Mens Noble Native American Warrior Costume

This Mens Noble Native American Warrior Costume is styled to look like traditional Native American garb. Add moccasins and toy weapons, and check out our women’s costumes too!


Product DetailsThe Native American-inspired shirt has a breastplate printed on the brown fabric. The printed look is framed with feathers and a bone button on both sides. The faux leather strings dangle from the middle and are accented with one red and yellow bead. The pants are accented with a light faux fringe. They also have a flap on the front and are bordered with a pattern. You’ll even get armbands to finish off your look. Stock up on accessories such as moccasins, or a  faux weapon replica! 

Adult Native American Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00870

Price: $34.99

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Crusader Shield and Sword

Smiting the evil and protecting the world from dragons is impossible without a crusader sword and shield set. Besides, getting to carry around weapons is the whole reason to become a knight.


Crusading is a hard job! The very word “crusade” sounds exhausting, and makes us think of many long sleepless nights and tons of walking. Ick, no thanks! We don’t know about you, but the only way we’d go on any kind of crusade is if there were plenty of cool weapons to carry around on the journey. Some nice armor and an intimidating uniform would also be help, but a vicious looking sword and shield are the real keys to victory!If you happen to be the costumed crusading type, we recommend grabbing this Crusader Shield and Sword set before you head out. The rustic, molded plastic shield looks sturdy and well-worn, like it has protected you through many battles, and the matching plastic sword can be stored in the shield when you’re not engaging your foes. It will make a fine compliment to a medieval knight or barbarian warrior costume, and is sure to make all the hard work that goes into a crusade worth it!

Knight Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: CA60318

Price: $16.99

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Cali Blonde Starlet Wig

Look like a movie actress from the golden age of Hollywood in this Cali Blonde Starlet Wig! Be a true blonde bombshell.


It’s time to be the beautiful diva you’ve always known you were. Don’t waste your precious time standing in front of a mirror for hours to get your hair just right. Heck no! That time could be spent on much better things like napping or snacking. Instead, save yourself from the hassle and grab this Cali Blond Starlet Wig. You’ll look as if you just stepped off a stage during the golden age of Hollywood.Bring this sophisticated style back into the limelight this Halloween by adding this fashionable wig to a sassy scarlet cocktail dress. You’ll look as if there should be a red carpet beneath your feet. Take a look through the rest of our classy accessories to make up the rest of your movie star outfit. No matter what you pick out, as long as you top your costume off with this Blond Starlet Wig, it will surely be a hit!

Marilyn Monroe Costumes
Material: Faux Hair

Price: $24.99

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Jungle Kombatter Rifle

This auto sound jungle kombatter rifle is a great accessory for your kids army uniform costume. This toy rifle is great for a hunter costume!


There’s nothing better than a toy gun that goes “rat-a-tat-tat-tat” when you pull the trigger! While we can all do “beatbox” machine gun effects with our mouths, fighting a make-believe battle just isn’t the same without the sound of gunfire. It just lends a certain authenticity (and fun!) to fictional combat. That’s why you need the Jungle Kombatter Rifle by your side when you lock and load this Halloween!Made of wood with camouflage coloring and a black barrel, this weapon is the ideal accessory for your soldier or hunter getup. It also includes a strap that makes it easy to carry, and sling over your shoulder for those rare times when you’re not busy engaging enemies. It also has an orange-tipped muzzle and handle so everyone knows which side you’re on. And it’s a load of fun pulling the trigger and getting that satisfying clicking sound we all know and love. With the Jungle Kombatter Rifle at your side, you’re sure to have a blast storming the jungle!

Toy Weapons
Material: Wood
Item: PA3100B

Price: $24.99

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Long Bow and Arrow Set

Improve your survival chances with a long bow and arrow set. This will aid you well in your Native American costume, Robin Hood costume and more.


A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle – Japanese proverbThe bow and arrow, one of the oldest, most useful weapons devised by man. Whether Robin Hood or Legolas, or for the kids today, Katniss Everdeen, a bow and arrow in the right hands can change the fate of the world. Sometimes that’s England, sometimes it’s Middle Earth, and sometimes it’s in the Hunger Games in Panem. But wherever you are, if you’ve got your trusty bow and a quiver of arrows, you’ll always be safe.And now these arrows can help you train! Sure, they don’t have sharpened iron tips or genuine eagle feathers, but why waste those arrows when you’re training? You want the suction cup arrow, which can stick to the TV! How far can your arrow fly? Keep getting stronger and pull that bow back to see if your aim is true. And luckily, if you hit the dog, she’ll be just fine, if a little annoyed.

Hawkeye Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: PA7500

Price: $8.99

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Supergirl T-Shirt Costume

This Supergirl costume t-shirt makes an easy Halloween costume for adults. Wear this superhero costume t-shirt for Halloween or for a fun run!


Alright here’s the problem: you have to take someone trick-or-treating this year, maybe it’s your child, maybe a niece or nephew, or maybe just some neighbor kid who keeps hanging around asking you to take him trick-or-treating again (this kid you might want to take back to his house, just to be safe). And so you need a costume. But not just any costume, of course, because nothing is ever easy. Your costume needs to match their costume. And what is their costume, you’re wondering? Well, of course their costume is Batman, just like every year. So Batman needs a good teammate, again which means that you’re going to need to pull off a convincing Superman on short notice. Except you’re a girl, and you’re not dressing up as Superman if you don’t have to.Well guess what, lady? You don’t have to! Because finally there’s an answer. Do you want to put much effort into your costume? Not really, because you’re in it for some kicks but you’re not super serious about being canonically accurate about the whole Supergirl persona. Do you still want to look your absolute best while wearing a cape? Of course, who doesn’t want to show off a little? This is the costume for you. This is the icing on the cake and it is also the cake which you get to have and also eat (a little hard to follow that one but trust us it all makes sense). This costume pulls it all together, easy and quick. And isn’t that what we all want in life? Just one thing to be a little bit easy and a little bit quick? Well, it doesn’t take super powers, but we’ve got you covered.

Supergirl Costumes
Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: RU880474

Price: $19.99

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Girls Pink Cowgirl Boots

Yee-haw! Get along little partner. Before she goes out to rope cattle and tend to the herd, be sure she’s wearing her Girls Pink Cowgirl Boots! With a look like this she’s going to need the matching hat!


We know that not all girls want to be ballerinas and bakers. Some girls like horses. Cows. Chickens, dogs, and cats. Some girls like to play in the dirt, climb in the hay and even square dance. Well if you’re girl’s doing all that, she better have the right footwear for the job!Now, if your kid decides she wants to be a cowgirl, she’ll definitely need cowgirl boots. We’re talking horse-riding, mud-stomping, cowgirl boots. And there’s no laws saying those boots have to be boring! So here you have it. Our Pink Cowgirl Boots. They’re the right style for wrangling, and made for your girl in a bright pink to suit her tastes. That’s right. These boots are made for wearin’.

Material: Patent Leather

Price: $29.99

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Elite Prince Charming Costume

Make all of your princess’s dreams come true in this Elite Prince Charming Costume. This dashing costume makes a great Cinderella couples costume.


We heard you and Cinderella are on the rocks. Bummer. And just moments before the Halloween gala? We heard that she texted you that she, “just needed space,” and that, “her whole life feels like one big glass slipper right now.” Ouch. We feel for you, buddy. BUT, you look so classy, all done up in this Elite Prince Charming Costume. It would be a sin to stay home, moping and binge watching bad movies. What you need right now is good music and good company. The world needs more Prince Charming in it, darnit. Plus, we heard that text may have actually come from one of her stepsisters who’s still trying to sabotage her; we also heard from Prince Eric who heard from Ariel) that she’s at a silent meditation retreat. So…what’s it gonna be, hotshot? Sit and sulk or ride in on your own white horse and save yourself from one bummer of a Halloween? Good! We’re glad to hear you’re with us.Now, just iron out this iconic white, gold, and maroon suit and splash a little cold water on your face. You’re a freaking prince for goodness sake, and not just any prince, at that; you’re Prince Charming. The party will be full of fabulous new friends just waiting to hang on your every word and compliment your ensemble’s fine fabrics and dazzling design. Just…give us your cellphone to hold ‘til the end of the night so we don’t have any accidental texting going on. And remember, NO ONE puts Prince Charming in a corner.

Cinderella Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: IN1054

Price: $99.99

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Charlie Chaplin Mustache and Eyebrows

You’ll be ready to star in all the silent movies when you’re wearing these Charlie Chaplin mustache and eyebrows. Get a great 20’s look by adding these accessories to your costume.


Good old Charlie’s face could say a thousand words with one expression. He didn’t need the subtitles some silent movies used, he could say everything with clear gesticulations. His comedic genius still holds up today. Not everything stays good with time. Try leaving a banana in your gym locker for a week. So let’s not take the comic’s longevity for granted.When you’re dressing as this silent film star you have to make sure to have the right facial hair. The things that man could do with his eyebrows! It’ll take a little practice, but we’re sure you can capture some of Chaplin’s charm in this mustache and eyebrow set. Don’t feel bad that you can’t grow a real Charlie Chaplin mustache, Charlie’s was fake as well! Remember to practice his silly walks. Who knows, if you keep your Charlie Chaplin antics up and you just might make it to the talkies.

Facial Hair
Item: SM1905

Price: $3.99

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Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

You’ll have an incredible Disney costume on your hands with this Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume, which is always a fantastic choice for Halloween!


Every kid loves Mickey Mouse. That’s a proven fact. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. First of all, Mickey Mouse is a mouse (yeah, you probably already knew that), and kids love anything that’s small and soft and cuddly. Real mice aren’t like that but mice like Mickey are! Secondly, Mickey Mouse has giant buttons on his pants, as if giant buttons are better at holding stuff together than regular sized buttons. We have no idea why this makes kids love Mickey more, but it does! Thirdly, those big giant ears. How iconic! One look at those ears and everyone, not even just kids, instantly knows it’s Mickey. That’s magic you can’t buy! Mickey Mouse is a bundle of wonder for kids of any age, ready to journey into make believe for some wondrous fun!Well now your child doesn’t have to sit there waiting for magic. Now your child can become magic on their very own! How? But dressing up like the mouse, the myth, the legend himself, Mickey Mouse! Your child will get to enjoy all the magic of the mouse: being soft and cuddly, having giant buttons, and big black ears to deliver that iconic shape! And then of course, your kid is going to cause some mischief. Yup, we didn’t bring it up before because it usually turns people off from buying the costume but… well, your kid is probably going to pull the old Sorcerer’s Apprentice thing. They put on this costume and you’re looking at a good 75% chance of magic broomsticks dumping water into your house forever. But, these things happen. And at least your kid will look cute doing it!Note: We are not responsible for any water damage as a result of this costume.

Mickey Mouse Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DI5027

Price: $34.99

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