Star Wars Adult C-3PO Costume

Achieve the iconic Star Wars look with this C-3PO costume that transforms you head to toe into a protocol drone.


     “What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.”     “Vaporators? Sir, my first job was programming binary loadlifters—very similar to your vaporators in most respects.”Have you ever tried to pick up the language of moisture vaporators? To really learn the nuances of all those beeps and whistles to help you find gainful employment on Tatooine? Let us tell ya, it’s not easy. We got “The Binary Language of Moisture Vaporators for Dummies” shipped to us from Ryloth, and even the most skilled linguists among us were baffled.C-3PO has no trouble talking with R2-D2, and we suspect he would have been able to do a fine job working with Uncle Lars on those vaporators had he been given the chance. So, as they say, fake it until you make it! Can’t decode beeps and whistles? No matter! Just act like you can, by going in this Adult C-3PO costume.This officially licensed costume will give you the signature style of the famed protocol droid, and it will have you equally ready for both crash landing on a remote planet… or just attending your local Star Wars party in style. Featuring printed details of his signature style right down to the mid-torso wires, you’ll look just like Threepio with it on. Just pop on the vinyl front mask, and you’ll be ready for any adventure in the galaxy far, far away.

C3PO Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU820902

Price: $44.99

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Toddler Deluxe C-3PO Costume

Your toddler will love going as the lovable gold colored droid from Star Wars in this deluxe C-3PO jumpsuit costume with character hood!


Wouldn’t having your own protocol droid be nice? C-3PO can translate over 6,000,000 forms of communication, so he’s always a pretty big help to Luke Skywalker in his crew. He helped his friends narrowly escape being dinner for the Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor and he even put himself in danger to save Han when he ventured to Jabba’s Palace. Just think of all the things he could do for you! You could watch foreign soap operas without ever feeling lost, he could tell you what your dog is actually trying to say when he barks at you and he could even tell you the odds of sticky situations. Of course, we’ve yet to perfect droid technology, so having your own protocol droid is impossible these days…or is it?This C-3PO costume is a deluxe toddler costume to help you have a protocol droid of your own! The costume has a shiny gold exterior to help give your kid the look of C-3PO, while the soft, foam hood has Threepio’s head designed right into it! Once your child puts them both on, he should have no problem acting like a droid. You may have to teach him the 6,000,000 forms of communication yourself though!

C3PO Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4954

Price: $39.99

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Child Deluxe C-3PO Costume

Your child will love dressing up as the goofy golden colored droid from Star Wars in this child deluxe C-3PO costume!


How great would it be to have your own protocol droid? He could translate over 6 million forms of communication for you, so any time you run into a tribe of Ewoks, you’d be able to tell them to NOT cook you over a fire. He could help tell you about the odds during dangerous situations, which is pretty helpful unless you’re Han Solo, flying in the face of terrible odds (never tell him the odds). It’s starting to sound like a pretty awesome idea, right? Unfortunately, we just don’t have the technology available to make droids as smart as the ones in Star Wars, but we have a great alternative to help you out!This Deluxe C-3PO Costume turns your kid into the bright gold character from the Star Wars movies! With printed features to recreate his look from the original trilogy, the kid’s outfit should have no problem giving your child the iconic look. The costume even has a hood that has C-3PO’s features right on the top of it, so all you need to do to make the transformation complete, is to teach your child all the forms of communication that he’ll need to help you out on your journeys in a galaxy far, far away. Start brushing up on your Wookiee now!

C3PO Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4972

Price: $26.99

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Womens Star Wars C3PO Costume T-Shirt

On your way to learning six million forms of communication? This Womens Star Wars C3PO Costume T-Shirt might not help you with that, but you’ll at least you’ll look like one of the droids everyone is looking for?


It is a tough life being a droid in a futuristic and quasi-fantasy space opera. There are a lot of expectations and they can be hard to live up to. Are you fluent in over seven million forms of communication? Do you know the protocol for interacting with a fishy-squid alien? How about a squidy-fish alien? They are different, you know! Well, you should know, anyway. And, on top of all of that, there are occasionally some Imperial folks who are rather active in trying to find you, asking questions and harassing old Jedi in deserts. And, if that wasn’t enough, you are equally expected to keep yourself in literal shining condition or people will question if you really are the droid they are looking for.Fortunately, we’ve got a trick up our sleeves. Or, more accurately, we have sleeves that will do the trick thanks to this Women’s Star Wars C3PO Costume T-Shirt. This officially licensed armor-like shirt feels fantastic thanks to its polyester and cotton construction and features the golden plate printing we all know from our favorite protocol droid. Now, we cannot guarantee the instant acquisition of all those languages and cultural understanding, but we have no doubt that the download will eventually be complete.

C3PO Costumes
Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MFA3388CDD1

Price: $19.99

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