Women’s Material Pop Star Costume

If experience has made you rich, then you’re ready for this Women’s Material Pop Star Costume, styled to look like one worn by the original Material Girl herself!


You’re not fooling us, honey. We can see you’re a material gal just by the way you’re staring longingly at this outrageous ensemble. Don’t worry; we feel the same way about it!Good thing you are free to express yourself here! While there was a time when fashion choices were criticized as being “inappropriate,” now wearing this women’s material pop star costume will get you tons of compliments and maybe even a few autograph requests. It’s bound to make you a superstar in less than 4 minutes! The paparazzi will be hung up on you, into your groove, and, well, totally crazy for you. And we can’t blame them. Not in the least. Look at you! You’re totally en vogue, kickin’ it and taking names!And why shouldn’t you be? You’re a pop icon for crying out loud! So how about opening your heart to this borderline goddess-esque look. It features a tutu dress with a boustier (of course!), leg warmers, and lace gloves. But you, material gal, know that accessories really help you make a statement, so you also get a glittery mesh hair bow and a cross necklace! It’s OK, you can thank your lucky stars you found this costume. But then get on out there, be the ray of light you are, and be prepared to take a bow!

Madonna Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PKPK210

Price: $54.99

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Women’s Like a Virgin Popstar Costume

Steal the spotlight like a real popstar in the Women’s Like a Virgin Popstar Costume!


SAVE ON THE RECEPTIONWhen it comes to wedding planning, there are always a zillion things that need to be organized.  And each of those is going to come with a fairly hefty price tag, unless you manage to convince some of your friends to help out.  Get the chefs in the family working in the kitchen.  Have those interior decorators putting their creative know-how to the test in making the room look lovely.  You can even depend on the babysitters to help wrangle up all the kids of the guests!But, what to do about entertainment!?  A band can get pretty expensive, even if they’re still your friends!  But, have you considered putting your own talents on display?  Hey, you’re the star of the night, anyway; why shouldn’t you also get the spotlight when it comes to the stage?  Get those dance moves ready and warm up the vocals, because you’re going to not only be a beautiful bride but put the pop in your opening number as your own wedding singer! DESIGN & DETAILSThere is nothing better than the best day of your life… unless, of course, you can make it even more memorable or manage to put it on repeat!  Our in-house designers also do all our wedding planning as well as manage our pop star careers.  (Actually, we probably make them work too hard.)  Without them, we could never offer you this exclusive Like a Virgin Popstar Costume.  This thigh-length skirt and corset dress has spaghetti straps and a sheer layer of tulle with white heart covering.  The long fingerless gloves match the white wedding and ’80s star look while the metallic belt makes sure everyone knows who the star of the show truly is.  Just get those dance moves ready! MARRIED TO YOUR CAREERWho says that you can’t have it all!?  With this Popstar Costume, you can both have the night of your life and ensure that your future is shining like diamonds.  This is just the thing to give you all the right material, girl!  

Madonna Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6256AD

Price: $49.99

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