Child Davy Crockett Costume

He was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, killed him a bear when he was only three. Davey, Davey Crockett costume, king of the wild frontier. Just watch out for river pirates!


Davey Crockett was an amazing historical figure. He’s perhaps known best for his appearance on the television show in the 1950s, portrayed by the legendary Fess Parker, but the real person was super interesting, even without all the embellishments. For instance, did you know that he killed himself a bear when he was only three? Oh, and did you know that he fixed up the crack in the liberty bell before serving in congress for a spell? Yep, fixed up the government and laws and stuff. Wait a minute… that’s the song! Oh no, now it’s in my head! *insert humming here* If your child wants to get out there and fight river pirates and defend the Alamo, then you just gotta get him this Davey Crockett costume. With its realistic fringe and coonskin cap, don’t be surprised if he brings home some varmint for dinner!

Pioneer Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO70060

Price: $29.99

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Child Grease Danny Wig

He can’t drive quite yet, but he’ll be singing all about Greased Lightning while he wears this exclusive Child Grease Danny Wig!


If your little one is determined to be as cool as Danny Zuko, then your kid will definitely need the right hair-do. We’re talking slicked back, black, puffed, and sleek and shiny. Of course, your kid might not have the right hair for that, but with this Child Grease Danny Wig any kid can get the classic hairstyle of the character from the movie. It’s made of synthetic hair, styled to look like Mr. Zuko and if fits with a mesh net cap. With this wig, your kid will be tearing it up with Kenickie and the rest of his T-Bird pals.

Grease Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: GRE6011CH

Price: $12.99

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Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume

Get ready to run through forests with your bow and arrow in this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume! And yes, also save the day, of course.


Be courageous, and fight dragons.There is no telling what a princess might find when she wanders in the Scottish woods. Will there be tree sprites? Looking to play tricks on the little princess. If she turns over a rock will she find the fairies that live beneath it? Will she freeze if she runs into Beira, the Queen of Winter? She doesn’t know how to “let it go”, like some other ice queens.Your daughter would jump at the chance to meet magical beings in the forest. She is always telling you how she would like to meet a fairy. How she would be nice to any mystical beings she ran across. She gobbles up the adventurous stories that her Uncle Angus tells her of the Scottish Isles.Let your little girl become a fearless Scottish princess with this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume. She will be singing the songs of the tree sprites in no time. And acting out the stories Uncle Angus tells her of the dragons that live in the Highlands, only she doesn’t need a prince to save her like the princesses in those stories. No, she will save herself with her fighting skills. She won’t be the kind of princess that gets tricked by tree sprites, or captured by Beira, the Queen of Winter. She will play with the fairies that live under rocks, and have heroic adventures.

Renaissance Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4118CH

Price: $19.99

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Child’s Mad Hatter Hat

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Let your young one ponder the mysteries of mind as he slips into this Child’s Mad Hatter Hat. It’s perfect for his next Alice in Wonderland themed affair.


Whether you are hopping into the looking glass or diving down the rabbit hole, everyone knows that Wonderland is filled with every single type of person you can imagine and a good number that you couldn’t. The population is so whacky that nobody can be prepared, but there are a few easy guidelines that will help you move around the world without getting into too much trouble. First, don’t eat or drink anything just because it is labeled and asks you to do so! Second, if you see floating smiles or purple cat parts that aren’t clearly connected to any creature, it is probably best to just hide. That Cheshire Cat can be a real kookie character. But the most crucial detail of all: do not let the Mad Hatter take off that hat!There is pure crazy inside the Hatter and the only way to keep things under wraps is to keep that hat on that head! Just in case you might happen to have a wild and crazy kid on your hands, we have a few extra in store just in case you need to put a lid on the nuts! Do so easily with this Child’s Mad Hatter Hat. The yellow banded green hat is iconic, adjustable, and has an interior pocket for easy storage. But, it also is almost guaranteed to ensure that your tyke won’t turn into a complete mad man. Almost. Probably. A little bit guaranteed… we hope. Your kid will look great, though. That we can promise!

Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Material: Velvet
Item: EL200170

Price: $19.99

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Child Colonial Girl Costume

Churn that butter, girl! This Child Colonial Girl Costume is a great historical costume for young girls to wear for Halloween or a Revolutionary War program


Let’s set the scene. Buckle shoes, straw floors, and close living quarters. There are herbs hanging from the rafters, veggies in the root cellar, and a fire roaring in the fireplace. Is your daughter ready for a trip back through time? Make sure she’s ready. Tell her to pack some snacks, food was tighter back then. Bring some baby wipes too, now that we’re thinking of it, bathing wasn’t really a thing. Other than that it should be a pretty amazing experience! There would be picturesque landscapes with lush forests and rolling fields. There will be people working together to make sure everyone is fed and warm for the winter. Hey, some of these people actually lived in the same house with their cows. Hey, the cow kept them warm and gave them easy access to fresh milk so it was a win-win situation. Now that we think about it, why doesn’t your little one dress up as a colonial girl and head out to one of those reenactment towns, that might scratch that time travel itch.Not everyone wants to go back to the past and learn how hard it is to churn butter, but your girl is sure to have a better appreciation for Colonial times when she goes in this classic Colonial Girl costume. The base is a royal blue costume with an ankle length skirt. The top has three-quarter length sleeves with a white wide bell finish. The bodice has faux corset detailing and a lace edging around the neck. Finish it off with the lace-edged apron and traditional white hat and the look will be complete. The role will be all hers when she gets this costume for costume play or a historical recreation!

Colonial Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO54149

Price: $14.99

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Deluxe Child Luke Skywalker Costume

Get your child into this Luke Skywalker costume for Halloween and they will be the greatest Jedi ever. This kids Star Wars costume comes in sizes S-L.


I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you!That doesn’t exactly sound like something a farm kid who’d never been off his homeworld would say, especially while sneaking into a terrifying Imperial battle station, but that’s just the kind of guy Luke is! Now your little Star Wars fan can dress up as his favorite galactic hero for Halloween in this awesome Deluxe Child Luke Skywalker Costume!The eager young moisture farmer may have grown up on a sleepy desert planet, but he’s been dreaming about adventure his entire life! That’s probably how he was able to get the hang of hyperspace jumps and blaster fights so quickly once he and Obi-Wan Kenobi took off on their fateful mission. It also helps that the Force runs strong in his family, which definitely came in handy when he was sneaking into the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia, and then later when he made an impossible shot that blasted it into space dust! And his aunt and uncle always told him bullseying those womprats in his T-16 was just a waste of time!There’s no telling what kinds of intergalactic journeys your kid will go on, but this licensed costume will make sure he’s ready for whatever he runs into. The outfit is designed to look just like Luke’s rugged desert tunic from A New Hope, and includes a molded plastic utility belt and boot tops attached to the pants. Be sure to get him a toy blaster to take on his adventures, or even a lightsaber so he can get a head start on Jedi training!

Luke Skywalker Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU883162

Price: $39.99

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Child Wild Cat Costume

Is your girl fabulously ferocious? This Child Wild Cat Costume makes sure she looks a wild as she likes to act!


We’re jealous of cats because no one ever asks anything of them. Look at every other domestic animal and they’ve got at least one job to do. Dogs herd the sheep and protect the home. They’re basically genetically programmed as man’s best friend and work to please our every need. Cows make milk and cheese for us while chickens lay eggs at an almost alarming pace all so we can enjoy the perfect cheese omelette in the morning. Even pigs have an important job to do in order to make that breakfast moment especially memorable… though in case we have any pig readers, we figure we’ll skip the details for the moment.But what do cats do? They stretch and sleep in front of the stove all morning. They get bored and turn the sofa into ribbons with their sharp hook claws. They do their evil business in a special box made just for them. Sure, they’re handy for keeping the mice away, but they do that because it’s their nature, not because they’re told to. Knowing cats, if they knew pest control was expected of them they’d put out treats for the mice and give them little back massages just to spite us. In fact, that was definitely featured on a Tom & Jerry episode.You’ll probably never be a cat, but at the very least you can be a cat-person. This Wild Cat Costume has the leopard print dress and velour tail, the kitty ear headband, and the tights you need to bring out your feline charm. If someone buys you this costume as a gift, it’s appropriate to give them a mouse or small bird as a token of your appreciation. That’s called cat manners.

Leopard Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU110702

Price: $29.99

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Abbey Bominable Child Wig

You’ll be the coolest (quite literary) ghoul in school with this Abbey Bominable Child Wig. Hopefully you won’t scare too many people off with your growl.


“I am wishing to make the thoughts in my heart and the words from my mouth the same and for the friend who will be patient until that is happening.”—Abbey Bominable in her ‘School’s Out’ diarySo your dad’s a Yeti and you the tallest – and bluntest! – kid at school. But just because you’re one of the toughest monsters around doesn’t mean you’re also not one of the nicest, and when it comes to making true friends who will stick with you to the end, no one is cooler than you!So share some of that ice-cold realness attitude with the rest of the class with this Abbey Bominable Child Wig! Made of long straight synthetic hair with iridescent strands throughout, it also features blue, purple, and pink streaks underneath, all held together with a stretchy, furry white headband! In this snow-white wig, there’s no contest – you’re sure to be the coolest (quite literally) ghoul this side of Monster High!

Monster High Costumes
Material: Faux Hair
Item: RU52684

Price: $6.99

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Child Sombrero

Turn Halloween into your own personal fiesta when you go in this Child Sombrero! It’ll be Ole all evening long.


What is it about a sombrero that makes it the perfect hat? It could be that it’s perfectly round and symmetrical. It could be the wide brim, that makes it superior to all other hats in terms of providing maximum shade and protection from the sun. It could also be that sombreros just look like fun. Have you ever seen someone not smiling in a sombrero? Even if you have, we’ll pretend you didn’t. Whether you’re looking for a great accessory for your kid’s Halloween costume, something fun to wear for Cinco de Mayo, or just an extra piece for general dress up play, this child sombrero is perfect. Your child can enjoy all the awesomeness of the perfect hat in this affordable sombrero. These straw sombreros are equipped with a drawstring so it stays on your head and colored trim (colors may vary). Get this child sombrero and your little boy or girl will be ready for any fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo Costumes
Item: FO51736

Price: $4.99

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Child Pinata Costume

Our child pinata costume is muy bueno for a Cinco de Mayo celebration or Halloween. Just make sure all of the bats in his/her presence are made of soft foam.


Piñatas are excellent. Seriously, they’re so colorful and festive. They come in ever imaginable color, with streamers and flowers and cones. They can be shaped like horses or dogs, like stars or characters. Then you get to bash them to smithereens because they’re stuffed with candy and goodies! How awesome is that?!We here at the office love piñatas. We get them for any and all occasions that could possibly warrant a piñata. We string them up out in the parking lot and take turns taking swings. We’re not that great at it, mind you. We frequently miss the thing entirely, and it even takes two or three rounds before someone puts a hole in the thing. But still, we don’t care. Because… candy!We like piñatas so much we even made a child piñata costume. It’s a full colorful fringed jumpsuit with a hat and horns. It was actually kind of a problem because when it arrived, someone down in shipping saw it and thought it was an actual piñata. Word got out about the freshly arrived piñata, and people got way too excited. So we ended up getting a consolatory piñata because people were so disappointed the first one wasn’t real. It’s okay. We got over our disappointment when candy started raining down on the parking lot!

Spanish Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1311CH

Price: $49.99

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