Adult Long Ivory Satin Gloves

These Adult Long Ivory Satin Gloves bring cuteness and elegance to your outfit. We like to call the combo “eleguteness.” We’re hoping that word catches on.


Nothing screams elegance…wait, no, elegance doesn’t scream. Nothing eloquently flourishes elegance (there we go) quite like the luxurious fabric of satin. It’s smooth to the touch, and has a sheen like the rolling shine of silky waters. While we’re helping you imagine this wondrous material, we might as well make that color white as well. The two just go hand in hand with wealth, and living on top of the world. Why? Well, because there are only so many people out there who can keep something as pure as snow that color for any longer than it is out of the box, and that’s people who are rich enough not to have to do anything. Want to take it even one step farther? What about putting a pair of satin gloves on your hands and all the way up to your elbows? The sheer, smooth elegance emanating from every inch of you when they’re paired with a lovely ball gown or flapper dress will be irresistible.

Marie Antoinette Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO73210

Price: $9.99

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Men’s Roman Armor Chestplate

You can be a big bad fighting machine in this Mens Roman Armor Chestplate. You can fight Minotaur and ogres and other mythical beasts.


Fighting minotaur and ogres and other mythical beasts in ancient Rome would be quite the task—and that’s just the beginning. Any Roman soldier would enlist with the knowledge that at any time, hordes of invaders and hostile armies could be creeping up the steps to overthrow the empire! What would you do?A solid first step would be crafting your own set of battle armor, but we all can’t be soldiers and blacksmiths! We all get one life and one chance at glory! Smithing might not be your forte, but this rubber version might help you look the part and barter for better. Just try not to take an arrow to the chest (or the knee). Take it from us: this does not—we repeat, does not—protect anyone from real claymores, arrows, or cannonballs. Steel yourself and approach the capital as necessary!

Roman Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: SM25324

Price: $29.99

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Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Courting a Nile queen can be difficult, but build her a pyramid and things will go easier. Prove you’ve also got what it takes to rule with this Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. Available in sizes 2X through 5X.


Oh, Great Pharaoh, god-king, rise and harken to your subjects’ call! Horus Mighty Bull, Arising in Thebes, He of the Two Ladies, Enduring in kingship like Re in heaven, Horus of Gold Powerful of strength, Sacred of appearance, He of the Sedge and the Bee, Enduring of form is Re, Son of Ra, Thutmose, beautiful of forms, your reign shall be fabled. Take your place as the great god and master of the Egyptian empire, and share the wealth of the world among your loyal subjects. Bring the seasons and be the very sun in the morning. At noon shed your rays upon the world and bring the heat that makes the crops grow strong in all the vast fields along the life-giving Nile.All these things and more will be exclaimed to you, great leader, upon donning this exquisite Plus Size King of Egypt Costume. Your subjects, no doubt awed by your magnificent magnanimity, will immediately begin construction upon a gigantic, titanic, megalithic pyramid, one that would dwarf even the great tomb of Khufu at Giza.Even the gods themselves will be jealous of your Plus Size King of Egypt Costume. The navy blue tunic has the printed ankh of resurrection and the gold edged sleeves of Egyptian royalty. The gold printed sash with Egyptian designs matches the gold cuffs and the stylistically impressive hood perfectly, such that all you meet will bow to you as the true king of Egypt. Hail the god-king, son of Ra!

Egyptian Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: IN95001

Price: $54.99

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Girls Annie Oakley Costume

She shot what from 300 yards? What a sharpshooter! Get your girl the duds to be a star of the old west with this Girls Annie Oakley Costume!


Annie Oakley had no problem being the top gal in the old west, and neither will your child when she wears this costume. She might not have the shooting acumen to be a master sharpshooter, but she can still wow all of her friends with a terrific western style. Arm her with a toy gun, and she might just become the marksman you’ve always needed in your household! Whether she wants to portray one of the iconic characters of the wild west or just spend a night in costume with her besties, she’ll have a blast bringing history to life with this Girls Annie Oakley Costume!

Pioneer Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00479

Price: $29.99

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Colonial Boy Wig

Does your child have the problem of not looking enough like George Washington? This Colonial boy wig does the trick nicely. It makes him look like one presidential little dude.


Sometimes kids have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. Some kids say they want to be a doctor, and some say they want to be a lawyer, and some of the smart kids even say they want to be an ice cream tester. But you know you have a unique kid on your hands when they say they want to be president someday. While eating ice cream sounds pretty good to us, there’s no better goal for our youth than to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers and one day become president! With a Colonial Boy Wig like this one, who knows what could happen? He just might be president someday because he looks so convincing… or he might just chop down your cherry tree, but don’t worry, he’ll be honest with you about it if he does!

Colonial Costumes
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Item: FO68562

Price: $14.99

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Straw Skimmer Hat

This straw skimmer will add some classic style to your southern gentleman costume.


Look, if you’re going to run away from home to become the captain of a riverboat casino, we’re not going to try and stop you! Sure…it sounds like kind of a weird dream, to want to spend the rest of your life on a riverboat. Didn’t those things use to sink all the time? And we gotta ask you…do you know how dirty the Mississippi River is? Don’t get us wrong, it’s a beautiful trip down that ribbon of water, but spending all of your time on it…you can’t even swim in it, did you know that? Or you can, but you shouldn’t. And especially not when you get even further down, because, y’know…the river carries all that pollution with it.What’s our point? Well, it just seems like being on a riverboat casino would put you in direct interaction with some shady characters – you know, people who like to gamble away all their money and then the money of other people. But we’re not going to stop you! We get it, you want some of that good ol-fashioned Mark Twain Americana adventure!To live that riverboat dream to it’s fullest we must advise that you bring this Straw Skimmer Hat with you. It will help protect your from the sun and give you that proper “I spend a lot of time traveling down the Mississippi River” look. It has an orange hue with a freshly woven texture. The brim wraps around your head, shading your eyes and making you look right at home on the water. Also, it will make it easier for the authorities to spot just where you fell into the water if some unhappy gambler tries to drown you. Happy river boating!

Pioneer Costumes
Material: Straw
Item: FO66172

Price: $6.99

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Adult Wild Caveman Wig

Get that “just’ stepped out of the cave” look when you add this Adult Wild Caveman Wig to your prehistoric costume!


Rules for Prehistoric Hair Care: 1) Never cut your hair. 2) Never comb your hair. 3) Wash your hair only when you can’t help getting completely wet. The problem with that is that you don’t live in prehistoric times–you live in the 21st century, and personal hygiene is considered a bit more important now. So if you want that authentic caveman look minus the greasy, smelly hair, get this Adult Wild Caveman Wig. You’ll look just like you’ve faithfully followed those prehistoric instructions. And then you can take it off and go to work or to class the next day without having to schedule an appointment with your barber!

Caveman Costumes
Material: Acrylic
Item: CA70323

Price: $16.99

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Men’s Mighty Viking Costume

Earn the right to spend eternity in Valhalla when you wear this Men’s Mighty Viking Costume!


Are you ready for a wild Halloween? Then you need a crazy costume for this year. Something that says, you’re more than ready to kick things up a notch with a little bit of raiding and pillaging. Well, in all of history we’d have to say there is one group of warriors that were experts in exactly that. We are, of course, talking about the Nordic Armies from the Viking Age. Go out this year wearing this Mighty Vikings Costume for men and you’ll be sure to have a legendary Halloween.Once you throw on these battle-ready duds, you’ll look ready to sail across an ocean if it means procuring that which you desire. Whether it be silver and gold or hot wings and a sixer, we have full confidence that you won’t have a problem obtaining it. Although this costume is a great start to your Nordic transformation, it may move things along faster if you grab a few accessories as well. You need to make sure you are properly equipped for Viking activities and that means having the right weaponry. Decide whether you’re more of a sword guy or a battle-hammer guy and take a look at what we have in stock.After that you just need the burly beard and long untamable head of hair to complete this mighty costume. If you want to go all natural and grow it out yourself, more power to ya, but just know we are here to help! We have plenty of wigs, beards, and combos of the two that you can take a look through.

Viking Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: CA01349

Price: $49.99

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Knight’s Shield

A knight without his shield is like a night without stars. This dazzling yet affordable Knight’s Shield is a must have item for your next renaissance costume.


How, exactly, might you define a “knight?” Is a knight any old bloke with a sword? Is it any good-deed-doing gentleman with a horse? Is it any man or woman dead-set on rescuing another man or woman?We have it on good authority that the definition is hard to pin down to any one criteria, but we know for a fact that all good knights don’t run around without a good set of armor—or at least a shield! How else might this “knight” deflect arrows from archers with malevolent intentions or block the rusty swords of bandit hordes? Exactly. You, if you’re to be a knight, will need a shield.Better yet, you could get yourself a stylish shield fit for a heroic champion. Once you pair this Knight’s Shield with your medieval costume, you’ll be dressed just for that identity. Jousting skills, sparing, and horseback riding skills, however, are not included.

Knight Costumes
Material: PVC
Item: FO73930

Price: $8.99

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Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume

Become the legendary female pharaoh, Cleopatra, in this Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume, and Marc Antony will fall at your feet!


You don’t need to roll yourself up in a carpet to sneak into tonight’s Halloween party. Make a grand entrance! Though, dressed in this awe-inspiring Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume, you may want to keep a close eye on the guests—your power and beauty may inspire a battle of epic proportions.Tonight isn’t about Antony or Ceasar, though—it’s all about you. And what a “you” you are! Independent. Sassy. Lovely. Powerful. While Cleo was well known for being a beauty, she was also described as being witty and charming and possessing a lovely tone of voice (not to mention being a revered ruler of Egypt. No biggie.) So warm up your vocal chords, sister, because tonight’s the night you’re going own up to the truth; you’re going to put on this queenly ensemble and shout out your window, “I’m the complete package and I can have it all!” If you have any doubts, rest assured, your costume selection proves it. Don’t be in de-NILE. Slipping into this sleeveless white pullover sheath dress, you already feel yourself transformed into the best version of yourself—and that’s even before accessorizing! The wrist cuffs, the blue chiffon cape, the collar, the belt, the signature headpiece—we bet you feel pretty special right now, embodying your favorite broad. Just don’t go so far as to mimic her every move—no one at the party is currently carrying any antivenom.

Cleopatra Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: GD81001

Price: $69.99

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