Women’s Red Glitter Flats

What’s not to like? These Women’s Red Glitter Flats are glitzy and sparkly, and comfortable too!


Do you know how to bombershay? It’s goes like this: and one and two and three and four. Got it? Good. Okay, let’s try a Buffalo, it’s a simple one and two but cross your foot in front. Wait. Are you confused? Sorry, these are tap dance moves. They are pretty darn simple but when you’re simply reading a description for gorgeous sparkly shoes on a costume web site you aren’t expecting to stumble over dance moves. The thing is, it’s impossible to describe these shoes without first thinking about the classic dance moves of retro movies. Here’s a thought, did everyone know how to tap dance before the fifties? Those old school musicals make a complicated buffalo dig toe drawback combination look simple. How did they do it? We’re thinking that their classy footwear had something to do with it. We’re not saying these shoes with their red bow and sparkles will give you natural dancing feet but we do know they’ll give you that classic movie flare. They don’t have taps, their soles are simple black rubber, much more comfortable for skipping down brick roads. Pair these ruby slippers with a sassy black number, a stunning red dress, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a blue checkered dress. With those dancing feet, you never know where you’ll end up! 

Wizard of Oz Accessories
Material: Faux Leather

Price: $29.99

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Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw Kit

Get some extra stuffing for your Scarecrow costume with this Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw. (It’s a lot less itchy than stuffing your sleeves with real straw).


We know a guy. We’ll call him…Al. Now Al thought he was real clever; full o’ brains Al was. Al thought he could DIY himself a quick Scarecrow costume at the last minute before a big Halloween party. Al went out and got real straw and stuffed his plaid shirt and denim pants with it. Sigh. Oh, Al. And then? Al went to the hospital, with a severe allergy. Al was itching so hard he seemed like he wished he could click his heels three times and go back and do it all over again. That was the end of Halloween for Al. Now he gives out candy from his porch without dressing up, thus crushing the spirits of little kids all over the neighborhood.The moral of the story? Don’t be like Al. Use your brain. Pick up this Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw Kit and save yourself the trouble, pain, and the copay.

Wizard of Oz Accessories
Material: Straw
Item: RU526

Price: $9.99

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Wicked Wings Accessory

Angels and fairies aren’t the only ones with wings–demons can have them, too. This Wicked Wings Accessory would be perfect!


What’s a dragon without his wings? A big lame lizard, that’s what.Wings make the creature. Fairies. Demons. Gargoyles. Take off the wings and you’ve got magical weirdos and that’s it. But add a pair of wings? Now you’ve got a creature of the night! Something majestic and terrifying! So if you’re feeling like you need to be a mythical creature of epic proportions (and by epic, we mean in possession of wings) look no further than our Wicked Wings Accessory. These nylon-hinged wings have elastic shoulder straps and pull cords so the wings spread. That’s right. Not only can you be a supernatural creature with some epic wings, you can also flex your wings and watch people jump in terror. Ah, the power of wings.

Wizard of Oz Accessories
Material: Polyblend
Item: CA60670

Price: $19.99

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