely helps, too, and this Plus Size Foxy Lady Disco Costume will put some pep in your step while you’re shakin’ your groove thing!Is there anything more exhilarating than hearing your favorite disco tune fill the room? Whether you’re kickin’ it at a funky dance club, or blasting the 8-track player in your car, you just can’t help but move to the beat. And while there may be pressure to show off your best dance moves, the most important thing to remember is to just have fun, because that’s what disco is all about. It’s about gettin’ up with the get-down, doing the hustle, and boogieing til you just can’t boogie no more! And the best part is that even if your dance technique is a little rusty, nobody in the discotheque is gonna notice through all the sparkling lights and fog. So, dance on!All of the other dancers will also be so blown away by how wicked your costume looks, your moves are going to look fantastic, no matter what! The matching blouse and pants are covered with far-out printed swirl patterns and flashy sequins, and flare out on the sleeves and legs, to get everyone in the dancing mood. Style your hair into a fierce 70’s do, or grab a funky retro wig, and tie the matching hair scarf around it, and you’ll be the foxiest lady under the disco ball!

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Material: Polyester
Item: CA01113PLUS

Price: $49.99

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Classic Plus Size Uncle Sam Costume

Show your american pride this Halloween season with this Uncle Sam costume. With his classic American Flag garb, this costume is sure to sceam Red, White and Blue this holiday season.


IN SEARCH OF OFF-SEASON WORKThe spirit of the United States is always called on around the 4th of July.  He’s occasionally invoked on some of the other holidays, too… Memorial Day.  Once, he gave a pretty impressive speech on Flag Day, though he got somewhat drowned out by the dancers flipping the flags all throughout the street.  Still, if it isn’t gearing up for the summer months, poor Uncle Sam doesn’t often get much time out in the sun.  That’s why we’re trying to help him find other festivities to enjoy.Now, we think he’d make a great stand-in for Christmas.  He’s already proven that he makes red look pretty great, so Uncle Santa could be a perfect holiday spirit!  Though, his aggressive ‘We Want You’ attitude might confuse the reindeer.  How about Easter?  We’re often all about bright and shining colors to celebrate the spring.  Stripes are also totally in with all the egg decorations.  Stars… maybe not so much.  Though, there is one season where all spirits belong! DESIGN & DETAILSMake your Halloween a truly inspiring time with this exclusive Uncle Sam Costume.  Our team of Star Specialists joined up with our experts in Stripe Decor for a game of anti-gravity paintball and were shocked that they’d never worked on a design together.  They fixed that in a big way with this navy blue jacket, white vest, gleaming red and white striped pants, and the iconic star-banded top hat of everyone’s favorite Uncle.  Finish off your transformation into the spirit of America with the red bow tie and claim any season for the U.S.A.! WHAT ARE YOUR POWERS?Once you’ve slipped into your new role as Uncle Sam and realized that you can claim any season to show off your patriotic pride, the real question is wondering what mysterious powers that the spirit of the United States possesses.  Conjure fireworks and starbursts from your hands?  Either way, you’ll look amazing while you figure it out! 

4th of July Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6899PL

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