Mascot Polar Bear Costume

Blend in with the snow when you wear this Mascot Polar Bear Costume. This is a cute animal costume for adults to wear.


In life, you tend to be a bit of a wallflower. You love to blend in, go unnoticed, and observe a party from afar. And there is nothing wrong with that! Unfortunately…you are also incredibly (and understandably) drawn to this adorable Mascot Polar Bear Costume. The issue? This festive, furry friend is liable to make you a stand out wherever you go! What a predicament. Although, not really, if you really take the time to think about it. This costume will keep you covered (not to mention super cozy) from its furry ears to its plush white toes…so no one will know your true identity…unless you decide to reveal it to them! In fact, you may even want to take this rare moment tonight to experiment with being the center of attention, risk free! You can prowl the dance floor all evening and tomorrow you can go back to hibernating in your den by yourself–so this outfit sounds like a win-win to us! Of course, if you are headed to a party along a billowy snow bank, inside a snow cave, or atop an iceberg then this costume will keep you in comfort zone: blending right in. But barring those unusual circumstances, we are fairly certain that this cuddly jumpsuit may be just what you–wallflower–really need to help you find your inner growl. Talk about a claws for celebration!

Polar Bear Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO64249

Price: $119.99

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