Archer Lana Kane Wig

Complete your Lana Kane look this Halloween with this exclusive Archer Lana Kane Wig.


THE MISSION: FIND A SPY MANEA dossier is slapped on your desk by Mallory Archer outlining all the details of your next big espionage mission. Your careless spy partner (and on and off-again boyfriend, but we digress), Sterling K. Archer, won’t bother glancing at it so the pressure is on your shoulders to know all the facts of the mission. (As per usual!) Infiltrating the KGB to stop their evil schemes won’t be as difficult as deterring Archer from doing something stupid, but since your ISIS’s most observant and methodical agent, you’re the only woman for the job. At least, worrying about the status of your hair won’t be necessary because the officially licensed Lana Kane wig will ensure flawlessness whether the mission calls for fleeing from Russian spies on snowmobiles or a harrowing shootout with a slighted robot. (Ugh, not Barry again!)  DESIGN & DETAILSPerfectly recreating Lana’s favorite hairdo, the brunette wig features synthetic hair that flips outward at the shoulders. Her usual side-swept bangs are also represented and they perfectly frame the face. The hair is fastened onto a stretchy mesh cap with elastic edges for a comfortable and snug fit.WELCOME TO THE DANGER ZONECompletely transform into Agent Kane by pairing this wig with the white sweater dress costume (sold here) and a pair of silver hoop earrings for the complete sassy secret agent look. You’ll be officially ready to enter… the Danger Zone! (Did you really think we’d forget to make a Kenny Loggins reference? Noooooope.)                 

Archer Costumes
Material: Faux Hair
Item: FUN6757AD

Price: $9.99

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Archer Pam’s Dolphin Oven Mitt

A Pam Poovey costume just wouldn’t be complete with out a hand puppet dolphin, so get this Archer Pam’s Dolphin Oven Mitt and make your costume complete this Halloween.


This is an Archer Pam’s Dolphin Oven Mitt.

Archer Costumes
Material: Cottonblend
Item: FEN408541

Price: $19.99

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Adult Sterling Archer Costume

Transform yourself into the fictional world’s deadliest spy wearing the stylish Adult Sterling Archer Costume!


Are You Kenny Loggins? Because you’re about to enter… the Danger Zone! Ha! We’re kidding, we know you’re not the real Kenny Loggins. Most likely, you’re an Archer fan looking for a convenient way to become the suave, well-dressed, and remarkably handsome secret agent, Sterling K. Archer. But first, we must warn that spy life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Wait— actually yes, yes it is. It’s awesome! Being a member of the International Secret Intelligence Service is a cake-walk as long as you can manage not getting killed. Archer dodges bullets while also dodging the lustful advances of admiring women and he makes it all look so easy. His blase attitude about almost everything probably has to do with an insatiable taste for alcohol. Archer is constantly drinking on the job but it doesn’t seem to affect his super-sleuthing skills, in fact, we actually think the liquid courage makes him a better agent. If you have a knack for telling mildly inappropriate jokes and you’re rarely seen without an adult beverage in hand then Sterling K. Archer must be your spirit spy. (You know, like a spirit animal.) Use the men’s Sterling Archer costume to get an animated cartoon makeover and ultimately transform into “the world’s greatest secret agent.” Sorry, James Bond, you’ve been outdone.  DESIGN & DETAILSAn officially licensed FX Network design, our team of dedicated and talented designers devised Archer’s quintessential 4-piece suit from high-quality fabric. The suit jacket with single workable button and elastic waistband pants feature black accents to look like cartoon shading. An included white shirt front pokes out from the suit jacket and also features black accents along the seam. A tie which matches the suit completes the exclusive costume finishing the debonair international spy look. LANAAAAAA! It’s only fitting to have your on-and-off-again love interest and equally-talented partner, Lana Kane by your side. Turn this costume into a relevant couple’s costume by picking up the officially licensed Lana costume for your date. Holler for Lana if bionic rogue spy Barry tries to destroy you or if you’re in dire need of another Scotch refill.     

Archer Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6755AD

Price: $49.99

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