Medusa Headpiece

Who wouldn’t want a pack of snakes living atop their head? Transform into a Greek tragedy with this terrifying Medusa Headpiece. Not to worry, it’s meant to punish men.


Do you like to think of yourself as a goddess, but one with a dark side? Well, with Halloween coming up, we say it’s time to unleash your true self into the world. Look through our ancient greek and roman apparel to start your goddess costume. Then, in order to unleash the darkness, top off your ancient look with this terrifying Medusa Headpiece! The snakes, with that devilish look in their eyes, may not actually turn anyone into stone but it will be more than enough to make a few people stop dead in their tracks.Transform into one of the most feared names in ancient mythology with the help of this one accessory. Add it atop any Greek or Roman inspired outfits and you’ll go from a mere beauty to a powerful goddess! Show everyone exactly what kind of goddess you are this Halloween with this Medusa Headpiece.

Medusa Costumes
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Medusa Costume Headpiece

Don’t have snakes laying around for your headpiece? No worries. We’ve got you covered with this Medusa Costume Headpiece. The best part is you won’t have to worry about them biting!


We here at the offices understand that the materials to make an authentic costume or accessory aren’t always readily accessible. Right? I mean, if you have a dozen red-eyed snakes, a bunch of glue, and a cap to stick them onto, you can probably make this happen… But we won’t hold our breath.No worries, though! We’ve got you covered with this latex Medusa Costume Headpiece. The best part is you won’t have to worry about them biting! The second best thing? This Medusa costume headpiece was designed for Trick or Treat studios by artist Kristen Phillips, winner of the SyFy series Face Off, so you can walk around saying you have famous art on your noggin. The third best thing? Everything else about it, of course.

Medusa Costumes
Material: Latex
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Snake Necklace

Complete your Medusa or Egyptian queen costume in style with this detailed snake necklace.


Serpentine Statement PieceWhile some people might look at snakes and see only a source of fear, cultures all over the world honor the slithering creatures for their graceful movements. Some people think that they represent healing because they are fully connected to the earth while others see them as a totem for transformation because of the way snakes shed their skin. While we won’t pretend that we’ve never gotten the heebie-jeebies from a surprise encounter with a snake, we admire their glossy, graceful air as well. After all, as long as the snake isn’t trying to give us a bite they seem quite tranquil as they bath in the sun and slither to where ever is warmest. So it’s no wonder that wearing representations of the creature is so popular, despite their negative reputation. After all, their beauty makes for a great statement piece. Product DetailsThis snake necklace wraps around your neck in a comfortable style. The ends are accented with a large-eyed head and a pointed tail. This costume is the perfect way to finish off a Cleopatra or Medusa ensemble. Asp Her No Questions and She’ll Tell You No LiesWhy is Cleopatra often paired with snakes? Well, it’s a sad story to tell and we don’t really want to go into it. So we won’t. But trust us when we say that this necklace will be the perfect way to add a little more intrigue to your Egyptian ensemble. Twist this necklace around your neck and you’ll have the bearing of a legendary queen. Hopefully, you’ll be a royal with a happier ending. 

Medusa Costumes
Material: Metal
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Women’s Deluxe Medusa Costume

This exclusive Women’s Deluxe Medusa Costume features a mesmerizing snake pattern and is long sleeved! People will be sure to stay on your good side in fear you will turn them into stone!


LITTLE SISTER GOES BIGTIMEThe myth of the Gorgons goes largely unknown by many, despite the fact that just about everyone has heard of Medusa.  Did you know that Medusa is just one sister among a trio?  She’s the youngest gal of the three serpent-haired and cursed aquatic sisters who could turn mortals to stone with just a gaze.  While Stheno and Euryale might have been immortal, it was only Medusa that made the history books! Talk about a little sister with things to do.  Unfortunately, the youngest Gorgon sister doesn’t have much happiness to her tale.  Cursed by Athena for no good reason, Medusa became a horrible monster that everyone feared… at least until another demigod showed up with a whole bunch of blessed divine artifacts and beheaded her!  Of course, we’re talking about a time of magic and mystery.  And now is the time to rewrite some of that story! DESIGN & DETAILSDespite it being really tough to create a design based off a gal that is impossible to look at, our designers have worked a miracle and created this legendary look.  Our exclusive Deluxe Medusa Costume is a green and scale-printed bodysuit that will give you the serpentine sway that tempts all mortals.  It has the added detail of extending along your hand with a ring sleeve.  The bronze halter dress drapes around your hips with a long Grecian drape between your legs.  The final detail is a luxurious green faux gem brooch that matches the scales.  Pick up a serpent wig or detailed bow and take your revenge on Perseus and Athena! A PETRIFYING POSEWhen you are garbed up as this glorious Gorgon, know that the striking the right pose may stiffen folks into stone.  You’ll want to practice this with care to make sure it doesn’t happen by accident because there aren’t many ways to fix the cursed power of this exclusive Medusa Costume.  

Medusa Costumes
Material: Polyblend
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