Kids Green Guard Costume

You shall not enter to see the wizard! Be the authority of who enters and who does not when you are dressed in this Kids Green Guard Costume.


Halt! Who goes there? Only those deemed worthy may enter the castle gates and speak with the all-knowing wizard. If you have questions that you need answered, you’re going to need an inside man. Grab your kiddo this Green Guard costume for children and he’ll fit right in with the rest of the city’s security.When your little one dresses up in this guise he’ll be able to infiltrate Emerald City and gain the trust of the mighty wizard and rise through the ranks to top-doorman. Once he holds that distinguished title, he’ll have the power to decide who may and who may not enter the city to meet with the almighty wizard. You and whoever else may be in his good favor will easily be able to go in and out of the city! We heard there is way more there than just an all-powerful wizard within this city’s walls. There are rumors of Emerald City having the best parties as well as the cutest gift shops. So if you want to start enjoying the good times, get your hands on this Green Guard costume for Halloween. Your youngster can really get into the role while he marches around the neighborhood or helps pass out candy with you.Before you know it, you’re kiddo will be the head door man for all of Oz and you’ll be able to enter that paradise as you please. Just make sure to grab him a powerful staff with which to wildly swing about while he passes his judgment at the gate.

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Child Tornado Costume

They’re always spinning around like a wild tornado, and now they can look like one with our Child Tornado Costume!


You always knew your child was going to take the world by storm, but you never thought it would be literal. But when they came to you saying they wanted to be a F10-level swirling vortex of destruction when they grew up, you knew you had to encourage them to follow their dreams. You would be the worst hypocrite if you told them for years they could be anything, only to balk when they said that thing was a tornado.Secretly, of course, you have your doubts. The job market for tornados seems slim at best. What company is going to need a tornado’s talents? Your kid might be able to get an odd job here or there clearing forests or demolishing houses, but that work can’t be very steady, can it? And sure, Hollywood always needs strong forces of nature for its disaster movies, but show business is so hard to break into—even for a tornado that breaks through everything—and the world of entertainment is so fickle. One moment, a tornado could be starring in something as prestigious as Twister; the next, it could be relegated to Sharknado. You don’t want your kid to get sucked into such a rollercoaster.Nevertheless, you always said you’d support your kid, and you’re going to support your kid through this, too (even though you hope it’s just a phase). The first step is purchasing this Child Tornado Costume to really help your kid get into the tornado mood. The white polyfoam tunic has shoulder straps on the inside and is overlaid with spiraled strips of black and white nylon netting. It comes with cutouts of different buildings, which can be tucked into and behind the netting strips. It’s the perfect costume for your little whirling dervish!

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