Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume

This Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume is an adorable Disney character costume for your baby. It’s perfect for a trip to Disney World!


We all know there are a couple elements necessary for a successful Halloween costume: the cute and the comfy. But there’s the clever and the authentic, the bizarre and the naughty, too. There’s probably even more than that, but it’s been a long day, and we hope you can agree with at least this much.How many of those boxes could you check off when your little one sports this adorable polka dot costume? The cuteness is inherent, so the naughty, clever, and bizarre, we guess, are left up to you and your little princess to add. Hit a couple of those marks and, who knows, she could be the life of the costume party or the light of a dark trick-or-treating jaunt. Next to a bunch of spooky ghosts, she might somehow look even cuter than before. At the doorstep of your neighbors’ place, she’ll be a sight for sore eyes currently reeling at the horde of zombies out and about. This Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume—complete with lace trim, a three-layer satin skirt, and a glittery mouse-ears headband—is as much a treat for her as it is for everyone around! Pair the white satin waist sash and peter pan collar with some black leggings and dark, shiny shoes to start a classic adventure your little mousie will never forget!

Minnie Mouse Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI11398

Price: $19.99

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Women’s Grease T-Birds Costume Jacket

Good Sandy would never have joined the T-Birds… but Bad Sandy? You bet. Wear this Women’s Grease T-Birds Jacket and you’ll be driving Greased Lightning in no time!


The T-Birds isn’t just a boys club anymore.As soon as you slip on this killer T-Birds jacket, you’ll feel like a real member of the gang! It’s officially licensed from the iconic movie, Grease, and looks just like the sweet black leather coats worn by Danny Zuko and Kenickie, except they’re made out of a faux leather material, instead. It features an off-center zipper and false pockets in front, along with the white “T-Birds” logo printed on the back. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your Bad Sandy costume, or for taking a spin as your own original drag racing tough gal character!

Grease Costumes
Material: PVC
Item: GRE6009AD

Price: $49.99

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Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume

You’ll dazzle the crowd when you wear this Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume to the next Renaissance festival! Available in 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X.


Oh, Fair Maiden, would thou do’ith thy honor of accompanying thee to yonder tavern for a flagon of ale and a veritable bounty of nachos?If that sounds like the perfect way for someone to ask you on a date (and if you understood what it meant), then the Renaissance Faire is definitely your kind of festival! The best way to experience a Ren Faire is to show up wearing historical costumes, and when you’re donning this elegant Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume, all the knights and lords will be scrambling to take you out!There are so many classic renaissance styles to enjoy while at the fest, like a salty tavern wench, or a humble peasant, or a even an elaborate baroness outfit, if you’re feeling extra luxurious. What makes this lovely gown the best look of all is that you can be whatever type of lady you’d like in it! You can be a well-to-do maiden in this royal looking dress, but if trouble arises, you can take up a sword and fight to defend your honor. You could even stop by the tavern and enjoy a couple rounds with the other festival goers, and your fancy style would fit right in!This lovely purple velvet and gold lace gown gives you a regal look that goes well with any accessories you choose. Whether you add an elegant tiara and slippers, or a fierce sword and boots, any way you want to enjoy the faire will be a memorable experience! And, if you do happen to accompany a lordly gentleman to the tavern, make sure he doesn’t try to stick you with “thy check”…

Renaissance Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU110015

Price: $49.99

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Women’s Sacajawea Maiden Costume

Become the pioneering Shoshone translator who aided the Lewis & Clark expedition in this Women’s Sacajawea Maiden Costume!


Of the many notable Native Americans in history that have aided travelers in exploring and mapping the wilderness of new American territories, Sacajawea stands out as one of the most well known. Learn about her legacy with this Sacajawea Costume, a look inspired by the famous Native American explorer.Sacajawea is best known for her invaluable contributions to the famous expedition led by Lewis and Clark in 1804. She joined the team of explorers a few months into the journey, and as the expedition’s guide, she taught them how to survive and navigate in what is now the American Northwest. She also helped them establish relationships with Native American tribes in the area, and has the distinction of being the only woman to travel with Lewis and Clark’s party all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and then back to the expedition’s starting point. She was even made an Honorary Sergeant in the Regular Army for her contributions to the success of the mission!This costume probably won’t be able to stand up to the rigors of a two year long, cross-country expedition, but the faux suede material looks great when you’re wanting a Native American inspired style for a costume party or event. The dress and apron accessory feature fringed hemlines, and ribbon accents printed with geometric patterns for added detail. Slip on a pair of matching fringed shoes or boots to complete this look!

Adult Native American Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CH02083V

Price: $44.99

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Mens Perseus the Gladiator Costume

You’ll be able to conquer all the vile scum in the coliseum when you wear this Mens Perseus the Gladiator Costume!


Perseus forged his battle-hardened skills in countless campaigns as a legionary across Gaul and Asia Minor only to return to Rome to become a famous gladiator. Will you be able to match his skills in the Colosseum and emerge the victor? With this costume, you’ll at least look the part, and that’s half the battle, right? Give yourself a fighting chance in our Mens Perseus the Gladiator Costume. Maybe the Caesar will give you a thumbs up––wait, that means “Kill that guy!” Turns out being a gladiator is the only job where you strive for a thumbs down from your boss.For the man who likes to wear a skirt and be an indisputable macho man at the same time, this costume is the perfect answer. Master the tools of the trade: the short sword and buckler, the spear, or the myrmidon’s equipment, the trident and net. Or just bring pizza and beer. You can be the champion of the plebeians or the hero of the party. Either way you’ll have them chanting, “No, I am [insert your name here]!” Just make sure you get the credit you deserve.This Mens Perseus Costume includes a polyester tunic with hanging vinyl tassets and soft armor pieces for the chest, arms and legs that secure to the body with elastic straps. While authentic-looking, don’t get carried away: this armor won’t protect you from your fellow gladiators or wild beasts released into the arena. It’s perfect for gladiators, centurions, or perennial favorite among hopefuls at college campuses across the country, the Trojan Man.

Roman Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SM38370

Price: $74.99

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Women’s 1920s Silver Flapper Costume

This Women’s 1920s Silver Flapper Costume is just the bee’s knees, and your beau will love you in it!


We were really excited to talk about this Women’s 1920s Silver Flapper Costume and the fun you could have wearing such a unique combination of sparkly sequins with scintillating black fringe and gauzy lace. We were probably going to babble, because we think you’d look so great in the matching headband and gloves that people might have a hard time glancing away. And that would mean less time to steal a nip from a hip flask, on account of Prohibition!But we just overheard someone saying that we weren’t true fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald. And since he’s practically the patron saint of classy flapper costumes, we felt the need to defend our honor! We’d do pretty much anything to visit the Left Bank when the Lost Generation was finding itself in Paris, because it would mean meeting our greatest literary idol and his brilliant contemporaries. Hailing from Minnesota ourselves (and having read a few books our hero hadn’t even written yet!), we’re pretty sure we’d have a lot to talk about.Sorry! This isn’t supposed to be about us. It’s supposed to be about you, and about your bright future with this magnificent throwback outfit! So if you’ll do us a solid and try to remark on the silver pepper of the stars when you step out for air at the party, we’ll happily send you one of these dazzling costumes. And then we’ll head back to our desks, since we’ve just about finished retyping every word of The Great Gatsby. Hey, we heard it was good practice!

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SM25278

Price: $34.99

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Enchanting Maid Marion Costume

Become the the fair maiden that Robin Hood risked life and limb to impress. This Enchanting Maid Marion Costume transforms you into the most alluring renaissance character of all time.


How many times have you gone for a hike into the woods and heard a few too many bird calls or other animal sounds and wondered for just a split second if you might have wandered into the amazing Sherwood Forest? Whether we’re talking about the prince of thieves who bounds in tights with his other incanting merry men, the dark and brooding archer who faces a seemingly endless line of corruption thanks to the usurping prince and his mean-spirited sheriff, or even the high-spirited and fox-faced animated hero to the peasants, we’re always fortunate to know that Robin of Locksley isn’t far away! And, it is worth noting that Robin told us long ago what a fox says: he makes bird calls!But, as fascinating and adventurous as Robin might be, it is his love who has our hearts! Maid Marion is a lass that we’d expect should be remaining comfortable behind stone walls awaiting the arrival of her uncle and rightful King Richard to return. But, no! She’s just as ready to hop from high windows onto the horseback and gallop her way into the forest in order to both see her loving bandit and make sure that Prince John is brought down!Join the adventure and win the hearts of the rich and poor alike this year with this Enchanting Maid Marion costume. A grand blend of polyester, crushed velvet, satin, and knit mesh, you’ll be the virtual queen in this sky blue dress with a fancy panel of brocade print. Long Juliet drapings at the arm keep you in high class during your medieval jaunt and are only heightened by the headpiece lined in bright golden sequins and an alluring red mesh veil. Enchant your bandit back home and get John thrown into jail with this enchanting look… and maybe steal a few extra hearts along the way.

Robin Hood Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: IN11010

Price: $54.99

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Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume

Get ready to run through forests with your bow and arrow in this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume! And yes, also save the day, of course.


Be courageous, and fight dragons.There is no telling what a princess might find when she wanders in the Scottish woods. Will there be tree sprites? Looking to play tricks on the little princess. If she turns over a rock will she find the fairies that live beneath it? Will she freeze if she runs into Beira, the Queen of Winter? She doesn’t know how to “let it go”, like some other ice queens.Your daughter would jump at the chance to meet magical beings in the forest. She is always telling you how she would like to meet a fairy. How she would be nice to any mystical beings she ran across. She gobbles up the adventurous stories that her Uncle Angus tells her of the Scottish Isles.Let your little girl become a fearless Scottish princess with this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume. She will be singing the songs of the tree sprites in no time. And acting out the stories Uncle Angus tells her of the dragons that live in the Highlands, only she doesn’t need a prince to save her like the princesses in those stories. No, she will save herself with her fighting skills. She won’t be the kind of princess that gets tricked by tree sprites, or captured by Beira, the Queen of Winter. She will play with the fairies that live under rocks, and have heroic adventures.

Renaissance Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4118CH

Price: $19.99

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Pregnant Nun Costume

That’s a sight you sure don’t see everyday! This Pregnant Nun Costume is a funny religious costume that will make people point & stare.


The best part about dressing up in costumes for Halloween is the back stories you can come up with for the crazy creature or interesting character you’re portraying. When you’re running around in this Pregnant Nun Costume you could have one of the most scandalous stories to tell! Everyone will be crowding around to hear what you have to say.When someone hears the word nun, a lot of things come to mind but a pregnancy is normally not one of them. When you fully inflate the belly of this hilarious costume, you will be sure to have plenty of heads turning back for a second take, maybe even a third or a fourth. Eventually, people won’t be able to contain the curiosity any longer and they’ll need to know the story behind this costume. Are you the outcome of yet another immaculate conception? Could it be the second coming? Maybe you’ll go a bit more edgy and dark with your story. Are you on the run from a priest that wants to bury a sinful secret? Or will you be one of the pope’s baby-mamas? Maybe you can tell people you wanted to mess around a bit with the idea of costume-ception this year, a costume within a costume. So you decided to dress up as a pregnant person that decided to dress up as a nun for Halloween. Whoa… some mind-blowing stuff right there.Now, you decide what your backstory is when it comes to this Pregnant Nun Costume. One thing’s for sure, everyone will want to hear it. So make sure to come up with a good one!

Nun Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU5468

Price: $24.99

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Kids My Little Pony Rainbow Joy Hoodie Costume

Your girl is in love with MLP and there’s just nothing you can do about it, except get her this Kids My Little Pony Rainbow Joy Hoodie, which has Rainbow Dash right on the front.


Is Rainbow Dash the very best My Little Pony character? Obviously she is or you wouldn’t be here. Or your kid wouldn’t be almost weeping with excitement every time Rainbow Dash shows up anywhere. Yes yes, we all know Twilight Sparkle is the “star” of the show, and sure, you’ll always have a soft spot for Fluttershy (because who couldn’t love Fluttershy, right?), but Rainbow Dash is… well, she lives up to her name, that’s what. She is the My Little Pony rapid response team. Always ready for action, always up for a challenge, always pushing herself to new heights, however calamitous it may be. In fact, it could be said that sometimes Rainbow Dash is a little bit… reckless. But how could you not be if you had the ability to fly, to literally dash from place to place, to find excitement wherever you go. It can be hard to remember to be careful or take it slow because there are just so many possibilities.And that’s exactly how your kid can seem sometimes, isn’t it? But with your help, she can find her own Element of Harmony (it’s a magical thing from the show, mention it and she’ll flip!) to really let her personality shine through. And it’s all thanks to you. Besides, what little girl (or even boy, or anyone really) wouldn’t be thrilled to wear a hoodie with actual wings on it? Combine those wings with that hood of ears and a shockingly bright mane and it’s a guaranteed home run. When she puts on this hoodie, friendship isn’t the only thing that’s magic, everything is!

My Little Pony Costumes
Material: Cottonblend
Item: MFQA234BLW3

Price: $22.99

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