Sorceress Costume

This Sorceress Costume is a great women’s wizard costume for Halloween. Turn all of the villagers into frogs when you start your black magic campaign!


We were reading up on our magic the other day and wanted to know: what is the difference between a witch and a sorceress, anyway? Well, some say the difference is the use of powerful, dark magic. But we say…the difference is clear; a sorceress gets to wear a truly superior costume.Any lady can dress herself in black and top the look with a pointy hat and call herself a witch. But this sultry Sorceress Costume is a step above and beyond, just like the magic of its wearer. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out at that big Halloween bash (or if you really are a sorceress by trade) this ensemble will cast a spell on partygoers and townsfolk alike. This spooky look features a stylized dress with long bell sleeves, a plunging V-neck, and an alluring off-center front slit. The hat has that shabby-chic, “I have been doing spells in this hat longer than you’ve been alive” look, and the costume even comes with a medallion necklace and an eyeball prop to help you get your black magic mojo. We would include a few starter hexes, but you seem to already know them all. Whatever subtle elements make you the sorceress you are, we’re happy to provide you with this look that (hopefully) gets us on your good side. ‘Cause you look fierce!

Witch Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI4805

Price: $49.99

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Lightsuits Refill Kit

You can become the brightest guy in the room when you use in this Lightsuits Refill Kit! Goes with the lightsuit sold separately.


Did your lightsuit run out of glow sticks? Don’t worry, it will be glowing again in no time when you get our Lightsuits refill kit! Now you can look like a stick person running around in the dark or the thinnest, brightest break dancer in the world.

Accessory Kits
Material: Plastic

Price: $3.99

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Childs Jango Fett Deluxe Costume

This childs Jango Fett deluxe costume is from Star Wars Episode II and will give you an authentic Jango Fett look for Halloween. A deluxe Star Wars costume.


Before the infamous mercenary Boba Fett was blasting and hunting bounties across the galaxy (and getting job offers from Darth Vader, himself), he was a kid learning the trade. And who was teaching him these deadly skills? None other than his jet pack wearing, laser pistol twirling dad, Jango Fett! If your little Star Wars fan wants to dress up like the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, this Jango Fett Deluxe Costume is just what they’ll need to capture some scum and villainy!Technically, since Boba is a clone of Jango, them being father and son is up for debate, but we wouldn’t argue with either of them about anything… What’s more important is that Jango loved Boba like a son, and trained him to be just as tough and skilled as he was. It probably made tracking bounties from one star system to another easier if they could travel together, and Boba even helped out. But Jango’s reputation for being a crafty and skilled fighter was around long before his little clone buddy came along. The Republic even made a whole army using clones of him, which must be a pretty big compliment for a warrior!Your kid is going to look and feel just like the legendary Mandalorian mercenary in this awesome deluxe costume. It’s an officially licensed Star Wars outfit, so it’s modeled after the real costume from the famous movies. For even more realism, add a matching Jango Fett Jetpack, or a pair of toy blasters to help them capture their quarry. Bad guys everywhere, from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, will be on the run when they hear your little one is suited up and hot on their trail!

Jango Fett Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU888131

Price: $59.99

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Adult Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume

Gotham can go no longer without a hero. Now, with this Adult Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume, the man behind the mask becomes you.


Become the superheroThe process of becoming a superhero is pretty rough. First, something traumatic has to happen to you, like having your parents taken from you before your very eyes. Then, you have to be consumed by a desire to avenge them and enact justice for all crime throughout the land. Then, you’ll have to seek out someone to train you and after all that, you’ll still have to fight villainous wackos who dress up in themed costumes!Hopefully none of those things have happened to you, and you can simply get yourself Deluxe Dark Knight Costume and call yourself Batman for a night! It also comes with foam boot tops, a gold molded rubber utility belt, and a hood and cape with foam mask, because you’re definitely going to want to keep your identity concealed. Because we really don’t want those villains from Gotham City tracking you down at work on Monday!Product DetailsThis Dark Knight costume ensemble is styled as black polyester jumpsuit with a molded foam chest and arms for a truly muscular appearance. It features attached boot tops, shoulder padding, and ridged sleeves. A matching black headpiece features a molded facemask and an attached cape. A gold molded rubber utility belt wraps around the waist and secures with ties in the back. And, it’s DC Comics officially licensed from the smash hit Dark Knight trilogyEverything BatmanWe’re all about comic book heroes and Batman’s one of the greatest of all time. So you can be sure that we have all the gear for Batman costume fun! Outfit your costume with some of our top accessories, and you’ll probably be the best person to suit up as Batman yet!

Batman Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU880671

Price: $54.99

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Child Vintage Red Riding Hood Costume Set

She’ll look straight out of the enchanted forest in this Child Vintage Red Riding Hood Set!


Walking in the woods can be dangerous times for those who aren’t sure of their way or for those who aren’t sure exactly who might be living in the midst of the dark trees. The stories of Red Riding Hood do not usually end especially happily. Sure, the Woodsman generally shows up at the end and takes care of any dastardly bad wolves who might have just tricked and eaten anyone’s grandmothers, but that hardly sounds like an enjoyable visit in even the best of situations!Fortunately, we all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, these days, so the deceptive and deceitful wily ways of the Big Bad Wolf are concerns of the past. All that is left for the story is to admire her precociousness and on-target fashion sense. And with that, our adorable red-caped girl will easily make her way to Grandma’s house and back to tell a much happier story.Make the new tale your own by gifting your delightful daughter with this Child Vintage Red Riding Hood set. With a gorgeous velvet, satin, and tulle dress with built-in petticoat, printed with pretty floral patterned lacing, your little girl will look and feel just like a woodland princess. Add the canonical red velvet hooded cape with easy fastening and she’ll be able to twirl and flourish in such a way that she’ll look like she stepped right out of the fairy tales.

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: PR4444

Price: $64.99

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Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume

Put on the polka dots and be the sweetest girl in Toon Town with our womens Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume! This is officially licensed and looks great when paired up with Mickey.


Never stop dreaming.Walt Disney created the ultimate dream. He created magic. The kind of magic that has lasted for almost 100 years. His characters are so iconic, that if you throw a pair of half circles on the screen, even your 90 year old grandmother will yell Mickey at obscene volumes.And people do that because they love them. We love them. We love to see Mickey, and Minnie having lunch in a park. We love Goofy, all arms, and legs, large ears flapping. We love Donald’s lisp, and Daisy’s fashionable style. It reminds us that there is magic in the world. We just have to look for it. And when we find it, we have to believe in it.You can spread this magic though, just by remembering to have fun. Wearing this Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume might get you in the fun having mood. You can wear it as you explore Disneyland for the first time, rubbing elbows with Donald, and the plethora of princesses. Or even as you sit down to watch your favorite Disney movie. (We suggest the Aristocats.) The sleek design will give you a beautiful, and sophisticated look. Just pick up some white gloves to complete the look. This costume will let you make your own magic.

Minnie Mouse Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI58791

Price: $39.99

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Mens Jack Skellington Costume

This mens Jack Skellington Costume is from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, Pair this Jack Skellington costume with a Sally costume for a great couples costume.


What’s this? What’s this!? In all the world, there is no greater lover of the thinning of the veil, the mysterious happenings, and spooky tidings of All Hallow’s Eve as the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. As the patron saint of Halloween, the living skeleton can remove parts of his very body, usually to only comedic effect rather than harm. While lacking the more conventional magic of Santa, locked away in his own wintery holiday, the oddly friendly skeleton’s powers are an intriguing set of spooky tricks that ensure each year the world’s population find joy in their terror.The problem is being locked up in a single holiday. What about the other seasons? Or, even, what about Halloween parties that take place on the 30th!? What, can the master of Halloween fun not go to a one-day-early Halloween party? The sad limitations of spirits of All Hallows Eve has been a trying obstacle that we’ve been opposing for years and we finally have the means to break through that barrier and allow the spirits to galavant with the rest of us at their whim.So, you can now be the mighty Pumpkin King at your leisure with this Men’s Jack Skellington costume from the classic Tim Burton movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. The polyester interlock knit jacket is white and black pinstriped with a cutaway tail and exaggerated, wide lapels. An oversized vinyl bow tie has an inner wire to help maintain its bat-like shape. All you need now are a few excited tykes or a ghostly hound to accompany you on your mortal world adventures!

Nightmare Before Christmas
Material: Polyester
Item: DI5686

Price: $34.99

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Women’s Bone Appetit Skeleton Long Dress Costume

They say it’s what’s inside that counts. Show the world what’s inside of you in this Women’s Bone Appetit Skeleton Long Dress Costume. And no, they won’t be alarmed that your skeleton is showing.


The prevalence of scary films and TV shows has left us somewhat jaded when it comes to what is truly terrifying. But there was a time not long ago when the classic horror characters were all we needed to get a good scare.Skeletons, witches, werewolves, and the like were all terrifying on their own – they didn’t need any help from special effects or outrageous curses or haunting back stories. I know, it sounds like I’m talking about the days when I walked five miles uphill, both ways, in the snow to get to school, but sometimes that’s how I feel. Shouldn’t a skeleton be scary enough in its own right? I, for one, still find the simple scares to be the most terrifying – who would want a skeleton creeping up on them in the middle of the night? Well, are you going to a spooky fancy dress party sometime soon? You’ll need the perfect dress to impress! With this Bone Appetite skeleton dress you’ll be set for a night of ghoulish fun. Even the head less horseman might turn his head at your elegant take on the classic skeleton, and for him that takes extra effort! This costume will help you get started on your look from the crypt in no time. The costume includes a long sleeve pullover maxi dress that has shoulder cutouts for added detail. The real showstopper, though, is the all-over printed skeleton graphics that glow in the dark. You are sure to make a grand entrance to your party in this dress! Add some skeleton makeup and a pair of black gloves for a complete look that is straight from the grave!

Skeleton Costumes
Item: LP97578

Price: $49.99

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Grip Rite Junior Football

It’s never too early to teach your little line backer how to play the game. The Grip Right Junior Football is a great way to practice passes, throws, and of course tackles.


Our kids are inside all day long, and it can drive us a little crazy. Sure they are playing video games, and generally staying out of our hair. But that isn’t the point. It’s more that they are inside at all. We remember wanting to be outside every chance we could get. Then again, we didn’t have an XBOX, PlayStation, or a Wii. All we had was a Nintendo our moms told us we could play for an hour a day. Then it was outside with us.This summer make your kids get out in the sunshine with this Kids Grip Rite Junior Football. Set a time limit for their video games, then kick them out of the house for a few hours with this football to throw around with their friends. Who knows maybe your son (or daughter) will become the next big NFL player. Besides, with them out of the house, you can play a little XBOX, or brush up on you Mario skills.

Material: Faux Leather
Item: FA5010Z1

Price: $9.99

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Kids NFL Colts Uniform Costume

Get this licensed child NFL Colts Uniform Costume for Halloween or pretending to play for the NFL! It makes a great gift for football fans.


We know that your kiddo is the biggest Colts fan ever! He must talk all the time about playing for his dream team one day. Well with enough practice and dedication anything is possible, right? Remind him of that and give him a little moral boost by grabbing this NFL Colts Uniform Costume for Halloween this year!This uniform costume will be perfect for your youngster to storm the football field or simply go around the block and gather up plenty of tasty treats. He will look like a number one prospect to join his favorite football team as soon as he tosses on these awesome duds. This costume comes with a blue jersey that has the Colts’ name and logo on the front as well as a pair of white football pants with matching blue side stripes. The white helmet will stay securely on your superstar’s head with the help of the included chinstrap. So you know that your kiddo’s head will be ready for some hard-hitting fun!One of the coolest perks about this costume is the fact that it comes without a number on it. So that allows your child to be whatever number he wants too! If he’s got a favorite or a lucky number go ahead and iron it on the back of the jersey. Maybe there’s a certain quarterback or defensive back that he really idolizes, well then with a little bit of ironing magic, voilà! He is instantly transformed into his favorite Colts player of all time!

Football Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FA15700F20

Price: $44.99

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