Teen Realistic Pirate Costume

Feel the hard wood of the ship deck beneath your boots, and let the waves of the sea lull you into a pirate state of mind! Say ”aye” to life and never ”arr”-gue with this Teen Realistic Pirate Costume!


When you’re a teenager, there’s always that moment where you realize that you want to seek out adventure in life. Way back in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, teenagers who had this same urge would run off to be privateers and pirates. Talk about high adventure! Thankfully it’s not so easy to be a pirate these days, otherwise the sea would be filled with these wayward kids brandishing cutlasses and talking parrots. Overseas ground shipping would be a nightmare! Good thing we have Halloween and pirate costumes like this one so people can just be a pirate for a night instead of running off to daring sea battles, quests for sunken treasure, and holidays in Tortuga. Wait, why is the new way better?

Authentic Pirate Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2051TN

Price: $69.99

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