Adult Battle Troll Big Mouth Mask

This Adult Battle Troll Big Mouth Mask is a unique and detailed accessory that will make your look like a character from a fantasy story.


For years, you’ve loyally defended your bridge like every good troll does. It’s been difficult at times, especially since they put in that movie theater and more woodland creatures have tried to attend the five-dollar matinees. But you’ve persevered, scaring off any deer or sheep that tried to cross.But then… came the billy goats.Those hooved hooligans have been harder to scare off than a group of 1970s teenage mystery detectives. No matter how much you threaten or how loud you roar, the goats keep crossing over your bridge anyway. And they’re crafty things, too—if you manage to catch one, they trick you into letting them go and waiting for their big brother, who never appears. If you don’t nip this in the bud, you’ll soon be facing a billy goat infestation, and they’re notoriously difficult to drive away once they take over a new habitat.You’ve got to come up with something really intimidating, something that’s sure to stop them in their tracks. We suggest the Adult Battle Troll Big Mouth Mask. Sure, as a troll, you’re already scary—but this mask is out-of-this-world ferocious. The molded vinyl mask covers the entire face and top of the head, and the jaw is hinged so that when you move your head up and down, it looks like the mouth is moving. The most impressive parts are the gigantic fangs protruding from the lower jaw like stalagmites.We guarantee that this mask is terrifying enough to work on 2 out of 3 billy goats!

World of Warcraft Costumes
Material: Vinyl
Item: CA60615

Price: $39.99

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Adult Minotaurus Costume

Transform into your favorite mythological creature with this Adult Minotaurus Costume. This men’s scary beast costume is half man and half bull.


In Greek mythology the Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. He lived in a labyrinth, which has got to be frustrating when you’re just trying to find a bathroom. Then some jerk named Theseus showed up and killed him! It was probably justified, considering that the Minotaur was a half-bull, half-man monster, but maybe Theseus just got fed up when nobody could find the bathroom. So we should honor the Minotaur! Never has the combination of man and bull been so powerful and fearless as this beast. Until now, when this costume was created. Sorry, did we say costume? We meant the best freaking warrior armor and uniform ever devised! Come on, let’s drop the history lesson: this costume is just plain awesome. Look at that Minotaur head! Do you think anyone is going to give a mediocre reaction when you show up in this? Nope! If they aren’t running for the hills, they will be bowing down at the fact that you look freaking incredible!But this costume is no joke. Don’t even consider it if you’re not completely serious about rocking out. If this is a maybe, you’re not ready for it. Buying this costume means fulling committing to destroying all who oppose you. It means winning every costume contest and being drafted into a Greek mythological recreation of the Minotaur story. That’s how powerful this costume is. It is not to be trifled with. Much like an actual Minotaur. Free the beast inside you, place the great bull head upon your crown and roar with power!

World of Warcraft Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: GH25082

Price: $188.99

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Kids Green Orc Morphsuit Costume

This Kids Green Orc Morphsuit brings your child the look of a deadly fantasy creature.


The realms of fantasy are vast and include no limit to the number of possible creatures that roam their exotic lands. The denizens include everything from cuddly creatures that demand to be treated with admiration and chin scratches to gargantuan monstrosities who will surely bring about a kingdom’s worth of destruction if they are not halted! But, amidst those beasts are a wide variety of peoples. Humans, of course, occupy many lands but the forests and highlands hide elves who are wise, mystical, and craftily capable. Dwarves reside in the mountains, ever forging powerful weapons within their insular domains.But, these are the races that we always hear about. Many kids look towards them as their heroic destinations, human rangers, dwarven fighters, and elven mages who might topple the threats from the vicious orcish warlords. But, the others? Some of them are a little more interested in leading that orcish army and seeing things from the perspective of the horde of possibly misunderstood tribal warriors!This time, that very horde beckons for a new grunt to join for might and honor. With this Kids’ Green Orc Morphsuit, your tyke can do just that. The polyester and spandex fabric makes for an easy fit and the graphic print quickly transforms your kiddo into a muscled barbarian clad in arm and leg bandages and a matching loincloth! Foam teeth attach to the face and neck to give the ferocious three-dimensional effect of an orcish battle cry, ready to crush any elf or dwarf with ease! Even easier with a war axe accessory!

World of Warcraft Costumes
Material: Polyester

Price: $24.99

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