Long Wavy Purple Wig

Add this long wavy purple wig your favorite outfit or costume. This high quality accessory from Leg Avenue is sure to pack a color punch!


Some colors on the spectrum are pretty: pale pinks, soft yellows, and baby blues. Some other colors appear dark and mysterious: pewter grey, forest green, and crimson red. But purple? Well, purple is the color of royalty, of course! But you already know that, don’t you superstar? That’s why you are eyeing this Long Wavy Purple Wig and wondering why it is still on a screen in front of you rather that atop your highness’ head. Purple hair will always best any other color, in our humble opinion, so adding this accessory to whatever costume you’ve chosen seems an obvious (not to mention noble, luxurious, powerful, and ambitious) choice. Once you’re rocking this wig, we bet the whole world will suddenly seem like your realm to rule over.

Katy Perry Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LEA1979PR

Price: $19.99

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California Blue Candy Girl Child Wig

For a look sweeter than a lollipop, look no further than this California Blue Candy Girl Child Wig.


What do all up and coming kid pop stars have in common? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not a specific style, fashion preference, or particular talent. They also don’t all have the same showbiz agent representing them, and getting them the roles that catapult them to superstardom. What makes all those famous kids such big successes is that they’re super cool, and they always have a super cool hairdo to match!Your little gal doesn’t need any help in the “cool department” but getting her this snazzy California Blue Candy Girl Wig could make her shine like a Hollywood star! The bright blue bangs and wavy hair on this wig will add plenty of cuteness to her look, and it even includes a matching heart headband to show she’s as sweet as sugar. Her costume will look cool enough to make her the next pop sensation!

Katy Perry Costumes
Material: Polypropylene
Item: PKWG511C

Price: $19.99

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