Froggy’s Bubble Fog Machine

Take your party to the next level with this Froggy’s Bubble Fog Machine! We also have bubble juice available!


AN UNEXPECTED ALCHEMISTLegends say that deep in the swamps resides a powerful creature that can bend elements to its will.  It is this being who makes the fogs roll across the water and land, float in bubbles of glistening wonder, only to pop and release more of its mystery.How this little Froggy came to acquire such astounding alchemical talents, none know.  However, all come to Froggy for their magical needs.  Looking for the right environment to lure in your love or frighten your frenemy?  We’ve only got one word:  Ribbit!  PRODUCT DETAILSBring in the magic with Froggy’s own Bubble Fog Machine.  This metal marvel plugs into your wall outlet and can be filled with Froggy’s Fog and Bubble Juice into its separate containers in order to puff out bubbles that will drift through your room until they pop and release an eerie fog.  Add that extra jovial fun to your mysterious environment. SOME FROGGY MAGICYou’ll wonder how the heck this little machine is able to unleash such mysterious bubbles of fog.  You’ll be curious just how Froggy does it.  But, fortunately, whether we understand how this work of alchemical wonder works or not, the results will speak for themselves.  Get ready to oooh and aaah at your new mystic homestead! 

Fog Machines
Material: Metal

Price: $119.99

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