Elvira Costume Wig

Complete your transformation into the queen of horror movies and Halloween with this Elvira Costume Wig.


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Need we say more? Well we might not need to say more, but we’re going to anyway. There’s the sweeping eyeliner. The blatant double entendre. The valley-girl demeanor. The saucy sarcasm. The plunging neckline. And of course, the hair teased within an inch of its life.If you’re looking for the full Elvira effect, please consider this Elvira Costume Wig before you fluff and tease your own hair to these punk-goth proportions. We won’t stop you of course, but just know you can achieve immediate volume, silky blackness, and lovely long locks in one fell swoop with this Elvira Costume Wig. We can’t vouch for how the rest of the makeup and outfit will turn out, but your hair will make the cut. Isn’t it fabulous, darling?

Elvira Costumes
Material: Olefin
Item: RU51732

Price: $14.99

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Adult Elvira Costume

The Mistress of the Dark knows how to have a good time. Horror movies and a sexy dress. That’s exactly what this adult Elvira costume has in mind for you.


Are you planning to host the best Halloween party ever this year? Well, if you want to be able to boast about being the host with the most then you need to dress up like the best horror hostess to ever make it on TV. We are talking about none other than Elvira, of course! You think it may be hard to match her unique and eerie style but it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this amazing Adult Elvira Costume.Welcome your guests into your haunted house this year dressed as the Mistress of the Dark. This officially licensed costume transforms you, starting with a beautiful black plunging neckline dress, a sassy thigh-high slit, and a pair of lovely frayed bell sleeves. Along with the dress comes an elegant black foam belt as well as a fun toy dagger with a gold handle and faux gems. All you need to complete this hauntingly beautiful Halloween costume is Elvira’s signature hairdo. If you’ve got the time and the means to pull off such a fashionable do, then have at it. Otherwise, we do have an Elvira wig that you can simply add to your order!Once you’ve got this costume and the wig to top it off, you’ll be just about ready to host the greatest Halloween party anyone has ever attended! All you need to do before the big night is pick out the best B-grade horror movies for all the macabre enthusiasts coming over.

Elvira Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU888751

Price: $39.99

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Mehron Detailz Liquid Eyeliner

All eyes will be on your eyes when you add definition with this Detailz black liquid eyeliner. This professional quality makeup will help you achieve dramatic results.


Whether you’re going as Cleopatra, a witch, an elf, a flapper, a nymph, or a sorceress, you’ll want to achieve eye-catching results, and you will when you apply this Detailz liquid eyeliner makeup! Thanks to the precision applicator attached to the cap, you can add dramatic designs to your eyes, face, and body for the ultimate finishing touch to your look!The practice of wearing eyeliner dates back to ancient Egypt, where it possibly originated to protect the wearer from the harsh desert sun or evil eye curses from ne’er-do-well sorcerers. It was reintroduced to haute couture by the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the 1920s, sparking a global craze where flowy, Cleopatran dresses, short black bobs, and heavy eyeliner were all the rage. Did people really not wear eyeliner in between those two far-flung points? No wonder everyone looks so doughy and pallid in all those medieval and renaissance portraits. Faces need some definition!

Elvira Costumes
Material: Cream Make-up
Item: ME804B

Price: $8.99

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