Hogwarts Crest Mirror

As a fan, there is no better way to reflect on your interest in witchcraft, wizard and all things related to Harry Potter. Sleek and stylish and perfect for a spot on one of your walls, this mirror features the Hogwarts school motto.


FIND YOUR HOUSEUnfortunately, we don’t have the Sorting Hat to help us know for certain to which house we belong. We can go on Internet discoveries and answer quizzes to get close, but without the magic of the Wizarding World, can we be sure? Of course, if we can get our hands on a bewitched item from the depths of Hogwarts, we might be able to boot up some of our own magic and finally know! Unfortunately, the hat itself is on double-extra-super guard. So, we’ve got to reflect on some other options. PRODUCT DETAILSOf course, that’s the ticket! This officially licensed Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Mirror will do just the trick. Not only is this thing beautifully crafted with a mirrored surface, all mounted on a strong backing so you can hang it on your wall… but this has detailing that shows the crests of each of the Houses and the mysterious phrase, “DRACO DORMIENS NUNQUAM TITILLANDUS,” warning us all that ticklish dragons aren’t just fun and games! STARE INTO YOUR NEW HOUSEWe’re not sure how the magic of the mirror works, exactly. We assume that you stare into it and chant a phrase and perhaps the crest you belong to will glow? Maybe the ghost of the founder will say hi? …This might take some experimenting. Oh, wait. We just realized we’re Gryffindor. 

Material: Acrylic

Price: $32.49

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Pete the Cat Bedtime Blues 14.5″ Stuffed Figure

A Pete the Cat plush doll. Hip, cool and groovy, Pete has had a long day and has put on is pajama’s. It’s time for a nap or to head to bed and ready to cuddle with your young boy or girl. Based on the popular Pete the Cat books by James Dean.


IT’S PETE THE CATHey what do you know, it’s Pete the Cat! We never thought we’d see him around. We only thought Pete was a feline character in children’s books, but he’s here now, right before our very eyes. (Wow!) If you want to make your child gasp in astonishment, jump up in excitement and smile with glee, make their favorite fictional character come to life. The Pete the Cat stuffed figure is an ideal gift for any little kid who can’t go to bed without being read an illustrated Pete the Cat book. They’ll love feeling like the blue cartoon cat came to life and they’ll also love the snuggles it provides too! PRODUCT DETAILS The officially licensed Bedtime Blues Pete the Cat stuffed figure is approximately 14.5-inches tall and filled with fiberfill stuffing and plastic pellets too. Pete’s dressed in his traditional striped pajama set, featuring a long-sleeve button-up shirt and matching pants. All the facial features are embroidered while the soft-sculpted ears are stuffed like the plush body. BIG PETE THE CAT & LIL PETE THE CAT Your child can look like a big version of his favorite new stuffed animal by wearing an officially licensed Pete the Cat costume that can be found here!          

Material: Polyester
Item: MM1767

Price: $17.99

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Joker Bottle Opener

Bring home one of the most famous villains of all time with this Bottle Opener. Featuring The Joker, this themed bottle opener is the perfect novelty gift for any superhero fan or fan of the Joker himself.


All the Bat-GadgetsBatman has a lot of gadgets. He has the Batarang to help him take down bad guys from afar. He has the grapnel gun to help him travel to the heights of tall buildings in mere seconds. He has smoke pellets to help him escape deadly situations. His Bat-tracer can help him track villains to the ends of Gotham City and his nifty utility belt helps him keep his cool gizmos neatly organized. For the most part, he themes his gadgets after bats, but we found one gadget he likes to use that isn’t bat-themed.Yes, when Batman kicks back for a little rest and recovery, he likes to crack open a few root beers with his trusty Joker bottle opener. Batman is always struggling to capture the Joker. This Joker bottle opener is an easy way for him to feel like he always has the upper hand against the notorious baddie.Fun DetailsThis metal bottle opener is designed to look just like Batman’s greatest adversary. It’s molded with a giant mouth that opens your bottles when you place the cap in there. We’re pretty sure Batman keeps one of these in his utility belt for those days when he just needs to relax with a bottle of soda!

Material: Metal
Item: ICU16016

Price: $7.99

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