Child Peter Pan Costume

This Child Peter Pan Costume will turn any boy into a Never Land hero. The costume comes in toddler size too. Add Tinker Bell and you’ll be set!


Your kiddo almost looks like he’s ready for a magical adventure off in Neverland. The only thing he’s missing is this Child Peter Pan Costume! Grab him this playful outfit and he’ll be ready to head off with the Lost Boys on endless escapades.Once your little one goes green with this outfit, he’ll not only be a part of the Lost Boys, but he will be their leader! We hope he’s ready for what’s in store for him. That dastardly Captain Hook is always trying to capture Peter and his friends. So we think that it may be a good idea for you to train your kiddo in the art of sword fighting. Maybe if you teach him how to fence, he’ll teach you how to fly! We’d say that’s a fair trade. Grab him a trusty sword to run around with this Halloween and his Neverland transformation will be complete. Now, we just want to give you heads up to keep an eye on your little one’s shadow. Peter Pan’s shadow always seemed to be a bit mischievous.So if you start to notice any shenanigans after you get this costume for your youngster, don’t be so quick to point fingers. Check to make sure that his shadow is still attached!Growing up is never fun. Help your kiddo hold onto his childhood with this awesome Peter Pan Costume. Let him run off to Neverland this Halloween and enjoy flying around the neighborhood with Tink and the rest of the Lost Boys!

Peter Pan Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI5963

Price: $24.99

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Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

You’ll have an incredible Disney costume on your hands with this Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume, which is always a fantastic choice for Halloween!


Every kid loves Mickey Mouse. That’s a proven fact. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. First of all, Mickey Mouse is a mouse (yeah, you probably already knew that), and kids love anything that’s small and soft and cuddly. Real mice aren’t like that but mice like Mickey are! Secondly, Mickey Mouse has giant buttons on his pants, as if giant buttons are better at holding stuff together than regular sized buttons. We have no idea why this makes kids love Mickey more, but it does! Thirdly, those big giant ears. How iconic! One look at those ears and everyone, not even just kids, instantly knows it’s Mickey. That’s magic you can’t buy! Mickey Mouse is a bundle of wonder for kids of any age, ready to journey into make believe for some wondrous fun!Well now your child doesn’t have to sit there waiting for magic. Now your child can become magic on their very own! How? But dressing up like the mouse, the myth, the legend himself, Mickey Mouse! Your child will get to enjoy all the magic of the mouse: being soft and cuddly, having giant buttons, and big black ears to deliver that iconic shape! And then of course, your kid is going to cause some mischief. Yup, we didn’t bring it up before because it usually turns people off from buying the costume but… well, your kid is probably going to pull the old Sorcerer’s Apprentice thing. They put on this costume and you’re looking at a good 75% chance of magic broomsticks dumping water into your house forever. But, these things happen. And at least your kid will look cute doing it!Note: We are not responsible for any water damage as a result of this costume.

Mickey Mouse Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI5027

Price: $34.99

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Girls Belle Ball Gown Classic Costume

She’ll love twirling around in this Belle ball gown classic child costume.


Belle might be a princess, but deep down she’s an ordinary girl. She spends her spare time reading books, playing with the local kids living in Villeneuve and tinkering with her father’s inventions. She’s not even interested in being royalty. She just wants to spend time with her family and her new husband, Beast and she definitely does NOT want to hang around with Gaston, no matter how handsome he is. She sees people for who they truly are and maybe that’s why she’s one of the greatest Disney Princesses to ever star in a Disney movie.Whether your girl is ordinary, or extraordinary, she can step into the role of Princess! This licensed kids Belle ball gown costume is based on the iconic scene from 2017’s Beauty and the Beast. The costume comes with a lovely gold gown, with sparkling details in the front and along the skirt. It fits with an elastic back waistband and has fasteners in the center to help for a secure fit. It’s the perfect outfit to wear when she’s ready for her big song and dance on the ballroom floor. This elegant look will even tame the Beast’s wild temper!She’ll look just like the one and only Belle from the movie, and your little girl will be feeling a little more like a Princess. She may even inherit Belle’s insatiable hunger for reading, so make sure to have a few books ready for your little girl to read.

Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI20733

Price: $24.99

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Beauty and the Beast Gaston Deluxe Men’s Costume

Become a hunky and persistent villain from the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie in this Beauty and the Beast Gaston Deluxe Men’s Costume. This Gaston costume features his look from the new live-action movie.


When you’re a beautiful hunk like Gaston, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Just look at those muscles and that face! When you’re that handsome you get to date the girls you want to date (except that weird book worm from the tinkerer’s workshop). When you’ve got a chiseled jawline like that you can act like a total goon and no one will ever call you out on it. Heck, you can even form an angry mob in an instant just by shouting loudly. Yes, being a hunky bad boy does come with its perks, even if Belle won’t give you the time of day. Of course, you need a manly costume to highlight all of your beefy features to really transform into a total hunk, which is where this officially licensed costume comes into play.This Disney Gaston costume is a deluxe outfit based on the live action Beauty and the Beast film. It recreates the roguishly handsome style with a yellow satin shirt. The bright red coat makes sure that all the townsfolk will be looking at you, since when you’re a gorgeous hunk like Gaston, you need to make sure everyone is looking at you. It also comes with a pair of boot tops to finish the look off!Once you have this outfit on, the townsfolk will be at your beck and command. Why, you could even gather them up to launch an attack on Beast’s castle, since that big monster is fixing to steal your girl away from you if you’re not careful!

Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI20997

Price: $79.99

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Mickey Mouse Headband

Celebrate your love of all things Mickey with this Mickey Mouse Headband. Wear it with your favorite Disney t-shirt or costume. It’s also a great item to bring on those special family vacations.


They don’t call Disneyland the happiest place on Earth for the heck of it! It’s practically impossible to have a bad time when you’re playing around in the Magic Kingdom, or taking your favorite ride for a spin. Wouldn’t it be great if there were Disney theme parks in every city, so you could go whenever you were feeling blue, or just anytime you felt like hanging out with Mickey, Goofy, and the gang? Do we even have to ask!?For those times when you’re waiting for your next Disney vacation, or you’re dressing up as a genuine Mouseketeer for Halloween, just slip on this Mickey Mouse Headband to feel like you’re already there! It’s impossible to not smile when you’re wearing a cheerful pair of plush Mickey ears, and wearing them along with your favorite Disney shirt is even more fun with your whole family joining in!

Mickey Mouse Costumes
Material: Velvet
Item: EL100700

Price: $8.99

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Women’s Deluxe Rapunzel Costume

Will you let down your hair for the prince? You will have to decide while you wear this Women’s Deluxe Rapunzel Costume.


Everybody knows that Rapunzel is pretty much the first name in hair. Aside from Samson, who lived at least a thousand years earlier, but probably looked way less fabulous in a dress. And possibly Lady Godiva, who may have been equally fabulous to Rapunzel but, uh, didn’t have an adorable chameleon sidekick. Okay, say the name Rapunzel and pretty much everybody instantly thinks about hair, right? Whereas with Samson and Lady Godiva people generally think about taxidermy and no-frills equestrian performances, respectively. So you might be wondering why this Women’s Deluxe Rapunzel Costume only comes with a lovely purple dress and matching headband, unless you’ve already got lengthy locks like one of our favorite heroines. In that case, you understand why it would be important to focus most of the costume-design budget on creating a great-looking pastel bodice with puffy shoulder pieces and sheer elbow-length sleeves. And what would the outfit be without that delightful vine-like floral pattern on the skirt? You don’t just magically find a great-looking outfit like this growing by itself on the edge of the woods, in just the spot where a drop of liquid sunshine fell from the sky! Well, not every day, anyway.It just seems unreasonable to assume that only people with bobs or pixie cuts would be interested in this costume, and unfair to say that they should have to stay locked up in the tower. So it’s up to you to supply Rapunzel’s signature hair, whether you come by it naturally or want to choose your own fairy-tale hairpiece!

Tangled Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI85706

Price: $54.99

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Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women’s Costume

You will be making everyone’s wishes come true in this licensed exclusive Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women’s Costume.


Benefits Commensurate with ExperienceSince we’re kind of on the inside of some exclusive circles, we’ve recently gotten word that Cinderella’s fairy godmother has announced her retirement. Replacing her won’t be easy; have you seen her pumpkin-into-carriage work? And she practically coined the term “Bippity Boppity Boo.” Later in her career, she also made some stunning breakthroughs in underwater charms and she invented a spell to ensure both socks in a pair arrive safely to you from your dryer. She’s a hero, for sure.  And though we’ve never fully understood her whole glass slipper decision (why make them glass in the first place?) she’s a legend and her retirement leaves some big slippers to fill. So do you think you have what it takes? Send your resume along to Disney’s HR, seeing as this costume is officially-licensed, and prep for your interview in this Women’s Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Costume. Charm them with your spells, dazzle them with your wand work, and don’t forget to tell them we sent you. It’s all about who you know!Product DetailsOur design studio made this costume to mirror Fairy Godmother’s style in the original film…then they kicked it up a notch! The blue hue is embellished with an ethereal swirling pattern that’s carried from the dress’ skirt to the hooded cape. We’ve included the big, bright-pink bow at the dress’ collar, which matches the waistband, and the pointed hood on the short, bell-sleeved cape. Pick up a wand and make sure you know your magic, because if you get the gig, you’ll be in a high-pressure, high-demand position from day 1. Best to brush up a bit on your spells before then!Instant Shoo-In!If this authentic costume doesn’t get you the job, it’ll get you pretty darn close! One thing is for sure—you’ll feel confident vying for the position in this pretty and powerful look. And confidence is half the battle when it comes to nailing an interview! Good luck.   

Cinderella Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI14315

Price: $64.99

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Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket

Complete his Mickey costume with this Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket! This plastic bucket is shaped as Mickey’s head.


Oh Boy!It’s an undeniable fact. There are two things that all kids love… candy and Mickey Mouse. It’s pretty obvious why kids like both of them, since pieces of candy are like tiny drops of heaven and Mickey Mouse is the beloved mouse who’s been delight us all for nearly a century. He’s till delighting audiences today! So, this Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket is for any youngster looking to get a big haul of candy this year. Oh Boy!Product DetailsThis cute treat pail will help your child get all of the best candy this year! It’s made out of molded plastic and it’s shaped like everyone’s favorite Disney character. It even has Mickey’s cute, round ears on the sides and his smiling face in front. It’s nearly 6 inches tall and has a flexible plastic handle, perfect for carrying through the neighborhood.Mouse with the MostIf your child is looking to bring in the big haul this year, then make sure you get Mickey to help out! This adorable trick or treat bucket is so adorable, we’re sure that adults will be ready to toss a few extra pieces of chocolate in there!

Mickey Mouse Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: PTIMM00473

Price: $9.99

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Descendants 2 Mal Child Prestige Costume

Return to the Isle of the Lost in the Descendants 2 Mal Child Prestige Costume!


Trading Fiends for FriendshipWe all know that it can be tricky to leave bad habits behind. In Disney’s Descendant’s 2 Mal learns that lesson over and over. She’s torn between two worlds. Does she continue to try and make her mother, Maleficent, proud? Or should she embrace this new opportunity to go to school, making friends with the noble, nice, yet sometimes hoity-toity folks around her? Well, it wasn’t a surprise to us when her first crush made up her mind. She flip-flops with the pressure of fitting into such a “perfect” world, of course. Why shouldn’t she use the magic and talent she was born with? Just because it intimidates others? Well, sooner or later she’ll learn to balance the good and the gritty. Cause who wants to be a pretty princess when she can be so much more powerful?Product DetailsEvie’s been at her fashion-design best again with this dark purple ensemble. Your child can flaunt all the intricate layer with a separate tank and jacket and straight leg pants. The top contributes to Mal’s rockstar personality with a sheer neckline that zips up the back and an asymmetrical hemline that’s printed with chains. The jacket is just as cool with 3-D dragon wings attached to the back, a real zipper, and printed zippers and studs throughout the rest of the design. And of course, your kiddo can’t be from the Isle of the lost without one of Evie’s custom-designed fingerless gloves.Wicked in Design OnlyWith a costume as high-quality as this one, your child will feel like she stepped off the screen and into reality. You might even find she wants to use this look to reenact her favorite Descendants song for the school talent show. Just remind your child. Mal’s style might be wicked cool but in the end, she always chooses good. 

Descendants Costumes
Material: PVC
Item: DI24186

Price: $39.99

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Danielle Nicole The Little Mermaid Flounder Cosmetic Case

Get this adorable Danielle Nicole The Little Mermaid Flounder Cosmetic Case and add glitter and color into your life.


Fishing for ComplimentsHere’s a great question: Ariel lives under water, yet her makeup is always flawless; does that seem possible?  Her hair is always to die for and her lips are the perfect shade of pink. There’s never an eyebrow hair out of place, she appears to be wearing (very) waterproof mascara, and her skin glows as though touched by bronzer. Ahh, to be a Disney princess—effortlessly flawless. For the rest of us mere mortals, there’s this The Little Mermaid Flounder Cosmetic Case by Danielle Nicole! It is almost as foolproof as having a diligent animator ensuring your epic beauty. In it, you can stash all your essentials, and as a bonus, you can tote it to your costume party and look just like Ariel off on an adventure with her best bud, Flounder! You’ll look amazing!Product DetailsThis cheerful case is decked out in Flounder’s signature colors—bright yellow and aqua blue—as well as textured and sparkling scale accents. Fully-lined with an inner pocket sewn into the lining, this licensed bag will be ready for you when a (beauty) disaster strikes, kind of like Flounder himself!Part of That WorldYes…we’d all love to be part of the world where our hair is constantly cascading around our face in perfectly shiny waves, but life on land is not always as magical. It’s no use telling that to Ariel, though, she’s convinced it’s better to be up here, fighting frizz and applying bronzer like the rest of us.

Little Mermaid Costumes
Material: Polyurethane
Item: FABDN173558

Price: $29.99

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