Foam Axe

This Foam Axe is exactly what you need to take your LARPing game to the next level. You can use it to crush your opponents and see them driven before you.


Once upon a time there was a LARPer she was totally known for being a kick-butt barbarian who could really hack her way through situations. Once she took out an elf, ogre, goblin, and ghoul in less than a minute. She was crazy good. No bad boy could ever stand in her way. However, she never let any of this go to her head.You can be just like her with the Foam Axe. The axe handle is 15 inches long. The cool blade is 7.5 inches by 6 inches for hacking stuff apart. The axe is made from sturdy foam that is textured and painted so it has the appearance of a weather wood and steel blade. Get ready for the ultimate accessory with the Foam Axe.

Paul Bunyan Costumes
Material: Foam Rubber
Item: SU88703

Price: $19.99


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Adult Brown Boots

When you want to complete your costume there’s no better thing to do it than our Adult Brown Boots! Exclusive to us, they’re the best accessory for a night on your feet.


When you consider humankind’s biggest and best inventions like the wheel, airplanes, and indoor plumbing, we think that boots should be pretty high on that list as well. Think about what it was like before we had decent footwear! Dirty feet constantly getting poked by stones and other sharp objects. These are the same hazards that are going to make your Halloween less than fun. That’s why you need a nice pair of these brown boots. They go with just about any costume and they’ll withstand any amount of partying you can throw at ’em. Get out there and stand like a champ in a pair of our exclusive brown boots!

Paul Bunyan Costumes
Material: Pleather
Item: FUN0234BR

Price: $44.99

ORDER HERE: Adult Brown Boots

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