Toddler Black Knee Length Crinoline

There is never going to be a better way to give that girl’s skirt some poof than our own Toddler Black Knee Length Crinoline! So get one today.


Black can go with just about anything. Why do you think witches love to wear it all the time? It’s a functional color for hiding in the middle of the night and it won’t get dirty as easily when traveling through the forest looking for potion ingredients. One other little secret that witches have is how they keep their dresses nice and poofy. They use some dark magic spells that include some ritual chants spoken in ancient languages. It’s a lot of work. Believe us, we’ve tried it. Eventually we gave up and developed a much better solution. This Knee Length Crinoline is perfect for giving your toddler’s dress a little extra volume this Halloween without needing an ancient spell book. It also works for any other costume that needs that little extra oomph to be perfectly adorable such as gypsy, princess, or skeleton dress costumes! Black not the right color? We have plenty of others as well!

Zebra Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1858BKTD

Price: $9.99

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