Mens Mob Boss Costume

This Men’s Mob Boss Costume will have you ruling the streets. Run your own speakeasy this Halloween when you wear this 1920s gangster costume.


Ever thought about becoming the bad guy? Especially if you could be in charge of a whole operation. You know what we’re talking about here, what if you were able to be the crime kingpin himself? Who says that the mob is all bad anyway. Look at how much of the economy that they stir up and, so long as you’re in good with them, you know that you’ll be safe, secure, and probably entertain a good amount of prosperity. Who knows!? Perhaps you might be the first kindly and beneficent mob boss—one who is ready to act as a shining beacon? A hero to the city!Which kind of Mob Don will you be? Choose your path, but start out in high finery with this Men’s Mob Boss costume. You can run your own crime ring thanks to this sharp looking ensemble that includes a black and white pinstriped pant, shirt, and matching jacket. The double-breasted suit jacket has wide lapels, four buttons in the perfect style of the grand gangster days, and two false pockets. The pullover black shirt has a pointed collar and built-in red necktie for that lovely splash of dangerous color. Elastic suspenders with silver metal clips shine bright under the jacket. All you need now is the right tommy-gun and some equally flashy-looking underlings and you’ll own the city in the span of a single night. Available in multiple sizes for the kiddos, bosses, and goons alike!

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA01189

Price: $49.99

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Womens Superhero Headband

Dear Wonder Woman! While you’re in satin tights, fighting our rights and the old red white and blue, please don’t forget your Women’s Superhero Headband… without it, there’s no real point to the costume. Love,A fan


If you want to be a superhero then everyone knows that you’ve got to have the absolute best accessories. Sometimes all you need is a beautiful red cape like Superman. Others, like Batman, prefer an entire arsenal of gadgets and doodads. Now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘how on earth will I know what accessories to add to my super uniform?’ Well, don’t you worry your heroic head about it, we have just what you need! Check out this awesome Women’s Superhero Headband.Once you toss this golden band around your head you’ll feel super powers flowing through your veins. You’ll feel more than ready to go out and start saving the day, one after another. However, before you fly into action, make sure you look through the rest of our superhero accessories. We know you’ll be able to find even more fun props to add to your heroic new look!

Wonder Woman Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: HM744416

Price: $7.99

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Super Freakin Wig

Maybe you missed out on being a super freak the first time, but this super freakin wig lets you get down on the funk train for the second time it comes.


Being the funkadelic dude that you are, you probably already have the kind of Jheri curl hairstyle that drives ladies wild. The kind of hair that lets everyone know that you’re a super freak, looking for a very freaky girl. Just in case, though, we have this wig available to get you in a funkified mood.

Material: Olefin
Item: CA70474

Price: $19.99

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Plus Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume

This Plus Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume gives you the opportunity to become your favorite super-powered little girl from the City of Townsville. Available in 1X and 2X.


You’re made up of sugar and spice and everything nice, right? Of course, you are! Then you deserve to have a super Halloween, and we’d like to help you out with that. Get your hands on some of the Professor’s secret ‘Chemical X’ and check out this awesome Powerpuff Girls Costume!Once you slip into this lovely costume you’ll be transformed into the leader of everyone’s favorite butt-kicking trio. If there are two things in this world that the Powerpuff Girls excel at, it is looking downright adorable and, of course, beating up bad guys and monsters. Those are two traits that we believe lay dormant in everyone and we’d like to help you tap into this hidden power of yours. It all starts with the right look. The cute triplets all wore dresses while flying around and saving Townsville, so we think that for you, a fully-grown woman, kicking butt and taking names in a dress shouldn’t be a problem at all. With this lovely light pink dress, you’ll leave a luminous pink streak through the sky as you fly off to put a stop to Mojo Jojo, the Gangrene Gang, or even the infamous HIM.With a bright red bow atop your head and a pair glasses that gives you beautiful pink eyes (five times too big for your head) you’ll be ready to perfectly portray the fearless leader of the Powerpuff Girls! Blossom into a hero this Halloween with this costume and grab two of your friends to take on the roles of Bubbles and Buttercup. You three are sure to be a crowd favorite at any costume party you attend!

Powerpuff Girls Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PPG2997PL

Price: $29.99

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Dr. Zoidberg Costume

Thinking of going to a party, maybe? Why not a Dr. Zoidberg Costume? You’ll be a handsome doctor from Futurama. Hooray!


Your favorite Futurama character, Dr. Zoidberg, may have given up his comedy routine to start practicing medicine, but you are actually ready to give up your medical license to practice comedy. Way to take a risk; we think it’s great! No one appreciated when you’d sling Zoidberg’s hilarious one-liners around the hospital, anyway. “Are you ready to operate, Doctor?”“I’d love to, but first I’d have to perform surgery.” Ha, ha. We love it! And we think you have a bright comedic future. A silly Halloween costume seems like an apt place to start your stand-up career, so why not take it back to the source of your inspiration? This Dr. Zoidberg Costume will finally earn you the respect you deserve for being hysterical. And for someone who is just starting out, you really can’t ask for a better comedic job than being the star of Futurama.You look really ready to transplant your entire career in this officially licensed costume, which features a sleeveless top, collarless jacket, and elastic waist pants. Place the iconic molded latex Zoidberg full head mask atop your own and prepare to crack up the crowd tonight at your pal’s party. The mitts may make it hard to hold the mic, but every comedian has to start somewhere. Just please promise us you won’t up and run away from your dreams at the first sign of struggle, crying, “Wub! Wub! Wub! Wub! Wub!” the whole way home.

Futurama Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUT8224AD

Price: $59.99

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Grease Plus Size T-Birds Jacket Costume

Become the coolest new student at Rydell High with this Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket! Available in 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X.


Trying to become the newest member of the T-Birds?This Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket proves as exclusive as the new Rydell High crew you’re joining and it’s made of our finest faux leather. It even has the T-Birds logo emblazoned in white on the back, so you can instantly show your loyalty to your new (much cooler) group of friends. Add your favorite black denim, a classic white tee, a little (giant) dab hair gel for that perfect, slicked-back ducktail and you’re all set! You’ll be ready to fix Greased Lightning and hang out with the rest of the T-Bird crew!

Grease Costumes
Material: PVC
Item: GRE6007PL

Price: $44.99

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Harry Potter’s Wand

You won’t become a wizard without a wand! Get this wizard Harry Potter wand to complete your costume for Halloween or any party!


Out from the Cupboard and Into our HeartsWhat’s Harry Potter without his wand? Kind of like Frodo without the ring. Batman without his mask. Finn without Jake. The Beatles without John. Fry without Bender. Vader without his mask. Tarantino without blood. Pancakes without syrup. Australia without kangaroos. The earth without the sun. Space without emptiness. Ying without yang. Need we say more?Product DetailsFinish your Harry Potter costume the right way with this wand. While we’ve found that using Pheonix feather simply isn’t cost-efficient, the wand does have a wood texture with a rich wooden color. Whether you’re using this for a costume or a prop to keep your bully of a cousin in line, it’s good to be matched with the right wand. Accio Complete CostumeIf you want to make the Wizarding World transformation complete, make sure your Harry Potter costume isn’t without a wand. Especially a realistic-looking wand like this one. It’s not made of holly wood with a phoenix-feather core, like Harry’s, but it could practically summon a griffin all by itself, it’s so good. You might find yourself using it in everyday life too. Just don’t be surprised when you light up a dark corridor or blow up your aunt—it’s that good. We tried to warn you.

Harry Potter Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: RU9704

Price: $6.99

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Double-Blade Darth Maul Lightsaber

A must-have for any Darth Maul costume if a double-blade Darth Maul lightsaber It’s lights up and is the perfect way to complete your Star Wars costume!


Do you hear that music playing in the background? Yup, your ears aren’t playing a trick on ya. It’s Duel of the Fates. And that means you’re Darth Maul, and it’s time to get out and take care of some pesky Jedi. You did remember to pack your lightsaber, right?Being a Sith apprentice carrys some baggage in and of itself, but there’s no way you’d forget to pack your trusty weapon. As ancient as the order of the Sith itself, a red lightsaber is a pretty big deal to the dark lords, and that’s why, as Darth Maul, you have constructed one of the coolest lightsabers ever to have been seen. The dual-bladed saberstaff!If you’re not the real Maul, and are just going with a costume for Halloween, the Star Wars con, or the twentieth anniversary of The Phantom Menace, that’s still cool with us. And that’s why we have this authentic Double-Blade Darth Maul lightsaber for sale. It will complete your villainous Star Wars costume with the touch you need to be truly devious. (Well, face-paint helps too, but that’s available on another product page.) This Star Wars accessory is officially licensed, and ready to help you battle Jedi (or even flip sides and fight for the light side of the force!). So when the music starts to play for you, just join the dark forces with a Darth Maul costume and this double-blade weapon. Because when you take up the role of a Sith assassin, you won’t be able to perform high priority missions without one. And one more pro-tip: enjoy your rage, it is the source of your power.

Darth Maul Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: RU1613

Price: $19.99

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Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

A Jedi getting back into the game needs a weapon he can trust! This Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber comes from the new Star Wars Rebels series.


We don’t know if you’re aware but this Lightsaber has been hidden away for what seems like an eternity. Now, out of nowhere, it has finally reappeared! It seems to be looking for a new master as well. Could that be you? Do you have what it takes to be a Jedi knight? Well if this lightsaber revealed itself to you, it must believe that you have what it takes to help in the battle to bring balance to the force!Get your hands on this saber as quickly as possible and start your Jedi training! You’ll want to perfect your sword fighting skills since you’ll be going toe to toe with Sith lords. Make sure to take care of the infamous Maul, after all, it was by his blade that Kanan was made blind! So you have to avenge this weapon’s previous owner, ’tis the Jedi way! Take your place in the battle against the dark side and fulfill your destiny by being the greatest hero the galaxy has ever seen.

Star Wars Rebels Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: RU35504

Price: $12.99

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Plus Size Running Forrest Gump Costume

This Plus Size Running Forrest Gump Costume turns you into the jogging main character from the movie. Run a mile, or two, or two thousand! (It’s the best way to get over heartbreak). Available in 2X and 3X.


Heartbreak happens to us all at some point and we all have ways of getting through it. Some people get right back out there and find a rebound date. Others like to listen to sad music for a while. (We like to eat a lot of ice cream to deal with heartbreak). Forrest Gump decided to run and then keep running. Then, he kept running some more! So, whether you’re dealing with your own “Jenny” problems, or you just want to be the lovable runner from the movie, this Plus Size Running Forrest Gump Costume will have you looking the part–and you don’t even have to spend months growing a beard!This costume is a made-by-us original, and it’s officially licensed. And you’re only going to find it for sale right here! The ensemble includes a shirt, shorts, hat, wig, beard, and a pair of socks. Everything you’re going to need to “Run Forrest run!” The faded yellow polo shirt with green trim, bright white crew socks, red running shorts and matching Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat are all replica items from the iconic movie. And, of course, it comes with the three-year length long brown wig and beard to completely transform your appearance!

Forrest Gump Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: GUM6020PL

Price: $69.99

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