Kids White Tutu

Whether your little girl wants to be a heavenly angel or a pretty ballerina she’ll love this Kids White Tutu. This is the perfect accessory for a dance recital.


Do you have a little ballerina on your hands? Do they love to flit around the house in the most effortless grace? Maybe not entirely effortless. They’re still a little young after all, but they still try to spend as much time on their tip toes as humanly possible, right? We know the type all too well. They’re the tiny dancers of the next generation and they’ve certainly pirouetted straight into our hearts so many times, we’re still a little dizzy. We think it’s high time we started outfitting them for the job.This white tutu will be perfect for their next home recital or just when they’re playing dress up. It’s also a fantastic way to poof out a costume’s dress when it just needs a little more flair, and it gives it a wonderful layering effect. Be sure to check out the rest of our colored tutus on the site!

Ballerina Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: UN26998

Price: $8.99

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