Inflatable 80s Boombox

Take your 80’s costume to new heights when you get this exclusive Inflatable 80s Boombox. It features an inflatable silver boombox with neon accents.


It’s hard to believe it now, but there used to be a time before mp3 players. There was a time before phones could hold a bazillion songs inside them. Why, there was even a time before CDs! Let’s take it back to 1985, one of the greatest years on this planet we call Earth.In 1985, you could carry around your boombox to share your music with the world. Now, you couldn’t fit this strange device inside your pocket and you actually had to carry it on your shoulder, which served two purposes. First, it made you look like one cool mamma jamma. Everyone knew that you were on top of your game when you strolled through the streets jamming some Grandmaster Flash on your boombox. The second reason for carrying it on your shoulder was the fact that you could aim the sounds. Just point the speakers in any direction and it turns the scene into an instant dance party.Of course, few of these actually exist in the wild these days, but this inflatable 80’s boombox accessory recreates the incredible historical device. Just blow it up, place it on your shoulder and then you’re ready to reenact the best decade in the entire history of mankind.

Material: Vinyl
Item: FUN6254

Price: $4.99

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Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress Costume

This fringe black and silver plus size flapper dress is like the flapper costume worn in the Chicago movie. Flapper dress costume comes with feather headband. Available in sizes 1X through 6X.


You know how they say that fashion is cyclical? And any fashion that was in before is going to come back around again? Well nothing is hotter than the 1920s right now! That’s right, the Roaring Twenties! Think of it: prohibition! Speakeasies! Al Capone! The Great Gatsby! Herbert Hoover! The Scopes Monkey Trial!Okay, we should have stopped after the Great Gatsby, right? Yeah, we had a gut feeling there, but we ignored it and look what happened. But you already knew that, just like you already know what a fabulous time there was to be had in the 1920s, flapping (that’s why they’re called flappers, right?), doing the Charleston and generally having a grand old time with Gatsby and Daisy and Nick, even that old George Wilson (hmmm on second thought, skip George). Sure, the Great Gatsby is actually a warning about the dangers of over the top decadence and a bunch of other sad stuff (look, we slept through most of Junior English, okay!), but you don’t need to worry about that as you kick up your heels and have a ball as you cut a rug in this gorgeous alternating black and silver fringe. And hey, the headband is included so you’re actually being economical. Way to learn from the past!Besides, as we said above, the 20s are so hot right now! You look at that sequined headband with the feather and you think “how on earth did that ever go out of style?” We don’t know either! It’s so cool! In fact, why even pretend its the 20s with this dress? Pretend its the now and help people realize that this fashion should never go away!

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2013SLPL

Price: $39.99

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Black Gangster Hat

This Black Gangster Hat has a classic fedora style that will have you looking like a smooth criminal from the 1920s.


C’mon now, punk! How’s da boss supposed know you mean business if you walk in wearing that gettup? You look like a clown. You gotta put on some nice threads before meeting the big cat and the rest of the crew. You know. A coat? Some slacks? Pick out a tie, for pete’s sake. Something sharp, but make it snappy.Whoa now, don’t tell us you were planning on leaving this joint without a good hat? That suit helps for sure, but no hat? That’d be the worst. No one’s gonna take you seriously without without some formidable head wear. What about that Black Gangster Hat over there? Molded felt with a satin ribbon? That’s one slick fedora, friend. Put that on, and we’ll be ready to go handle our business.

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN0008BKAD

Price: $12.99

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Women’s Hippie Hottie Costume

This Women’s Hippie Hottie Costume is a perfect retro look for Halloween or for attending a 1960s themed event.


We miss our hippie days back in the 60s something fierce, man. There was this free-floating sensation that we were making history wherever we went, and that no matter what we did we were on the right side of it. Not only were we not looked down on for not working, we were applauded for it! Banana seats, bellbottoms, and black lights were where it was at, man, and that’s just covering the B’s! We’d give anything to go back to a time before we had a mortgage, two kids in college, and a parole officer. Our husband, that is — he’s a parole officer. Great guy. He really helped us out when we were on probation!But we miss our hippie threads the most, man. Psychedelic floral prints, flowers in our hair, and fringes hanging off of everything. What says “fringe culture” better than actual fringes? We were always very literal.But we have to face the facts: it’ll never be the 60s again, like, ever. But the hippie spirit will live on forever! And even if you weren’t there, you can look like you were with our Hippie Hottie Costume. This three piece combo is all the groovy garb you need for your next concert, freakout, or love-in. Just never forget the words of the immortal Janis Joplin: “Hi, my name’s Janis Joplin.”

Hippie Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SLS6061

Price: $59.99

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80’s Asymmetrical Glasses

Complete your 80’s costume with this awesome pair of pink and green geometric 80’s Asymmetrical Glasses.


What Were We Thinking?The 80s. They were a crazy decade. People wore their hair teased all the way to the ceiling, the bigger the better. Neon colors were THE thing. Friendship bracelets covered your wrists as you popped into the theater to see the latest John Hughes movie. Your school photo definitely had lasers in the background for some reason. And symmetry? Who needs symmetry?Of course, these days we tend to look back at those times and wonder what people were thinking. There still is something alluring about these asymmetrical glasses, which combine many of the 80s craziest styles into one pair of glasses!Product DetailsYou couldn’t get a pair of sunglasses that are more “80s” if you hopped into a time machine. The glasses have an asymmetrical design, with one side shaped like a neon green triangle and the other shaped like a different sized neon pink triangle. Just slip them on your face and you might feel like you’ve been transported back in time.Just Slide ‘Em OnObviously, these 80s glasses are a must-have for any 80s themed party! Nothing tops the retro look of these sunglasses. Just make sure to tease up your hair before slipping these bad boys on.

Material: Plastic
Item: AM843024

Price: $7.99

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Child Beat It Michael Jackson Jacket Costume

It’s time to flash back to the 80s! Give your kid a chance to look like a pop icon with this Child Beat Michael Jackson Jacket.


Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, No One Wants To Be DefeatedIf your little one loves to dance then they’ll love pretending to be the King of Pop in this great jacket. This is a smaller version of the one that was worn in the great “Beat It” music video from 1983. Your young music lover will love taking a trip to the crazy 80s so he can experience all the awesomeness that the decade had to offer. From tunes to fashion, the 80s were an innovative time so musicians like Michael Jackson thrived. Introduce your little one to the decade they didn’t get to experience by dressing them in this jacket. Add the sparkly glove, wig, and sunglasses to the look and your little one will transform into the King of Pop! This costume could possibly enhance your child’s dance skills too. Who knows, maybe they will be moonwalking across the floor and saying “Shamone” before you know it!    

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU884235

Price: $39.99

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Blonde 50’s Flip Wig

You’l look perfectly en 50’s vogue in this flip wig and string of pearls.


If you got a time machine and traveled back to the 50’s to become a housewife we’d think you were nuts. Why would you waste access to a time machine in such a frivolous way? Well, who are we to judge, we’d probably accidentally end up in the ice age. So anyway, when you’re traveling to your new but retro suburban fifties household you have to wonder what it’s going to be like.Well, you’d probably spend a lot of time at the beauty parlor. Beauty parlors were hives of gossip and advice the young and old alike. Sitting under the giant hair dryers those ladies would discuss life and admire each other’s hairdos, whether it was curled into a beehive or, like this beautiful blond wig, it was given some volume at the roots and a flip at the bottom. Trying to fit in with the fifties crowd you entails more than a good sweater set. Before you get into your time machine be sure to bring along this wig to fit in with that coffee clutch immediately.

50’s Accessories
Material: Acrylic
Item: FUN0263AD

Price: $14.99

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Uncle Sam Fourth of July Beer Belt Apron

This 4th of July Uncle Sam wants you to have an amble amount of beer at your disposal and you can do that with this Uncle Sam Fourth of July Beer Belt Apron.


Some 4th of July BeveragesThe 4th of July is here and we know what that means. Fireworks! That’s right. Before you know it, you’ll be setting up your lawn chair in your favorite spot, with your neck craned up towards the sky. And then the starry night will be illuminated with fantastic explosions, courtesy of some heavy duty black powder packed shells. But the 4th also means something else. Beer! Cold beers are sure to rule the afternoon and evening of the 4th, which means you’re going to want to have plenty of them handy. So. You need the perfect accessory. You need this Uncle Sam Fourth of July Beer Belt Apron!Product DetailsThis Beer Belt Apron does indeed feature a patriotic design with Uncle Sam on the front, and each beer can pocket features stars or stripes. Totally patriotic, we’re thinking that using this apron on the 4th will be the ultimate ode to America. You can keep some cold brews handy while you cook on the grill, and just keep it on when you retire to your chair to watch the fireworks. And you’ll have those beers handy the whole time!Keep your cans handySo, about the beer! You might enjoy a light lager or even a hefty double IPA, but as long as you’ve got them in cans, you’ll want to keep them handy. And you can do so in this Uncle Sam Fourth of July Beer Belt Apron! Shop our entire selection of 4th of July accessories to see the best ways to infuse costume fun into your Fourth!

4th of July Costumes
Material: Polyester

Price: $9.99

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Womens White Costume Boots

If you’re looking for a boot that is comfortable enough for a go-go dancer yet versatile enough for Princess Leia consider the Women’s White Costume Boots.It’s a great addition to your Star Wars or retro look.


Retro is back in style! That just goes to show you that everything, including fashion, comes full circle! Once you walk outside in these White Gogo Boots it’s only a matter of time until someone will say “Giiirrrrlll where’d you get those?!”Your costume is sure to stand out when you arrive with a full look from head-to-toe. These boots will give you that look without breaking the bank.No costume is complete without a good pair of shoes to match, so don’t leave the house this Halloween without a pair of these white, vinyl gogo boots. The soles are anti-slip and the boots have a white zipper on the inside of the boots for easy on and off. Though the insole of the width of the boots run small, we can ensure that you will love the final look these boots give you. Polish your final look before heading out for the night with these affordable costume boots!

Disco Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FUN1315AD

Price: $24.99

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Girls American Suffragette Costume

Celebrate our history and remember the journey to equality and the right for women to vote with this Girls American Suffragette Costume.


She Doesn’t Suffrage Fools Let those other girls in her class dress like pop stars and princesses this Halloween—your little gal is a fighter of freedom and justice! She has been politically active since before she could walk, and never, EVER, misses a chance to vote in a school election. Lately, she’s been reading up on the women’s movement, and the brave ladies that paved the path to greater (though by no means equal) rights for women.  It should come as no shock to you, then, that the moment she laid eyes on this costume, she cast her ballot in favor of its strength of character and important message. The fact that she can also use it to help educate her peers or rally the houses that she trick-or-treats at, well, that’s just icing on the proverbial cake. And if anyone tries to give her a hard time in this outfit, we know your sharp and sassy daughter will stand up for her right to embody an entire movement in this Girl’s American Suffragette Costume! Product Details Just look at this little lady! She’s dressed to fight for the cause. In this costume, she’s perfectly decked out in the style of the times, including authentic details like a Peter Pan collar, wide green waistband, and floor-length, simple skirt. Her bold sash reads “Votes For Women” and the wide brim hat draws attention to the historical nature of her costume. Give this girl a sign, or one of those old-timey, lo-tech megaphones and let her spread her message to the world!  The Future is Female The suffragettes would be proud of your little girl, keeping their fight alive so many years later. It’s a tough world out there, but we think your politically-minded girl is the future, and we’ve gotta say, the future looks bright!  

Material: Polyester
Item: CA00600

Price: $29.99

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