Tuxedo T-Shirt

Easily become suave any time with this Black Tuxedo T-Shirt. This cotton tee makes an easy tux that’s perfect for Halloween, prom, or pretty much any time you want to dress up.


Do you often spend countless hours trying to think of an outfit that is the perfect mixture of formal and casual? Something that is the embodiment of both classy and laid-back? Well, you can now rest easy. We have found the perfect solution for this almighty conundrum. Check out this Black Tuxedo T-Shirt! It will be perfect for your magician costume or for a fancy penguin disguise.Ever get invited to a party without having a clue as to what the dress code is? Well never worry about being under or overdressed again, with this awesome Tux Tee you’ll be both! In, like, the best way. Bring a smile to everyone’s face and always enjoy the comfort of a t-shirt with this versatile and practical apparel. Grab a top hat and some dashing white gloves and you’ll be ready for prom, a wedding, an awesome party, really just about any situation that could possibly occur!

Costume T-Shirts
Material: Cotton (100%)

Price: $19.99

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Human Tree Hangover T-Shirt

What do tigers hate? Cinnamon. Quote your favorite lines from The Hangover while wearing this Human Tree Hangover T-Shirt. It’s cool like Phil’s.


The seasonal distress of the summer months fading and the sun visiting us less and less each day can certainly get to us all. For some of us, it can sure get exhausting. So, when Halloween starts to creep ever closer, while many are diving into some seriously creative costuming, the rest of us occasionally realize just how much energy that is going to drain as we try to keep up with the perfect body-painted and hand-stitched Gamora costume. It’s rough! Some years, we just want to be able to show up to the party, smile at some friends, and enjoy ourselves!If that is the case, we’ve got the perfect blend of simple and relaxed yet creepy and curious that will set your mind at ease and still give your party-going companions enough of a what the heck!? sensation that you’ll feel like you belong. Ta-da! It is the Human Tree Hangover T-Shirt. This 100% cotton T is comfortable and amazingly easy to put on… so long as you aren’t already wearing several other shirts, that is. Featuring the black and white illustrations of a human head with roots and a tree growing straight out of the skull, this shirt offers your friends a good creepy shudder while you can fill your mug and plate with festive treats, all while being able to avoid the awkward angles of maneuvering while in a full-length cloak!

Costume T-Shirts
Material: Cottonblend
Item: JU22177730

Price: $24.99

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