Plus Size Lion Costume

This Plus Size Lion Costume will work for all kinds of costume needs: plays, promotional events, masquerade parties and more! Available in 2X.


Do you often think of yourself as King or Queen? Do you have a big personality and are often find yourself being the leader of your pack? Well finally here a chance to really own that lionesque persona with our Plus Size Lion Costume! You can be the life of the party in this costume because hey, some animals are not meant to be tamed!This Plus Size Lion Costume is designed as a room jumpsuit with a zipper in the back and elastic at the wrists and ankles. We even had mitts sewn to the sleeve cuffs and a tail with a red ribbon bow sewn to the back of the jumpsuit because whats a lion without paws and a tail. Your looped fringe mane a.k.a the hood is sure to make a statement and is lined with satin so your head won’t be sweating up a storm all night and velcros in the back! We didn’t want to leave anything out of this kingly costume so it even includes shoe covers that feature elastic and the ankles and under the feet so you can transform to full on lion.Rule the animal kingdom in this Plus Size Lion Costume–or not, if you choose to be cowardly. Either way, you’ll be one of the biggest felines around. Be sure to practice roaring, though. Otherwise people will think you’re just a great big pussycat.

Lion Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2409PL

Price: $64.99

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Plus Size Pig Costume

This plus size pig costume will transform you into a classic farm animal for Halloween. You can step out side the stereotype and prove you are really clean and well behaved. Or not. Available in 2X, 3X and 4X.


If you and your friends want to really show everyone that you’re a bunch of party animals then there’s only one way to do that. You all need to go out with a farm animal theme! There’s no party wilder than a barnyard party. With this Plus Size Pig Costume, you can prove it!Sure, everyone might think that pigs are kind of smelly and dirty but you can show the fun-loving side of this farm animal. Imagine all the stereotypes about pigs you could break. No one will be able to call you a slob if you clean up after yourself and as long as you keep this jumpsuit soft and pink no one will be able to accuse you of rolling around in the mud. Although, just because you’re not covered in mud doesn’t in any way mean that you’re a stick in the mud! You will still be a representative of party animals everywhere. So it will be your duty to show everyone what goes down in the barn after dark. So secure the piggy hood under your chin, pop on the hoof shoe covers, and you’ll be ready to tear up the dance floor! Grab this Plus Size Pig Costume and transform into a classic farm animal for Halloween. Have your friends look through the rest of our animal costumes and turn any party into a barnyard party! Just watch out for any of those pesky farmers, you wouldn’t want those buzzkills to cut your party time short.

Pig Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2224PL

Price: $54.99

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Pink Pig Costume

Get together with your barnyard pals in this adult pig costume. This exclusive costume also comes in a plus size.


Oink Oink!Does anyone ever tell you to clean your pig sty? That you need to get off the couch because you are becoming a pig? You scoff, because come on, your bedroom doesn’t look that bad. So there are a few socks on the ground. And some dishes that have been in there since…well you don’t really remember when, but still. It’s not that dirty. And the couch is comfortable. It fits your body just right.We know the feeling. Our bosses keep telling us to clean up our office. But all those Funko Pop dolls help us work better. And we can’t get rid of the Nerf guns, we do battle with them against the marketing department. So, we are with you! Say no to the people who want us to clean up.This year, let us all wear this Adult Pig Costume in solidarity for the “pigs” of the world. We will have a million pig march on Washington, demanding that people stop telling us to clean up. (We might still listen to our girlfriends though, but no one else!) We will demand the right to live in a pig sty until the time when we choose that it really is kind of disgusting. We will demand that people stop telling us to get off the couch. Demand that they stop telling us to put away our Funko Pops. Demand they stop telling us to pickup our dirty socks. Say yay to the pig revolution.Oink Oink!

Pig Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2224AD

Price: $49.99

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Child Wild Cat Costume

Is your girl fabulously ferocious? This Child Wild Cat Costume makes sure she looks a wild as she likes to act!


We’re jealous of cats because no one ever asks anything of them. Look at every other domestic animal and they’ve got at least one job to do. Dogs herd the sheep and protect the home. They’re basically genetically programmed as man’s best friend and work to please our every need. Cows make milk and cheese for us while chickens lay eggs at an almost alarming pace all so we can enjoy the perfect cheese omelette in the morning. Even pigs have an important job to do in order to make that breakfast moment especially memorable… though in case we have any pig readers, we figure we’ll skip the details for the moment.But what do cats do? They stretch and sleep in front of the stove all morning. They get bored and turn the sofa into ribbons with their sharp hook claws. They do their evil business in a special box made just for them. Sure, they’re handy for keeping the mice away, but they do that because it’s their nature, not because they’re told to. Knowing cats, if they knew pest control was expected of them they’d put out treats for the mice and give them little back massages just to spite us. In fact, that was definitely featured on a Tom & Jerry episode.You’ll probably never be a cat, but at the very least you can be a cat-person. This Wild Cat Costume has the leopard print dress and velour tail, the kitty ear headband, and the tights you need to bring out your feline charm. If someone buys you this costume as a gift, it’s appropriate to give them a mouse or small bird as a token of your appreciation. That’s called cat manners.

Leopard Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU110702

Price: $29.99

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Flamingo Nose

Accessorize your Flamingo costume with an adorable Flamingo Nose. With this nose attached to your face, you’ll look unique and stylish! Trust us, your costume won’t be complete without it!


Want to look like the coolest pink animal (or possibly, the only pink animal) you’ve ever seen at the zoo?! Yes, or course, we are talking about the Flamingo. These tall standing and light weight symbols of nature’s beauty are a perfect costume for any avian-fanatic. This Flamingo Nose is the perfect start to any classic Flamingo costume. Of the seven distinct flamingo species there is only one that is nearing extinction, that being the plastic lawn ornament flamingos. So, go out and do your best to spread flamingo fandom! Remind people of the elegant birds that used to inhabit, not only swamp lands and mud flats, but the lawns of homeowners all across the world and save these poor plastic critters from extinction. Once you’re equipped with your Flamingo Nose, all there is left to do is learn the sounds and mannerisms of the pink winged bird and maybe grab some pink feathers as well, then you’re well on your way to being a advocate for flamingos everywhere.

Bird Costumes
Material: PVC
Item: FO61390

Price: $3.99

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Cat Eye Goggles

Become the greatest thief the world has ever seen when you wear these Cat Eye Goggles. These pair great with our Catwoman costumes.


Catwoman backflips into the middle of the confrontation. Batman and the Penguin stare at her, momentarily nonplussed Catwoman is, unanimously, one of the sleekest and sexiest of the comic book heroes. She knows what she wants and is definitely not afraid to get it. Men have wronged her one too many times, and now she is ready to pounce! If you want to look like the comic book version of Catwoman, just throw on these cool Cat Eye Goggles, and you are ready to roll. These goggles look great with any Catwoman costume! However, if you want to be a bit more creative, you can assemble your own costume, just like Holly Robinson. With the help of these cool goggles, no task is too big, nothing is impossible. Team up with Batman and start fighting crime!

Cat Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: EL301750

Price: $11.99

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Panda Toddler Costume

Your kid is already like a 10 on the adorable scale. Wearing this Panda Toddler Costume, he’ll be completely off the charts as he takes naps in the forest and munches on some bamboo shoots!


Before advances in genetics, scientists used to argue about whether the Giant Panda was a true bear, or whether it was more closely related to some kind of other creature, like a cat or a raccoon. These guys are tough to classify because they’re big enough to be really ferocious, but they also get such a high amount of their nutrition from bamboo: not exactly standard bear fare! It isn’t worth splitting hairs, though, since the panda has always been instantly recognizable as an iconic emblem of its Chinese homeland and our planet’s wonderful biodiversity.So in our Panda Toddler Costume, we really tried to capture the essence of these rare, adorable, and frankly kind of strange animals. We gave it a hood with the mysterious black ears and eye-patches that make the panda seem personable at some moments, and at other moments vaguely ghost-like. We gave it the cuddly white belly that seems made for tummy rubs, but we also gave it the sharp claws that say keep your distance, human!If your child feels like lazing around with their pals, stuffing themselves full of shoots and leaves, this costume will put them in the right state of mind. And if your child feels more like reminding people that pandas are still capable of acting like their more fearsome bear cousins, this suit will look plenty scary with its paws up and some prominently-displayed bare teeth! Add some white face paint to complete your child’s disguise, or do without it if you want to preserve their natural cuteness!

Panda Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN8225TD

Price: $34.99

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Lady Bug Stockings

These Lady Bug Stockings are the perfect accessory to complete your lady bug costume. Add black or red shoes to further polish your look.


Are you just a little love bug who wishes that she had just a few more spots than just on her wings? We know the feeling. Sometimes the more little black spots on them, the cuter the lady bug is. Plus having bare legs when you’re trying to disguise yourself as a ladybug is a pretty dead giveaway (not that you don’t look super cute without them.) Well drawing all those dots on would be quite a bother to both put on and wash off! Add a pair of matching leg candy to your Lady Bug costume. In these delectable Lady Bug Stockings, you’ll attract the right kind of gentleman caller. But you don’t have to stop there with these hot polka dots. What about becoming a sweet little watermelon with these leggings as the meat and seeds. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Bug Costumes
Material: Nylon
Item: FO66732

Price: $9.99

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Goin Ape Gorilla Mask

You might just find yourself locked up in the zoo when you head out wearing a Goin Ape Gorilla Mask. But that’s truly the mark of a good costume, is when you’re so convincing that animal control throws you in a cage.


Eating a dozen bananas isn’t the best way to get in touch with your animal side. Trust us. We’ve tried it, and it just ended up making us sick.If you want to look like an animal, we suggest trying out some good accessories or make-up instead of “method” acting your way into it. If you want to be a wolf, get some fangs and pointy ears. A cat? Try whiskers and a tail. The proper expressions and noises help too (you know, so people can know what kind of animal you are).Or, of course, you could just try a full animal costume or mask. Like our Goin Ape Gorilla Mask for example. This big black gorilla mask has a hard inside shell and a soft molded foam exterior. There’s shaggy black fur, big gorilla teeth, and ani-motion action (the face moves when you do)! Put this on and everyone will know exactly what animal you’re trying to be. Then you can go bananas.

Gorilla Costumes
Material: Faux Fur
Item: CA60516

Price: $29.99

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Child’s White Rabbit Hat

A rabbit in a waistcoat, whoever heard of such a thing? This Child’s White Rabbit Hat will add the final touches to his next Alice in Wonderland costume. Also available, round glasses and an oversized clock.


Rabbits in Waistcoats is a semi-derogatory word most often used to describe a genre of personification stories with civilized animals such as rabbits. Usually they are relatively normal looking, except they talk and wear clothing. Don’t offend the rabbit, just wear the Child’s White Rabbit Hat.

Bunny Costumes
Material: Velvet
Item: EL200160

Price: $19.99

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