Orange Bob Wig

If your hair just isn’t orange enough, then you probably need the help of this orange bob wig. It’s got a classic flapper bob cut.


We’re about to make your wildest fantasy come true with this orange bob wig. Provided, of course, that your fantasy includes you having orange hair, styled in a bob cut.

Fifth Element Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: CH60377OR

Price: $11.99

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Green and White Nylon Stockings

Well my little Strawberry Shortcake, the time has come to step outdoors. Don’t forget your Green and White Nylon Stockings, you’re not a delectable little berry without it. Stay green in a pair of delicious stockings!


Where are you going without a pair of Green and White Nylon Stockings? To a party on St. Patrick’s Day? No ma’am. All dressed up in your Strawberry Shortcake costume? That’s not right. The possibilities don’t stop there, oh no. These Green and White Nylon Stocking can add the perfect touch to a witch or candy striper costume as well! Get the stockings and get your look right. Once you try these stocking on you won’t want to ever take them off! Lucky for you, we’ve also got a black and white striped pair for any other costume needs you may have or hey, maybe you want to just to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. The luck of the Irish will be with you when you’re sporting our Green and White Nylon Stocking!

Strawberry Shortcake Costumes
Material: Nylon
Item: LE6005GRWH

Price: $5.99

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Child Pebbles Costume

You’ll have the cutest kid in Bedrock when your little girl wears this Child Pebbles Costume. This is great for a Flintstones themed party!


Imagine living in 1,000,000 B.C. Instead of tablets that you could watch movies on, you’d have tablets to carve words into. Instead of cars, you’d have to ride dinosaurs or create some sort of foot-powered vehicle (think of the blisters!). You’d use bones for all your accessorizing. Your shower would be a woolly mammoth spraying water out of its trunk, while your washing machine would be a pelican with a beak full of suds. What a kooky era to live in!Well, honestly, prehistoric times were nothing like the Flintstones portray them… but it would be really boring to make a TV show about real cavemen hunting and gathering food and living in caves. With the Flintstones, you get all sorts of cool inventions and funny characters, like Fred Flintstone, who’s always getting into wacky misadventures, and Barney Rubble, his best friend who always tags along. But the best character is definitely Pebbles, Fred and Wilma’s adorable little daughter.Now your daughter can look just like Pebbles thanks to this officially licensed Pebbles Kid Costume. The sleeveless pink shirt attaches with Velcro at the base of the neck, while the black shorts have an elastic waistband for comfy fit. The costume also comes with cute pink legwarmers and an orange Pebbles wig, complete with a plush bone “bow.” Your little girl will be the cutest kid in Bedrock!

Flintstone Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU883736

Price: $34.99

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Despicable Me Fluffy Sunglasses

When people catch you in these Despicable Me Fluffy Sunglasses all they will be yelling is, “It’s so fluffy!!” We think it could be quite fun to experience.


We all know that famous frustration at the fair. It’s a feeling that people get familiar with when they’re kids with very limited allowance money to spend that goes on to when you have kids of your own and you still can’t seem to win that enticing giant panda for your kiddo. Those booths have it down: seemingly simple games, bright lights shine on huge prizes, and stuffed animals that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Even if you could, there’s something about winning the animal that makes it a hundred times more exciting.So when little Agnes with her perky pony tail and her surprisingly good aim didn’t win that oh so fluffy unicorn, we all felt her pain. And when Gru took matters into his own hands we couldn’t help but cheer! Take that, carnival stand! That unicorn became a symbol of triumph, love, and of course, Fluffy! Now it’s easy to become the adorable unicorn on the go. Simply put the glasses on and instantly transform into a five-year-old’s favorite unicorn. Just get ready for some squeezing, a fluffy thing like you is pretty irresistible.

Minion Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: HWSG2581

Price: $9.99

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Women’s Plus Size Flashdance Costume

Go with a classic 80’s look in our exclusive women’s plus size Flashdance costume. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.


One day you’re an average everyday eighteen year old steel worker who lives in a warehouse that has a perfectly shabby chic appeal and the next you’re a auditioning for the local dance company. Hmm, most people would just be happy to have a job with benefits, an awesome flat, and successful burlesque career on the side at the young age of eighteen but hey, maybe times have changed since the eighties.We’re not saying the charming Alex had it all. Sure, we’re jealous of her adorable, well behaved dog and her handsome and well connected boyfriend but her wardrobe could use some work, right? Right? Nope, lucky for her she was a steel worker, not a business woman, so she was able to avoid the shoulder pads and overly ambitious blush of the early eighties. Instead she’s looking ever so chic in scene after scene in her military surplus gear, wide ribbed knit sweaters, and of course the famous trend-setting off shoulder sweatshirt.Now, in our current economy you can’t rent a warehouse on a low level welder’s salary. In fact, good luck finding a welding job at age eighteen. The good news? You can totally rock that off the shoulder sweatshirt look. In fact we’ve put it all together for you. With this costume you’ll get a long sweatshirt that’ll cover the dangerously high cut leotard that you may or may not be wearing. You’ll also get a headband to keep that wild eighties hair at bay and some leg warmers to pad your legs as you’re showing off those break dance moves. Not bad for your average eighteen-year-old steel worker.

Flashdance Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2950PL

Price: $49.99

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PJ Masks Owlette Prestige Toddler Tutu Costume

Transform your child in to her favorite cartoon superhero with this PJ Masks Owlette Prestige Toddler Tutu Costume. This costume will make her look just like Owlette with a little more frill.


Our favorite part of the PJ Masks television show is when Owlette swoops onto the scene. Her super planning skills mean any adventure the team undertakes is going to be successful, and when we see her cruising in on her Owl Glider we know that it’s going to be “Super Owl Wings!” time.Maybe you’re not up to speed on all of Owlette’s awesomeness, but if you’ve got little ones, we’re guessing that they sure are. The hit Disney Junior show has been a fan favorite among children since it started airing in the US, and the trio of nighttime heroes are characters that any child can have plenty of fun emulating.So, if she’s got her sights set on being Owlette this Halloween, this Prestige costume will be just the look to make her Halloween dreams come true! Styled as a top, leggings, and tutu skirt ensemble, along with a dazzling cape and character mask, this elite costume is officially licensed, and it’s ready for all of the action that she’s ready to bring to life!The printed top has a pattern that looks just like the armor the Disney character wears on her missions, and of course, a shiny logo is printed on the chest. The pink printed feathers on the cape perfectly contrast with the red of the outfit, and she can use the fabric wrist straps to pretend she’s soaring over the city. The glittery tulle tutu adds a touch of elegance, and all you’ll need to do is pick up a pair of flats that match the ensemble.

PJ Masks Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI23061

Price: $74.99

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Doctor Who TARDIS Formal Slim Fit Suit Jacket

Jump in to your very own TARDIS when you get this Doctor Who TARDIS Formal Slim Fit Suit Jacket. This suit looks like an ordinary Tardis from the outside, but features a lining with the inside of the TARDIS.


Time and Relative Dimension In SuitsYou’ve seen the world spin on its axis countless times. You’ve experienced the planet surge through open space around a massive plasma sphere over and over again. The universe has been continuously expanding with you smack in the middle of it, all while black holes are out there swallowing up everything nearby, even light, and at the same time distant galaxies spiral with celestial beauty. Yes, this whole space, time, and being alive thing is pretty astounding, and it’s never looked as good as it does right now.No one need tell you what this suit represents, but let us tell you all about the depth of detail on (and in) this exclusive Alter Ego TARDIS suit jacket for men. With a deep blue exterior that matches the color of the classic police box from Doctor Who, this suit turns normal formal wear into anything but normal. Screen-printed patterns on the front of the jacket match the iconic lines of the time-traveling marvel, allowing you to boldly walk into that mysterious future with the confidence of a Time Lord (and a guy who just looks confidently debonair). The included bow tie and pocket square add a bit of stylish flair to your journey, while the printed satin fabric interior of the jacket takes you to the familiar control room of the Doctor’s signature vehicle. If that’s not impressive enough, small TARDIS designs are crafted into each button on the sleeves, completing your transformation in genuine Doctor Who style. The entire ensemble combines for a look that tempts a temporal adventure of one’s own, and with the world still spinning, it’s time to get out there and see a little more of it. You decide on the destination.Jacket100% polyester.Slim fit for a tailored look.Two interior pockets; one exterior pocket.Custom debossed buttons on front and cuffs.Double vent.Dry clean only.Made by us. BowtieFully adjustable; hook clasp.

Doctor Who Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN9009J

Price: $24.99

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Girls Shine Costume

She’ll love pretending to be a magical genie in this girls Shine costume from the Shimmer and Shine show.


Ever wonder what it would be like to make magic happen with your twin sister and best friend? Well, if your little one is into Shimmer and Shine then we bet your child has. In fact, if she’d probably tell you all about what it would be like if you asked her right now. We’ll give you a few minutes. . . Alright, back? Took longer than you though, didn’t it? That’s because these genies transport children to another world where anything is possible. If you got to imagine yourself hanging out in a place as cool as Zahramay Falls then you probably would talk a lot about it, too! Simmer and Shine always do their best to make wishes come true for their best friend, Leah but granting wishes isn’t as simple as it seems. Usually, all three of them have to work together to get everything back on track again, as bad as things might get they can make anything happen if they work together! Plus, all those wild adventures sure make things in that colorful land of theirs more interesting. This costume has everything you need to make your little girl feel like her favorite genie! The ensemble features wide leg glittery blue pants that are tapered at the bottom. The top has a bejeweled pattern and is framed with a gold trimmed shrug. It’s belted with gold fabric in the middle that secures with a hook and eye touch strip at the back. She’ll have fun with the soft, curved shoe covers and gold and jewel arm gauntlets. Top it all off with the blue and pink mesh headpiece and your little one will be good to go! Now, to work on those wishes. . .  

Shimmer and Shine Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR5085

Price: $59.99

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Girls Hooded Huntress Costume

This Girls Hooded Huntress Costume is right on target for a Hunger Games costume!


On the HuntBow and Arrow in hand, the young huntress bursts through the brush chasing her prey through the forest. She’d been tracking the deer for days and needed the food for her family. She knocks the arrow while on the run and fires through the air, Will it hit? It’s up to you!Need a different scenario? Young Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt is off to find her band of (girls only) hunters throughout the forest. What mythical creature would they hunt next? A giant boar? A great lion? How about another plot? A revolutionary armed with her signature weapon and a goal to overthrow the tyrannical government. The future is in your hands, young warrior!Costume DetailsGrab your bow and arrows to wear this Girls Hooded Huntress Costume this Halloween. The huntress costume will get your child prepared for anything that comes their way. The gray interlock sleeveless tunic has an elastic waist and laced front placket for added detail. The faux suede shoulder sash and belt fasten with Velcro for a unique and versatile look. The crushed velvet cape and matching wrist cuffs take this costume to a sharpshooter level. Be sure to grab a pair of your sturdiest shoes before you run out to your next adventure. You never know what you’ll encounter!Wild and FreeYou can run through a mythical forest, pretend you’re a powerful Greek Goddess, or create the spark that makes a revolution catch fire! The choice is only limited by your imagination and if you’re anything like us, you love to let it run wild! Don’t forget to grab yourself a bow that fits your personality. We do have a pretty awesome selection of them and that’s the defining feature of your outfit, young huntress!

Hunger Games Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: IN18047

Price: $29.99

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Coming to America Akeem Costume

This Coming to America Akeem Costume is officially licensed and is available exclusively here!


You might think a prince giving up his life of luxury and traveling to a whole new land to live a normal life is a little bit crazy. If you asked Prince Akeem why he would do that, well… he’d probably be too fascinated by something seemingly mundane to answer. But you can do the next best thing by dressing up as the prince of Zamunda in our exclusive Coming to America Akeem Costume, and see what royal life is like for yourself!Actually, we could see why being a prince and having your every want and need attended to could get boring, even if the idea of having a kingdom one day sounds pretty great. But dropping everything to get a fast food job in New York City like Akeem did in Coming to America seems like a pretty drastic life change. Since it was in the pursuit of true love and happiness, we can understand, and it lead to some great culture shock moments that definitely must have given him tons of party conversation material. But in the end, the real prize for Akeem was discovering what he really wanted out of life, and isn’t that worth more than any kingdom?Ha, right, sure it is! And partying it up like Eddie Murphy’s classic character in this licensed costume is the only way to do it! We’ve meticulously designed this regal outfit to give off that traditional Zamunda vibe, from the style of the suit, to the look of the medallions, crown, and leopard shawl. You won’t want to go back to common outfits when the party’s over!

Coming to America Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2291AD

Price: $54.99

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