Xena Chakram

Add the perfect accessory to your Xena costume this Halloween when you get this exclusive Xena Chakram. No warrior should go without her most trusted weapon!


It’s one thing to be a princess. All long jeweled up with nowhere to go stuck up in some lonely keep in a cold castle. It’s another thing to be a warrior, following the general in deep muddy battlefields with nothing to call your own. The trick to becoming a legend? Merge the two together to become Xena the warrior princess.  Yeah, Xena has a couple tricks up her sleeve. There’s her handy trick of understanding pressure points, Xena knows how to drop a soldier with the point of a finger. She uses a crazy variety of sharp, magical objects like ribs and weird wavy daggers to take down wayward Gods. The most important weapon, though, is a razor sharp throwing disc called a Chakram, a weapon that’s fit for both a warrior and a princess. Use your Chakram to become a legend!

Xena Costumes
Material: Polyester
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Price: $9.99

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Xena Wig

Make your warrior princess costume complete with this exclusive Xena Wig accessory.


Few people are as thoroughly hardcore as Xena. Thanks to her pressure point technique she can kick wholesale butt a hundred different ways with her bare hands alone, and fighting only gets easier for Xena when she uses her sword or trademark chakram. (It’s like a frisbee crossed with a rabid German Shepherd.) Xena’s even been known to dispatch her foes with a wagon full of fish. It’s no wonder the Warrior Princess has made mincemeat of every monster and demigod that has dared to cross her path!But if you want to be Xena, it’s not enough to know how to whoop everyone within a ten mile radius using only a ballpoint pen. You’ve got to have that iconic hairdo too! Our officially licensed Xena Wig will give you Lucy Lawless’ style without all the hair dye and bang trimming. Just put it on and bring the hurt!Xena: Warrior Princess is a trademark of Universal TV Distribution Holdings LLC and a copyright of Universal Television Enterprises LLP. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Xena Costumes
Material: Olefin
Item: FUN2296

Price: $14.99


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