White Lace Petticoat

Poof is only a petticoat away! You’ll never feel as delicate, feminine or classy until you’ve slipped into this White Lace Petticoat.


ROMEO: But soft! What light through yonder window breaks! It is the east, and White Lace Petticoats are the sun!Some people think that Shakespeare has no place in a modern online catalog of Halloween costumes and accessories, but we’re determined to prove them wrong. In the process, however, we’re contractually obligated to highlight the virtues of a fun and functional White Lace Petticoat, so friends, Romans, countrymen: lend us your ears, if you will.Because a White Lace Petticoat makes a really convenient and inexpensive addition to a skirt or short dress if the wearer would like to add a frilly touch to their outfit and ensure that they get to decide who is privy to a glimpse of their privates! It’s as simple as that. Now back to The Bard, brought to you by this versatile undergarment!Shall I compare thee to a White Lace Petticoat?Thou art more lovely and more temperate…

Material: Nylon
Item: LE8999WH

Price: $14.99

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Gangster Gun with Holster

Don’t be caught without your piece. Protect yourself and your crew with this Gangster Gun & Shoulder Holster. The streets are mean but you’re meaner, aren’t you?


You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.We don’t know if we believe that, since kind words and good manners have always worked out pretty well for us, but do you know who said that? That was Al Capone, himself, and since he knows a thing or two about being a successful gangster (as long as it doesn’t involve paying taxes) it must be true. So, if you plan on crashing a costume party dressed up like a real wiseguy, you betta’ be packin’ heat, capisce?This Gangster Gun with Holster is just the kind of gat a costumed mafioso would strap on when he goes out for the day. The low profile realistic looking holster matches your custom tailored Italian costume suit, and perfectly fits the included orange plastic snub nose revolver toy. It also looks great with a private eye or detective costume, if you’d rather bust goons than be one!

Gangster Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FO28507

Price: $9.99

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Child Native American Princess Costume

This Child Native American Princess Costume is styled to look like historical Native American garments. Great for a historic-themed party!


Product DetailsTransform your tyke with this Child Native American-inspired costume. It is made to resemble clothing worn hundreds of years ago. This sleeveless pullover dress has self-ties for size adjustment and a faux suede poncho style cape lined with fringe and brocade ribbon. Your kiddo’s hair can be decorated with felt barrettes that are decorated with feathers on top of a metal hair clip. Be sure to look for other accessories to create your chosen style from head to toe.

Child Native American Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00309

Price: $29.99

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Biker Costume Vest

This adult biker vest is a great biker Halloween costume for any event. This biker vest is great for a Village People costume or a dog the bounty hunter costume.


Hey, you ride Harley, pal? Prepare to answer this sort of question early and often, because there’s no way you won’t be mistaken for a rough and tough biker in this vest. It’s just the accessory for anyone looking to establish themselves as a rowdy king of the open road, without actually putting in the grunt work for a shady, loosely-organized group of dudes. We actually have it on good authority that this vest qualifies you for most low-tier biker gangs and for the sales department at your local Harley shop!And maybe you do ride Harley! In which case, cool! But we know that after you’ve spent all day cruisin’ on your mean hog, you’re going to wish you had worn a sweet leather vest like this. It makes the ride that much more smooth, the look complete, and handlebar mustaches acceptable.

Biker Costumes
Material: Polyurethane
Item: FO25025

Price: $14.99

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Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume

You’ll have a detailed and unique look this Halloween when you’re wearing this queen of hearts playing card costume. Add it to any of our other costumes for a great Wonderland theme idea.


“Off with their heads!”It’s been said (not by us) that she isn’t quite playing with a full deck. But somehow the Queen of Hearts manages to hold court wherever she goes. We think it’s because some things about her just don’t change – her undeniable command presence, her fiery temper, and definitely that signature catchphrase, to name just a few. But why threaten beheadings in the same old, tired way?Not that we condone such things, of course. But the regal Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume will let you bring a style all your own to this iconic baddie. The queen has been menacing daring young British girls for as long as we can remember, and now she can be the all-new monarch of mean…or mystery. That’s completely up to you (how you rule Wonderland is your royal prerogative, we happily remind you). And it doesn’t matter if you’re playing solo, or packing a full house of kings, jokers, and aces for your royal escort. Walk into any Halloween party or masquerade wearing this unique, kaleidoscopic dress, and the red carpets will roll faster than any heads you’ve ever seen.The Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume bestows a truly royal stature, with a full-length polyester dress, a playing card-themed collar that’s fit for a ruler, and (as if we’d forget!) a crown to top things off. You’ve always wanted a taste of the queen’s royal lifestyle. Now it’s yours. Just remember to tell your subjects to mind their heads!

King and Queen Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU16870

Price: $39.99

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Rainbow Clown Wig

Taste the rainbow! Add a burst of color to your clown costume with this dazzling Rainbow Clown Wig. Balloon animals, funny jokes, and children’s laughter are not included.


At last, a non-scary clown! Unless you’re scared of clowns in general. But this clown isn’t creeping around the edge of town, following anyone home late at night or keeping a collection of knives… Unless you want him to, that is. No, this is just a good old-fashioned circus clown, down to clown around with face-painting kids, making balloon animals and gently guiding pony rides. This is a clown you can trust with your kids! Unless you decide otherwise, of course. It’s all up to you.If you promise not to turn into a psycho who runs around stalking and killing people, we promise to send you this Rainbow Clown Wig. Don’t act like it couldn’t happen. There’s a reason so many 80s and 90s slasher films featured killer clowns: their writers were in touch with what was going on in America. That’s gotta be it. This Silly Clown Wig’s colorful ‘do is made from 100 percent synthetic fibers. It has a mesh netting interior to keep it snug over your regular, boring normal color hair. Nobody would think that’s fun. Or scary.

Clown Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO23098

Price: $5.99

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Deluxe Brown Boot Tops

Purchase a pair of versatile Deluxe Brown Boot Tops. They’re perfect for a pirate or Renaissance costume and what an affordable price!


We all know that piracy is wrong. And, we’re not talking about filming a movie at the theatre or illegally downloading your favorite video games. That’s also a major issue, but we’re currently referring to the much older variety. Raiding, pillaging, smuggling, looting, and drinking too heavily while on moving vehicles are all definite paths to doom. Now, they might also be paths to lots of treasure, fame, and epic adventure, but definitely don’t forget about the high degree of danger. Plus, your mother is definitely going to get bothered if you aren’t contacting her regularly.Still, if you heart is set on a life of adventure on the high seas, at least make sure that you are fully equipped for the trip. For your mother for Davy Jones’ sake! Now, it’s clear that you have already thought about your shirt and trousers, a nice rugged seafaring jacket, and a good assortment of weaponry and other pirate necessities. But, have you given thought to your footwear? Here is where bringing in your modern shoes is probably a really good idea, but you also need some authenticity. And, that is where these Deluxe Brown Boot Tops come into play. Secure to your own shoes with elastic straps and bright gold buttons, then lace up for the full look and you can be in modern attire while also looking the part of the pirate. Best of all worlds!

Pirate Accessories
Material: Faux Leather
Item: FUN0090BN

Price: $14.99

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Sword Accessory

This rustic looking Roman sword is a great toy weapon to add to a knight costume, Roman or Green Warrior or other historical costume.


When the moment arises for you to defend yourself and country, be prepared with this sword. The blade is a tarnished silver color and the gold handle also features black accents create a worn appearance. A must have if you plan to embark on an epic adventure.

Renaissance Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: LOPA0202

Price: $6.99

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Short Bob Hot Pink Wig

This short bob hot pink wig is a dream come true, if your dreams include having pink hair, styled like a flapper’s do.


At our office, we believe in dreams. Truly. We trust, deep down in our core, that all dreams, whether big or small, are important and have a place in the world. And that is precisely why we thought it necessary to offer you this bright, whimsical wig! This Short Bob Hot Pink Wig is for all of the people out there, like you, who dream of having that perfect, classic flapper hairdo in a modern neon hue–like hot pink. We know, we know…it is a very specific and strange dream to have. But hey, no judgment from us. We think strange is good. You should hear some of our dreams…one guy down in finance had a dream of first becoming a business tycoon, then a reality star, than the President! Wacky, right? So, don’t worry. We got you covered with this cool, chic wig!

Item: CH60377PK

Price: $11.99

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Teen Girls Mad Hatter Costume

This Teen Girls Mad Hatter Costume is a stylish choice for your teen this Halloween


Everybody seems to think that a mad hatter has to be a maniac. But we’re big fans of wordplay, just like Lewis Carroll, so we’re open to some fresh takes on an old label. Like we could see how an angry hatter costume might be kind of funny, if you could find a way to make it look as though steam were coming out of your ears. And we can’t say enough about this Teen Girls Mad Hatter Costume, which makes perfect sense if you think that the mad hatter should be nothing short of mad stylish!It’s got all the pieces you’d expect to find in a hatter outfit, from the top of the off-kilter miniature hat to the bottom of the whimsical faux suede spats. Yet it’s brimming with details and decorative touches that make the classic tea-totaling character seem way more fashion forward, like fingerless gloves and a yoked skirt in sensible plaid, which contrasts with the playful pink of the build-in petticoat. The only thing that’s crazy about this hatter costume is just how good it looks!Well, it’s not exactly conventional attire for a high-class tradition like afternoon tea. But if you’re feeling a little eccentric, you could do a lot worse than to dress up like this—and you’ll get along fine with the Wonderland crowd. Even if it’s not strictly formal, this standout ensemble is fit for a very important date or any other kind of seasonal special occasion!

Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA05047

Price: $39.99

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