Goat Feet

Make your farm animal costume look as authentic as you can get with these Goat Feet!


Hoofin’ ItGoat people will try hard to hide their origins. They walk lightly and pad their footing. They’ll never go out dancing with you, no matter how much you beg them. Where did these goat people come from? Well, historically they’re supposed to be from hell. We’re not going to judge though. They could be from anywhere. Maybe they’re just mountain people who evolved to be really good at rock climbing. That should be a good thing, right? This Halloween, make the goat people around you feel comfortable flaunting their sheepish origins when you slip into these costume goat feet!Product DetailsThese furry hooves are sure to be a hoot when you add them to any ensemble. With latex hooves and faux fur backs, they simply secure onto your shoes with elastic. Hoofing it has never been easier!Ready, Set, GoatWhether you’re dressing up as your favorite farm animal or your intentions are a little more devilish, these feet are sure to be the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. Now, if only you could figure out how to climb boulders like a billy goat! If you’re going to try it, you’d better wear climbing shoes under these hooves!

Farm Animal Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: ZAF1012

Price: $44.99


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