Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume

You’ll look so good he’ll die. This Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume is a great way to add a few leaves to his tree!


What’s your villain theme?The best supervillains have themes that are seductive but deadly at the same time. You know, so that your victims come to you, and they’re willingly drawn in before meeting their doom. And since your theme also dictates what kinds of crimes and schemes you commit and whatnot, it’s good to pick a theme that will offer a wide range of possibilities. Like if you go with a water theme you might steal a dam, or you could fill the city hall building with squid!For us, there’s one theme that’s a cut above the rest when it comes to supervillainy. The plant theme! With a plant theme you can cover all of your bases and still have plenty of room for growth and new possibilities. Plants are ancient and mysterious, and as with most things in nature: the more colorful and beautiful something is, the more lethal their poison. Enticing!Costume DetailsIf you’re looking for a good place to start your career as a seductive supervillain, this Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume will put you on the right path for plant-based crime. This alluring costume dress features halter straps done up in plastic vine trim and a mesh train that ties around the waist. Tan leaf-printed tights continue the theme, and the glovelettes, bootcovers, and eyemask complete the ensemble.Real VillainyYour bound to be quite the supervillain when you suit up in this Leath Beauty Costume. We’re sure your victims will fall at your feet when you cast your shadow over them, so please, be gentle with whichever poor superheroes try to stop you!

Poison Ivy Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA01289

Price: $44.99

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Plus Size Robin Girl Costume

This plus size Robin girl costume is a sexy superhero costume for plus size women. You’ll be all set to wow the citizens and villains of Gotham City!


They’re like the superhero version of peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Peas in a pod. It’s Batman and Robin.Let’s get real for a second here. Sure, Batman is the crusader of the night. Sure he can single-handedly take down crime bosses, smuggling rings, and psychotic bad guys. He’s that good. He’s amazingly smart, plus all those fancy tech toys (and the billions of dollars don’t hurt either). He’s a powerhouse for justice.But just because Batman can take down all the baddies all alone doesn’t mean he should. There’s plenty of times the bat could use an extra hand, an extra pair of eyes, or at least someone there to lighten the mood. Enter Robin.Robin has been many names over the years. Dick Grayson. Jason Todd. Timothy Drake. Stephanie Brown. Usually young and a little impetuous, Robin is a symbol just as much as Batman is. A symbol of someone feisty and a bit more fun. He’s a symbol of justice just as much as Batman is.So if you’re the type of hero that maybe needs a few more years of training. Or if you’re quick and agile with a healthy serving of sass, you very well might be our next Robin. If so, you’ll need the threads. Our Plus Size Robin costume is just what you need. It’s shiny in Robin’s signature green, yellow, and red, with a yellow cape and green wrist warmers. It even includes the mask, utility belt, and Robin patch attached. Sure, the Bat symbol may be shining, but where we come from? That means Batman and Robin.

Robin Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU17594

Price: $59.99

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Boys Incredibles Costume TShirt

Alright kids, it’s time to be a super for yourself, just like Dash and Mr. Incredible! Our exclusive Boys Incredibles t-shirt is great for Halloween or whenever.


It’s cool to have the strength of ten athletes. It’s cool to have the speed to run circles around military jets. It’s definitely cool to have camouflage abilities that make chameleons turn green with envy. Unfortunately, this Incredibles tee for kids can’t do any of that. But what it can do is make you look super cool for Halloween or, you know, any other day at school.Remember when Frozone asked, “Where’s my Super Suit?” during the big robot battle in the movie? Well, you absolutely will never have to worry about finding yourself in such a dire set of circumstances. As long as you don’t go picking fights with robots and you keep this tee safely folded in your closet. Can you manage that, kiddo? Cool!

Incredibles Costumes
Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MAIN002YS

Price: $19.99

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Red Star Gold Cuffs

Protect yourself from head to toe! These all purpose Red Star Gold Cuffs will help you deflect bullets and complete your Wonder Woman costume. What more could you want?


All women deserve a little flair. Even woman who are fighting the good fight. Especially those women. You should have a little flash. Something to catch the eye of everyone you pass by. You need something, like every woman does, to protect yourself against the weapons of men. You need these Red Star Gold Cuffs.They will keep you safe by letting you deflect small gun fire. They are able to reflect light into the eyes of your enemies, momentarily blinding them, and giving you the upper hand. And lets be honest, they are just so pretty. The gold glinting on your wrists would surely make you stand out in a crowd. People will be able to look at you, and know you are someone wonderful.

Wonder Woman Costumes
Material: Metal
Item: EL531230

Price: $24.99

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Girls Riddler Tutu Costume

She is sure to outwit Batman in this girls Riddler tutu costume! Her mastery of riddles will keep the Dark Knight guessing for hours!


Here’s a riddle: Who has lots of questions, and uses just puzzles? Who bothers the Batman, and leaves him con-fuzzled?Let’s face it, some villains are smarter than others. Whereas some sell guns and poison people with laughing gas, some villains are out there merely to prove that they’re the best. That they’re the smartest. Particularly against that irritating Batman.And by “some” we of course mean one villain in particular. Edward E. Nigma, or, as he’s known in the Gotham crime circuit, the Riddler. The Riddler is always prepared to out-think the enemy, usually by using clever rhymes and riddles. So far, his intellect has been unmatched… aside from the Bat. If you have a child who clearly out-thinks their opponents, a child that is constantly testing other’s intellect against their own, a child with a bit of a disregard for the rules, maybe you have a little Riddler on your hands. And if you have a Riddler on your hands, you may as well dress them as one. Our Riddler Tutu Costume is in Riddler’s classic green, spattered with black question marks. This costume however, has a glittery green skirt. It also comes with black gloves and a green mask. Don’t be surprised if, once your child puts this on, they start speaking only in riddles. It’s part of the burden of being a genius we’re afraid.

Riddler Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU886982

Price: $34.99

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Corset Lace Cat Mask

If you’ve ever wondered, ”Hey, where can I get a Corset Lace Cat Mask?” well, now you’ve got your answer! There’s a ton of great costume ideas to be had with this unique look.


In case you haven’t noticed (or been on the internet for the past couple decades), cats are totally in right now. People are posting pictures and videos of cuddly kitty cats lying under a bunch of pillows, hiding in silly places, or being bothered by other kitties, and it’s just a feline free-for-all out there! But did you know that not all cats are so cuddly? Some of them can be pretty devious, while others can be downright ferocious, which makes for some sassy costume ideas.There are as many types of cat costumes out there as there are types of cats, which is a lot. If your kitty themed outfit needs a little more allure, this Corset Cat Mask will make the “puurfect” addition. The hood-style mask is made of stitched faux leather, and can be adjusted with corset-style lacing in the back. It features matching cat ears on the top, to give your slinky costume a feline touch. Since cats are so popular right now, this mask is practically guaranteed to be a hit!

Catwoman Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: LE2625

Price: $14.99

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Batman Child Gloves

Bad guys don’t stand a chance! These Batman Child Gloves will help vanquish any evil-doer and they look great with any Batman child costume!


When Batman puts on his trusty gloves and starts slugging it out with the Gotham’s worst, his hands make all kinds of crazy noises. Pow! An uppercut to the Joker. Bam! The Riddler gets a right cross. Biff! Batman eats a sandwich! There is just no stopping the awesome sound effects! And just as with these sounds, your child will be unstoppable in these officially licensed Child Batman Gloves! While current Batman portrayals color him as dark as the night, these gloves are the true cobalt blue of the originally drawn Batman, as if taken straight out of the comics! The tops of the gloves are tapered, hero style, along with fabric barbs that run along the undersides of the sleeves. Additionally, the faux leather will add a sleek, finished look to any Batman costume. So get your gloves today, and start fighting the bad guys of Gotham tomorrow!

Batman Costumes
Material: Vinyl
Item: RU8790

Price: $12.99

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Long Bow and Arrow Set

Improve your survival chances with a long bow and arrow set. This will aid you well in your Native American costume, Robin Hood costume and more.


A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle – Japanese proverbThe bow and arrow, one of the oldest, most useful weapons devised by man. Whether Robin Hood or Legolas, or for the kids today, Katniss Everdeen, a bow and arrow in the right hands can change the fate of the world. Sometimes that’s England, sometimes it’s Middle Earth, and sometimes it’s in the Hunger Games in Panem. But wherever you are, if you’ve got your trusty bow and a quiver of arrows, you’ll always be safe.And now these arrows can help you train! Sure, they don’t have sharpened iron tips or genuine eagle feathers, but why waste those arrows when you’re training? You want the suction cup arrow, which can stick to the TV! How far can your arrow fly? Keep getting stronger and pull that bow back to see if your aim is true. And luckily, if you hit the dog, she’ll be just fine, if a little annoyed.

Hawkeye Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: PA7500

Price: $8.99

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Supergirl T-Shirt Costume

This Supergirl costume t-shirt makes an easy Halloween costume for adults. Wear this superhero costume t-shirt for Halloween or for a fun run!


Alright here’s the problem: you have to take someone trick-or-treating this year, maybe it’s your child, maybe a niece or nephew, or maybe just some neighbor kid who keeps hanging around asking you to take him trick-or-treating again (this kid you might want to take back to his house, just to be safe). And so you need a costume. But not just any costume, of course, because nothing is ever easy. Your costume needs to match their costume. And what is their costume, you’re wondering? Well, of course their costume is Batman, just like every year. So Batman needs a good teammate, again which means that you’re going to need to pull off a convincing Superman on short notice. Except you’re a girl, and you’re not dressing up as Superman if you don’t have to.Well guess what, lady? You don’t have to! Because finally there’s an answer. Do you want to put much effort into your costume? Not really, because you’re in it for some kicks but you’re not super serious about being canonically accurate about the whole Supergirl persona. Do you still want to look your absolute best while wearing a cape? Of course, who doesn’t want to show off a little? This is the costume for you. This is the icing on the cake and it is also the cake which you get to have and also eat (a little hard to follow that one but trust us it all makes sense). This costume pulls it all together, easy and quick. And isn’t that what we all want in life? Just one thing to be a little bit easy and a little bit quick? Well, it doesn’t take super powers, but we’ve got you covered.

Supergirl Costumes
Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: RU880474

Price: $19.99

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Kids Deluxe Robin Costume

Our kids deluxe Robin costume matches the child Batman costume for a great duo this Halloween. A classic kids Superhero Halloween costume in sizes toddler-l.


Even Batman needs help. Hard to believe, right? But he doesn’t trust just anyone to watch his back, so he turns to his trusty sidekick Robin when the going gets tough. Your little crimefighter can jump into the action with Batman, too, in this Deluxe Robin Costume! Do you know what makes Robin such a great sidekick to the Caped Crusader? Is it how his skills as an acrobat make his jumpy and flippy fighting technique a perfect compliment to the Dark Knight’s more punchy and powerful style? Is it how his smaller size makes him better suited for sneaking around and crawling through vents? Does he know exactly how Batman likes his coffee (black as the night, with a bit of lemon to help his growly voice)? It’s actually all of that, plus Robin already knows the secret code to get into the Batcave, which really comes in handy in emergencies! Whether your little one is dressing up on their own, or as a dynamic duo with their brother or dad dressed in a Batman costume, this Robin outfit will get them in the crime fighting mood. They are going to look super-tough with all of the foam muscles built into the top and sleeves of the jumpsuit. The yellow cape features black lining on the inside and velcro fasteners to keep it in place. They may look cute when they put on the black eye mask, but don’t let that fool you, they’ll also be ready for action!

Robin Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU882309

Price: $39.99

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