Judge Wig

They’ll be no talking back in his courtroom! This Judge Wig makes a great addition to any judge or historical costume.


You know your rights. Heck, you know every bodies rights. That’s why you have been nominated to become the next supreme court appointment. Well, you know your rights, AND you do the Law and Order DUN DUN. Your friends nominated you as a joke at first, but then you started to gain momentum. Now you are being offered the job, you just don’t look quite like a Supreme Court Judge. But don’t worry, we have something to fix that!This Judge Wig will let you become the Judge your friends always knew you were. All you need to complete the look is a black robe, and wooden gavel. But don’t worry, you can find those here too! Just don’t get too…you know, judge-y. Your friends might just hit you over your wigged head with your own gavel. DUN DUN!

Judge Costumes
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Adult Judge Costume

Order in the court! This Adult Judge Costume will give you the final say on everything!


Are you usually the friend who lays down the law? Who makes the rules? Better yet, are you the one who constantly finds yourself between friends helping them hash out arguments? We know the type. You’re a peace-maker. An arm of justice.If this is the case, then we’ve got just the outfit for you. Because, to us it sounds like you’re more than just an enforcer. It sounds like you make judgment calls. No, it wasn’t his cookie and he shouldn’t have touched it. Yes, she did yell too loudly and should be more considerate. So-and-so should definitely apologize… do any of these sound like you? We thought so. You’re definitely Judge material. So if you’re going to go around settling disputes between friends, making judgement calls, and telling people how to fix things, you should at least look the part. That’s where our Adult Judge Costume comes in. This is a 100 percent black polyester robe that zips up in the front. Wear it over a dress or suit just like the real judges. Find yourself a ridiculous wig and big wooden gavel. Look judgmentally over your glasses at your friends. Give your friends a reason to call you “Your Honor.” It’s sounding better and better by the minute, isn’t it? We thought it would. The verdict is officially in on this outfit and the jury agrees: it’s definitely a win.

Judge Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO64775

Price: $29.99

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