Eye Black Stickers

Don’t let the sun get in your eyes while you are on the field! These Eye Black Stickers will reduce the glare from the sun.


Sure, you could work really, really hard for years and give up everything to finally get drafted into the league. Of course, those chances are slim, and you’ll have to sustain a lot of injuries to get there…Or…you could dress like a football player and still get to keep all of your original teeth! We’d go with Option B, but we have been known to dislike doctors (and protein shakes). If you’d rather dress tough than live tough, the Eye Black Stickers will allow you to look the part without having to partaking in early morning practices and cereal endorsements. This set even lets you write your own message on the stickers themselves. Tell the other team to ‘back off’,’ Tell your teammates to ‘play hard,’ or remind yourself to ‘trick’ or ‘treat.’ However you customize these stickers, you’ll get pro style that easily peels on and off. If only bulking up was that simple!

Hockey Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FA11392S11

Price: $5.99

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Adult Hockey Mask

Accessorize your horror movie costume or hockey player costume with this Adult Hockey Mask for a complete look. This Hockey mask features the classic white plastic full face mask.


We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about masks. We all wear masks of sorts. Why, there’s the mask you wear in front of your coworkers to show everyone that you’re a team player. There’s a mask you wear while you’re with your family for the holidays. We wears masks to show our friends that we’re much stronger than we really are and we try to use mask to hide our feelings.Then, there’s this hockey mask, which isn’t metaphorical at all. It’s just a mask you wear when you want to look like some kind of crazed killer. You probably shouldn’t wear it to work. You probably shouldn’t wear it to meet grandma for lunch, but it does make you look like someone out of a horror movie and you can’t put a price on that. Well, actually you can, but that’s beside the point…Wear this mask if you want to look scary. That’s pretty much the size of it.

Hockey Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FO24372

Price: $4.99

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