Ninja Nunchucks

Whip out a pair of Ninja Nunchucks and take your opponents down! With a quick one two your enemies will crumble at your feet and we mean crumble! Yeah…crumble…


The most powerful weapon in a ninja’s arsenal is surprise. Not even the strongest, most disciplined and highly trained warriors can defend against an attack they cannot see coming. A true ninja will know this and approach their target as silently as a shadow, and then disappear like a gentle breeze. When all goes according to plan, surprise is the only weapon a ninja will ever need.But for those times when the plan falls apart and guards are swarming all around you, you’ll be glad you have these Ninja Nunchucks by your side, too! This piece of costume weaponry looks just like the iconic melee weapons used by martial arts masters, but with plastic handles, so you won’t knock out your opponents (or yourself) when you’re swinging these around in you ninja costume. They aren’t as effective as the element of surprise, but they look way cooler!

Bruce Lee Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: RU1321

Price: $4.99

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Toddler Bruce Lee Costume

Your little Kung Fu fighter will be kickin it in this Toddler Bruce Lee Costume. He will have fun showing off a few moves in this comfortable jumpsuit that can be worn time and time again.


The Path Begins with a Single StepIt takes a lot to be a kung fu master. You must have years of training. You must hone your mind. You must learn self-discipline. And you must also master a ton of super cool moves! It’s a long journey, but it’s never too early to take those first steps. Even your toddler could become the next Bruce Lee!Just imagine that—your child doing flying sidekicks, fighting against ninja, and kicking some major butt! Why that’s enough to put a tear in your eye. You could start his training now. First, you can teach him how to shout, “HIIYAAA!” like a real martial arts master. Then, you could teach him your secret kung-fu chop. You know, for if he ever has to fight any evil ninja. Once he’s mastered both of those techniques, then maybe you can start teaching him how to wield nunchucks! Of course, first, you’ll need to get him the outfit of a true martial arts master, like this toddler Bruce Lee costume!Design & DetailsThis officially licensed costume turns your toddler into the legendary founder of Jeet Kune Do! It’s a bright yellow jumpsuit that recreates his look from the movie Game of Death. It has black stripes and a zipper in the back. The costume also comes with a black wig, styled like Bruce Lee’s haircut from the film. When your child wears the outfit, there’s no telling how far he’ll go!Time to TrainJust remember to take it slow when you train your child to be the next Bruce Lee! This costume might make your child look like the legendary martial artist, but he’s going to need plenty of training if he wants to be able to defeat bad guys with some precise kung-fu kicks!

Bruce Lee Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN2290TD

Price: $29.99

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Men’s Bruce Lee Costume

Become your favorite martial arts actor in this exclusive Bruce Lee costume! Rise to the challenge and defeat the clan with your Fists of Fury.


The man. The legend. Bruce Lee.Honestly what more needs to be said? He fought with fists of fury. He was the real Chinese connection. He fought along side the Green Hornet. Well, he fought for the Green Hornet. (Britt Reid wasn’t very good at fighting.) He beat up the 7′ 2″ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He could use any item near him to fight, but it was the coolest when he used nothing but his fists.It’s no wonder that the last costume he wore would become so famous. The yellow jumpsuit with black stripes has become just as iconic as the man himself. It has been used in honor of Bruce Lee in movies like Kill Bill V. 1, Revenge of the Nerds, and Shaolin Soccer. It is the most recognized outfit that he ever wore.When you feel you need to start your martial arts training, put on this Men’s Bruce Lee Costume, and a pair of yellow Onitsuka Tiger shoes. You will feel a little stronger, a little quicker, a little more like the legend. If you can’t find a teacher that measures up to your hero, just practice with the man him self. Turn on Enter the Dragon, and mimic his movements. Rehearse the way he punches, kicks, the way he moves. Get some nunchucks and swing them around like he does in Game of Death. Just try not to hit your self with them, it hurts real bad. (We’ve done it.) Who knows maybe you’ll become a legend in your own right.

Bruce Lee Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2290AD

Price: $49.99

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Makeup Prosthetics Clawed

It looks like you’ve been imprinted with the mark of a werewolf! Let the transformation begin with this Makeup Prosthetics Clawed.


Have you ever gotten into one of those conversations where everyone starts swapping tales of their death-defying deeds, and then before you know it somebody’s rolling up a sleeve, and before you know it you’re in a full on game of “who’s got the coolest scar?” That can be a little intimidating for those of us who have led a reasonably calm and cautious life. There’s plenty to be said for taking the careful route and avoiding the kinds of activities that lead to really memorable scars, but on the other hand nobody likes to feel left out. But before you go out looking to get yourself slashed and sliced, maybe consider elevating your wound game in a less permanent way. These prosthetic claw marks are a wound that would do any danger-lover proud, and the best part is there’s no actual injury required. Just affix the two sets of claw marks to your skin using the included adhesive, apply some smears of artificial blood, and presto – you’ve got the kind of battle wounds that can make even your gnarliest friends do a double take. We suppose we can’t stop you from going out and getting scars the old-fashioned way if you’re really determined to do so, but if it was us, we’d go for the prosthetic every time.

Bruce Lee Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: RU68829

Price: $12.99

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