Dollar Sign Pimp Rings (2-Pack)

When you live the pimp life you gotta hustle! Show off what you’re made of with these Dollar Sign Rings (2-Pack)!


ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINSIf you’ve ever heard a rap song, then you know all about the importance of money. “Mo money mo problems,” “cash rules everything around me” and “I make money moves” are some popular rap lyrics centered around “securing a bag,” as the rappers like to call it, but we like to call it “chasing paper.” Actually, the rappers call money-making “chasing paper” too. These gangsta-poets have so many gangsta-names for raking in the dough—geez, they’re cool guys! We bet you’re a pretty cool guy too (or gal) which is why you’re looking at these fresh-to-death dollar sign rings. They’re fly, son! Sorry guys—we’ll dial back the gangsterness, or at least, we’ll try. These rings are just too cool!              PRODUCT DETAILSYou don’t have to make a trip to the jeweler’s to get these pimptastic rings! Both size adjustable and incredibly gaudy, each dollar sign is decorated with gorgeous rhinestones. THAT DOLLA WILL MAKE YOU HOLLANow you have these classy rings, completing the “boujee” costume will take your look to the next level. Pair these accessories with a dollar sign chain necklace, cane and a pair of platform shoes. Learn how to walk with a limp and you’ll be golden!         

Pimp Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FO78522

Price: $3.99

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Men’s Plus Size Mafia Underboss

Become the mobster you were always meant to be with this Men’s Plus Size Mafia Underboss Costume. Featuring a classic pinstriped pant and black and white color combo, this costume will make you feel like the real deal.


Like a BossWe would never condone unlawful behavior. Not only is it inconsiderate, but there are some pretty hefty repercussions waiting for you if you decide to break the law. And yet, we still can’t help but envy the suave style of a cunning gangster. You know, the kind of mafia mastermind who can manufacture a makeshift method to get their mitts on a stash of cash from bank vaults! They always dress like one smooth criminal and, by golly, we want to look like a gangster too! If only there was a way to get the look of a mob boss from the 1920s without actually getting mixed up into all of that criminal activity…Wait a minute! Our costume designers cooked up this Mafia Underboss costume for just that reason. And there’s certainly no crime in looking like a mob boss!Design & DetailsThis plus size costume comes with everything you need to get started with your classy crook get-up. The costume comes with a pair of pants with an elastic band in the waist for a comfortable fit. Designed with a pinstripe pattern, they do a great job of capturing that 1920s gangster style. The included suspenders are adjustable and button into the front and back of the pants. Finally, the included tie is a clean, white color that matches the suspenders, giving you a dapper look that’s ready for a heist. Just pair it up with one of your own button-up shirts and you’ll be ready to become the head honcho in your neighborhood.Dapper with a FlapperYou’ll have the dapper debonair look of mob boss when you wear this exclusive plus size Mafia Underboss costume. We recommend pairing this outfit up with our many flapper costumes for a couples look that’s completely unstoppable!

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN3704PL

Price: $34.99

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Styleable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig

Growing out your hair is such a pain. There’s always that awkward stage. Plus, it takes forever. Instead of spending hours getting extensions, take a little short cut with this Fever Jessica Blonde Wig.


When you need long, beautiful, blonde hair fast, we wouldn’t recommend relying on your own keratin deposits. Seriously, growing out your hair is such a pain. There’s always that awkward in-between stage, and it takes forever. You could spend a fortune (and a few hours of your time) getting extensions, too, but you could instead take a shortcut. We got you, girl.Here’s this super stylable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig for your woes. It’s the solution to all the aforementioned problems. You’ll be every man’s fantasy in no time at all, be it on the street on some random Tuesday or dressed as your favorite seductive Hollywood starlet for Halloween. It’s professional quality, too, with fringe bangs and a fully adjustable interior wig cap, so you can trust that these luscious locks will do whatever you need them to do!

Hippie Costumes
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Item: SM42538

Price: $39.99

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