Girls Inuit Costume

Let your little one be the cutest one in the snow with this Girls Inuit Costume. This outfit is perfect for a holiday party!


The polar regions are an amazing place to imagine yourself. Imagine standing on a bare landscape with no trees, no song birds, just wind whistling along the hardened snow. It’s a hard life to imagine, but people have been doing it without modern technology for years. Our Inuit costume is inspired by the Native people who live in the polar regions of the world. It’s perfect for those little girls who have a love of penguins, polar bears, and all those tough northern creatures.If your little girl is drawn to polar bears and gets excited by the idea of traveling through snow and ice by dog sled she’s going to love this costume. The hood, sleeves, and boots are lined with plenty of faux fur. The crushed velvet jacket will feel so soft and cozy as she’s pretending to take in the aurora borealis. Whether she’s mushing in the tundra of Northern Canada or running with the wolves of Siberia, her imagination will be transported in her jacket and boots.You’ll be happy with all the little details of this costume from the brocade and faux leather fringe to the long-pile fur that lines the outer edges of the costume. This is a great take on a costume for winter holidays or for a super cozy and cute trick-or-treating ensemble. All she’s going to need is a couple penguins to go trick-or-treating with her. Trust us, you’ll look great as a penguin.

Inuit Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FU122672

Price: $29.99

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