Plus Size Skele-Boner Costume

Surprise everyone with this Plus Size Skele-Boner Costume. This costume is great for guys who love to shock people. Available in sizes 1X/2X.


Ain’t nothing gonna keep me downWe learned from Chumbawumba, that when we get knocked down, we get back up again. That ain’t nothin’ gonna keep us down. And so when we die, what are we gonna do? Get back up again of course, just like those white boys from England told us to do way back in 1997.So, when you go to the grave don’t get sad. Know that your weary bones will rise again. You can terrorize folks like in the movies. Shake rusty chains, to scare the neighbors. Put a sheet on, and scare the kids down the street. Make sounds like boooooo, and ooooohh. You can try to be as terrifying as possible. Or you can just live it up after you already went down to the ground, by partying!If you haven’t bit the dust yet, but still want to party like the dead, you can always put on this Plus Size Skele-Boner Costume. Oddly enough you will be called the life of the party. And if at any point during the drinking and frivolity, someone tries to knock you down. Get back up again, and start signing like those white boys from England did in 1997. I get knocked down, but I get back up again. Then show everybody just how much you get back up again.

Pun Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU131365

Price: $39.99

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French Toast Women’s Costume

We here at love a good play on words. That’s why we love this Women’s French Toast Costume. This costume features a french themed outfit with a beret and a toast shaped purse. Get it…its french toast!


You know, sometimes you’ve just got to honor the classics. However chic and in style it might be, a burgundy lip will never take the place of a classic red pout. When you’re feeling homesick there’s no combination that’s more comforting than warm chocolate chip cookies and milk. You might have ten dresses in your closet but if none of them are little black dresses than you’ll still have that moment when you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear.When it comes to breakfast, classic is king. Restaurants and diners are always trying to innovate but the best breakfast burrito in the world will never replace French toast. The success of French toast makes sense, its flavor and texture represents everything that’s good about breakfast. French toast is delicious white bread, it’s fried egg, and of course, maple syrup. To make things even better it pairs perfectly with bacon. Who could come up with something so refined, so elegant, so simple? No one but the French, that’s who. The question is, how do we ever thank them for so many awesome breakfast experiences? That’s easy. With this French toast costume you can let the French know how much you appreciate their culture: classic beret, classic black striped shirt, and of course their food.You’ll look like you’re straight out of a Parisian postcard is the high waisted shorts, striped boat neck shirt, and red tie and beret; and to get the point across you get a purse shaped like your favorite breakfast food. If anyone tells you that you’re stereotyping the French simply roll your eyes and shake your beret no. You’re not stereotyping, you’re honoring a classic.

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Material: Polyester
Item: SG90166

Price: $49.99

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Chick Magnet Costume

This chick magnet costume is a funny adult Halloween costume. This discount Halloween costume for adults is sure to get people talking at your next event.


It’s the twenty-first century, so we know our technology. We have supercomputers in our back pockets, for crying out loud! But have you thought about the technology we’ve had so long we rarely notice it?If you will allow us to go retro for a bit, we’ll regale you in the history of the magnet, one of the most useful and widely applicable scientific tools in our arsenal. Common uses for magnets include VHS tapes, which contain a reel of magnetic tape; credit, debit, and ATM cards, which use a magnetic strip encoded with your unique information; older televisions and computer monitors used magnets to guide electrons to the screen; speakers and microphones employ a permanent magnet to convert electric energy into mechanical energy; electric guitars use magnetic pickups to give their sound a unique flair; electric motors and generators rely upon electromagnets in much the same way microphones do. Oh, we’re not done: Hospitals use magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) to spot problems in a patient, compasses use a magnetized pointer to align itself with Earth’s magnetic field. They’re in toys, on refrigerators, in jewelry—and, in general, in most places despite you not realizing it.You probably never realized because you’re so busy thinking about you-know-who. Which is why we’d like to present you with your new favorite application of the miracle that is the magnet: this Chick Magnet Costume. Just be careful where you point that thing, dude.

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Material: Polyester
Item: RA6091

Price: $24.99

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