24″ Purple Glitter Pumpkin Wreath

This 24″ Purple Glitter Pumpkin Wreath brings a world of decoration potential into your life. Seriously, this thing is colorful and ready to roll.


So it’s Halloween, and everybody is going a little nuts over all the orange and black items on their list of things to decorate their homes with. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? Well it is if those colors are your favorite thing in the world, and you look forward to them getting the spotlight every single time October rolls around. For everybody else who love other colors, you can get a little sick of it all. There is one thing that we’re sure everybody should love for Halloween; pumpkins. Yes, we get it, you’re sitting there think “why on earth are these crazy people mentioning the iconic orange thing from fall?!” Well it’s because that giant gourd is the perfect decoration for the season. It just happens to have a less than ideal color for most people. Luckily for everyone out there, we’ve got the perfect solution. Just hang this wreath full of purple pumpkins up on your front door or anywhere else, and you’ll have the perfect decoration for the festivities without having to stare at orange for an entire month or longer.

Material: Plastic
Item: KK40403C-PU

Price: $29.99

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